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Tranxending Vision - Chapter 95

Published at 18th of March 2018 11:32:24 PM

Chapter 95

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What Do You Want to Do?

Back home, Xia Lei connected the portable hard drive to his old Lenovo laptop and looked at what was saved on it .

The hard drive had many videos on it, mostly of Huang Yi-Hu or Li Yu-Lan bribing officials . The bribery was offered in many forms, some was a direct handing over of cash, some in the form of antiques, famous calligraphy and paintings . There were also unsightly bribes where direct arrangements were made for a young woman to sleep with the official .

Xia Lei quickly found the original copy of the video Huang Yi-Hu had of Qin Xiang . The video was of Qin Xiang entering a gold shop and he was easily recognizable even though his face was covered . He liked to dress in a feminine way, especially leggings which showed off the curves of his hips – Xia Lei had no words .

"Delete it!" Qin Xiang was quite excited, "That bastard won't be able to threaten me anymore!"

Xia Lei deleted the video and said, "Come look at these videos and make a name-list for me . Transfer all these videos to my computer . This portable hard drive must be destroyed . "

Qin Xiang was shocked, "Why do you want to destroy such an important thing?"

"Modern technology is very advanced . Even if we delete the video Huang Yi-Hu used to threaten you with, the police technicians will be able to recover the file . Do you want to go to jail?"

Qin Xiang paused, then smiled, "I didn't think of that . Okay, I'll do as you said . "

It wasn't difficult to make a name-list from the videos since both Huang Yi-Hu and Li Yu-Lan would greet the official by their official positions . The official's information could then be looked up on the official government website .

Qin Xiang set to work making a name-list of the bribed officials and Xia Lei looked through the paper documents they had stolen . The documents were mostly business contracts and engineering contracts as well as some project acceptance reports .

The business contracts and engineering contracts looked fine but the project acceptance reports were fishy . The project acceptance reports contained quality issues such as poor quality building materials, inferior quality steel and so on, resulting in a huge safety risk . He compared these project acceptance reports to project contracts and found that the numbers matched .

'Huang Yi-Hu is using New Moon Real Estate to construct buildings with inferior building materials and to sell them to people at high prices . These reports have been locked away in a safe so he must have bribed someone to get the construction approved . He must have kept these reports to keep those officials who accepted his bribes in hand . I have these reports now – you can make preparations for suicide, Huang Yi-Hu!' The corners of Xia Lei's lips curled in a sneer . He picked up the leather-bound book next and opened it .

Xia Lei was floored by the contents .

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This book was a true 'black ledger' . It held records of every bit of income Huang Yi-Hu had from his underworld operations . There were records of revenue from illegal gambling dens, protection fees from a market area, the sex industry and everything illegal except for drugs . These sources of revenue were all collated and washed clean through his legitimate businesses to become legal income .

The ledger also recorded the names of officials who had accepted his bribes, their ranks, the exact dates and amount paid to them . It seemed that the videos on the portable hard drive were only part of it . The ledger held early records of the bribery while the video records of bribery were only from the last two years . Huang Yi-Hu's methods of saving evidence and recording material for blackmail had changed with the times and he had switched over from paper to electronic .

Xia Lei had thought that the leather-bound notebook would contain something that linked Huang Yi-Hu and the Gu clan but he found nothing after looking through it .

"Lei, I've finished making the name-list," said Qin Xiang .

"Have you saved the videos too?" asked Xia Lei .

"All saved . What do you plan to do next?" said Qin Xiang .

Xia Lei walked to the computer desk, "Let me do it . "

Qin Xiang got up and gave Xia Lei the seat .

Xia Lei sat himself and selected some 'wholesome' videos, then uploaded them to a few video-sharing websites . The titles of the videos were all made to look like it was posted from a first-person perspective – 'I want to report XXX' .

Qin Xiang looked at what Xia Lei was doing and frowned as he said, "I don't think anyone will believe that Huang Yi-Hu would report these himself . "

Xia Lei smiled, "You'll see . " He took up a pen and some writing paper and started writing an informant's letter .

Qin Xiang watched Xia Lei write and quickly saw that something was not right and said in astonishment, "Your handwriting! How is it the same as Huang Yi-Hu's handwriting? This is impossible – I've seen his handwriting and this looks exactly like what he had written himself!"

Xia Lei continued writing the letter . The Huang Yi-Hu in the letter wrote of being persecuted by some powerful person and was in fear of his life, pleading with the prosecution to provide protection . Once he had protection, he would turn in all the corrupted officials and reveal all illegal records . Xia Lei put in some information from the black ledger at the end .

"You want the police to arrest him?" asked Qin Xiang .

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Xia Lei shook his head, "The police would want to arrest him but some people won't . "

"Are you talking about those officials who were reported? They can't do anything about Huang Yi-Hu," said Qin Xiang .

Xia Lei smiled, "Huang Yi-Hu is the Gu clan's dog and the dog has started to bite people . Who do you think will act first?"

"You're saying…" Qin Xiang's mouth dropped open, "The Gu clan!"

