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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:35:07 AM

Chapter 496: 496

Chapter 496 – An Overlooked Issue; Everybody Was Troubled (7)

“Of course! Of course it would!” said Little Yuteng as she nodded . “Young Mistress, this might be a little different than the one that you knew of . I had made some improvements basing on the title of the book and the rough cultivation method . It’d be fine to follow the methods detailed inside . ”

“Great! Good to know!” Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled happily . She might not have faith in Master Jin, but she definitely has faith in Little Yuteng, who’s standing in front of her .

“Young Mistress, shall we go on?”

“Yes, let’s carry on!”

Since Little Yuteng has this ability, Cheng Xiao Xiao’s biggest issue was now resolved . Granted, it all depend on her being able to recall those cultivation doctrines .

“This one is called “Lonely Nine Sword” . This set was not limited by qi . The main focus was on the mind, on looking for the right opening, striking later but getting there sooner . The center idea of this set was ‘having no set beats having a fixed set’ . It relied heavily on one’s comprehension . It has a limited amount of choreography and the user will have to adapt to the ‘having no set beats having a fixed set’ concept, making his moves unpredictable and sporadic . ”

“I get it!” replied Little Yuteng as she closed her eyes again and created this new sword set in her mind .

After a while, this “Lonely Nine Sword” was born the same way as the previous one . It was in Cheng Xiao Xiao’s hands again but this time she didn’t even open it and look . She has faith in Little Yuteng .

The human and the fairy carried on their great work of re-creating cultivation masterpieces .

“’Maiden’s Pure Thought Sword’, this was a set for couples… . ”

“… . . ”

“’Ghost-Chasing and Life-Taking Sword”, this set was… . ”


“’Sword of the Two Glyths’, this one was… . ”

“… . . ”

“’Golden Snake Sword’, this one was particularly peculiar and vicious, making it particularly difficult to block or avoid… . ”

As Cheng Xiao Xiao thought of more and more of them, Little Yuteng was able to churn them out . Looking at the stack of cumulated sword sets, Cheng Xiao Xiao was getting happier and happier .

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If any other fans of Master Jin transmigrated here, they just might thought they have transmigrated into one of Master Jin’s novel!

“You have any more, Young Mistress?”

Hearing Little Yuteng’s voice, Cheng Xiao Xiao look away from the cultivation doctrines and noticed that Little Yuteng wasn’t looking well . She painting the books down immediately and said, “Little Yuteng, are you alright? Have you over exerted yourself?”

“Young Mistress, I am fine . Just a little bit much . But I can go on . It’s not a problem . ”

“Stop!” Cheng Xiao Xiao reached out and picked her up and, her heart arching, “You silly little fool . Don’t you know what happens if you over exert yourself? You will turn into an idiot!”

“Hehe, Young Mistress, of course I won’t . I know I can’t over exert myself . Plus, I am so pretty, I don’t want to turn into an idiot!”

“Good! We have 3 months’ time . Staring today, I will come here whenever I can and tell you about the other ones that I can think of . We can also create our own basing on these as well . ”

“No problem, Young Mistress . We will definitely have our own mantra and cultivation doctrines!”

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“Of course . We definitely will!” said Cheng Xiao Xiao with unwavering confident .

“By the way, Young Mistress, now that we have these cultivation doctrines, we need to find a place to store them . We can’t just nilly-willy leave them inside Housemaster’s study or your study inside of Yuteng Pavilion . ”

“That’s a good point . We need to figure something else for that as well . ”

Cheng Xiao Xiao nodded . That was one of the first thing she needed to have someone take care of . “Why don’t we build a pagoda on the outside too? We can put the most might of doctrines on the highest level and the simpler ones on the first floor . What do you think?”

“That’s a great idea, Young Mistress . You can draw so well, why don’t you draw one yourself and have others build it according to your specifications?”

“That’s easy . ”

“Little Yuteng, go and having some of the crystal fruits and get some good rest afterward . I should go back out and arrange for workers to start on the pagoda!”

“Young Mistress, you go eat one as well!”

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“Hmm, okay . I am a bit hungry as well . One more won’t hurt!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao accompanied Little Yuteng back to the crystal-fruit tree and quickly devoured one of them before she headed back out . Little Yuteng seemed to be pondering over something as she ate and the entire dimension became quiet all of a sudden .

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