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Chapter 501: 501

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Chapter 501: Seduction

Huo Ci thought to himself, Who are you? He did not even look at her directly. He nodded slightly but rejected her suggestion politely. “Ms. Zhen, let’s talk like this!”

Who the f*ck knew why she wanted to come in?

Zhen Li showed him her phone and smiled. “Senior Huo, are you sure you want to talk about this in public?”

Only then did Huo Ci see the video on her phone. It happened to be a video of him entering the brat’s room. It stopped with her seeing him out. He frowned. “What do you mean, Ms. Zhen?”

Zhen Li asked, “Senior Huo, are you really not inviting me in?”

Huo Ci nodded and grunted tersely. Did she want to threaten him with the video? Why was every woman in the entertainment circle more disgusting and annoying than the last one?

Zhen Li went to open the car door and pretended that she did not have the strength to open it. In a sweet and coquettish voice, she asked, “Senior Huo, can you help me?”

Huo Ci pursed his thin lips and shot her a mocking look. However, he did not speak.

Zhen Li was a little embarrassed. Wasn’t Best Actor Huo a gentleman? She was a girl who could not open a car door, yet he was unwilling to help her?

Upon seeing the woman’s degenerate acts, Huo Ci was extremely annoyed. While she was distracted, he reached out to open the car door.

Zhen Li had not expected him to suddenly open the car door from inside. She lost her footing, staggered, and nearly fell. However, she used this opportunity to land in the car.

She had already calculated in her mind that when she fell, she would have to maintain the best position and fall into Huo Ci’s embrace.

The plan was perfect. A man would not stand aside when a girl fell in front of him, let alone the legendary gentlemanly and elegant Best Actor Huo!

However, the man in front of her actually sat down and watched coldly as she fell in the car. Her plan had failed, and she had even fallen and hurt herself. She was extremely annoyed. Was Huo Ci still a man?

“Ms. Zhen, if you have something to say, just say it!” Huo Ci’s lips curled up coldly, and his attitude was no longer as good as before. He gave her a mocking look. “Don’t act coquettishly in front of me. I don’t buy it.”

Zhen Li had not expected him to be so straightforward. Since her intentions had been exposed, she decided to drop the act. “Senior Huo, your words are really interesting.”

It seemed like the rumors did not match Best Actor Huo’s personality!

Indeed, everyone in the entertainment circle had their own persona. It was normal for a Best Actor to have a persona.

Huo Ci gave her a lazy look. “Ms. Zhen, you are also very interesting. Do you think a video can threaten me? I’m Ling Sheng’s boss. Is there a problem with me checking on my employees?”

The woman in front of him, from her appearance to her pretentious expression and childish behavior, made one lose their appetite.

“I think you might have misunderstood me, Senior Huo. This is a phone I got from a paparazzi who took surreptitious photos.” Zhen Li had been in the entertainment circle for many years, so she knew how to talk to people when she saw them. She had a thorough understanding of socializing and knew that Huo Ci would not fall for seduction. She immediately changed her attitude and passed the phone to him. “I’m here to return this to you, Senior.”

She had not chased after Huo Ci to threaten him with the video in the first place. She did not care for such poor behavior. It would be best if she succeeded in seducing him. Even if she failed, she could use this to create a hot topic.

Huo Ci frowned. There were paparazzi following them? Out of the corner of his eye, he took a look at Zuo Ming. What was he doing? He had actually let the paparazzi chase after him without noticing it!

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