Xia Lei put the letter into an envelope, "Let's await a grand show . "

"I'll go post it right now," Qin Xiang said eagerly .

Xia Lei handed the envelope to him and gave him a reminder, "Find someplace to hide after you post that . Don't show your face for a few days . Even a rabbit would bite when cornered, let alone a vicious wolf like Huang Yi-Hu . "

Qin Xiang nodded, "You be careful too . "

Early next morning, Xia Lei knocked on Jiang Ru-Yi's door . Before he could say anything, however, Jiang Ru-Yi grabbed him by the hand and pulled him towards the kitchen .

"What are you doing?" Xia Lei only had the chance to talk after he'd gone through her doors .

Jiang Ru-Yi smiled sweetly, "Lei, you came at the right time . Cook two dishes for me . "

Xia Lei smacked her on the head with the leather-bound notebook in his hand . "Am I your chef? Cooking two dishes for you so early in the morning? Dream on . I'm here to talk business . "

Jiang Ru-Yi rubbed her head and glared at Xia Lei, "You have no tenderness for the fairer sex hitting me like that . What business? Be clear about it or I'll kill you!"

"An important matter, of course . Look at the contents of this notebook and you'll know . This is a great opportunity I'm giving you . " So saying, he put the leather-bound notebook and a USB stick into Jiang Ru-Yi's hands .

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The USB stick contained the bribery videos he had copied and saved from the portable hard drive .

Jiang Ru-Yi opened the notebook and started reading . Her little cherry-blossom lips opened in surprise, "Oh my gawd, Chief Lee from the Development Bureau? I met him at a trade fair two days ago . He dresses simply and only eats canteen meals . I'd thought a person like him was definitely a clean official . This guy actually accepted a bribe of two million from Huang Yi-Hu!"

"There's more . Keep reading," said Xia Lei .

Jiang Ru-Yi chattered on as she read and seemed rather excited .

Xia Lei rubbed at his ears and walked towards the kitchen, "Whatever, I'll cook those dishes for you . "

Xia Lei cooked tomato eggs and finely-sliced potatoes, then brought them out into the living room . Jiang Ru-Yi had finished reading the notebook at that time and was looking at the videos on the USB stick on a laptop .

The first video she clicked on was of Huang Yi-Hu using a woman to bribe the official . The moans of the woman echoed throughout the living room as soon as she opened the video .

"Eh?" Jiang Ru-Yi's face turned red in embarrassment, "You're a bad guy, making me watch this sort of video early in the morning!"

"You clicked on it yourself, okay? There are other videos in there . Watch those instead," said Xia Lei .

Jiang Ru-Yi did not switch to another video but put the laptop down, walked to the dining table and stared straight at Xia Lei, "Prepare the rice . "

The woman's moans were still echoing and becoming more and more intense . There was no denying that the woman Huang Yi-Hu had found was very skilled in what she did and her moan itself was arousing . The problem wasn't that though; the problem was that Chief Jiang, among all these moans, was demanding that he prepare rice for her!

"Prepare the rice," said Jiang Ru-Yi again, "Hurry up, I'm starving . "

Xia Lei wordlessly filled a bowl of rice for Jiang Ru-Yi .

Jiang Ru-Yi went straight to the dining table and started to pick up food with her chopsticks, acting as if the moans of the woman were bird-calls outside her window and that they did not affect her at all .

Xia Lei filled his own bowl with rice, sat himself opposite Jiang Ru-Yi and begun eating . He hadn't eaten anything before coming to her flat and it wasn't too bad of him to freeload off her since he'd cooked the dishes himself anyway .

"I'll bring a team to arrest Huang Yi-Hu after I'm done eating," said Jiang Ru-Yi as she ate, "That guy is actually the President of the Chamber of Commerce . Hah! He's a scumbag!"

"I brought you a great opportunity for promotion again . How will you thank me?" said Xia Lei .

Jiang Ru-Yi looked at Xia Lei, all smiles, "Oh, you bad boy, making me watch that sort of video early in the morning and asking how I'll thank you . What are you hinting at?"

"Pretend I never said anything . " Xia Lei hurriedly buried his face in his ricebowl .

Jiang Ru-Yi removed her slipper, sneakily stretched her stockinged foot forward, and rubbed it on the top of Xia Lei's foot .

Xia Lei froze . "Wh,What are you doing?"

Jiang Ru-Yi smiled, "Honestly, Lei, what do you want to do?"

Rubbing stockinged feet on him and asking him what he wanted to do – this sort of thing could only be uttered by Jiang Ru-Yi .

In that instant, Xia Lei lost control of his eye and the Jiang Ru-Yi opposite him was as naked as the day she was born .

"Come on, say it . What do you want to do?"

Xia Lei could not take it any longer and looked away . He turned to leave and said as he walked out, "If you want to arrest Huang Yi-Hu, you should bring your police officers to my plot of land later . Remember to bring guns . Huang Yi-Hu's bodyguards are armed . "

"Hello? Can you come back and wash the dishes before you leave?" Jiang Ru-Yi called from behind him .

Xia Lei was already out the door .

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