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Chapter 212: 212
The fear that crept up starting from their ankles slowly filled the nobles’ entire bodies . The southeast region and central region's factions realized that something was wrong .

Crown prince Alberu started to speak at that moment .

“If we look through history, the citizens who survive a war cry thinking about how they managed to survive while the people in power start a new battle to fight for power . ”

The crown prince’s gaze headed toward the nobles of the southeast region and central region .

“People easily get delusional . ”

He was sitting with his chin in his hand as he looked right at the Marquis and Duke .

“They think that they will survive even though the war is not yet over . It's quite funny yet pitiful . ”

Marquis Sand Ailan avoided the crown prince’s gaze and closed his eyes .
Deep wrinkles appeared on his face .

He had been had .
He thought that he had set up a trap to suppress Cale Henituse, but it was the opposite .
This was a trap to choke him .

Marquis Sand Ailan opened his eyes back and looked around the hall .

Why would the southwest region and the northwest region take the crown's side?

‘I guess Taylor Stan makes sense . ’

The eldest son of the former Marquis Stan . It was said that his legs were healed thanks to the crown prince . It was a good enough reason to develop a bond with the crown prince .
However, the Gyerre household had been against the crown prince .

Marquis Ailan made eye contact with Duchess Sonata Gyerre .

Smirk .
The old noble smiled toward the Marquis . She then turned her head to look toward Cale Henituse .

‘…That old hag!’

Marquis Sand Ailan bit down on his lips .
That old woman was supporting Cale Henituse and not the crown .
The Marquis let out a deep sigh . He heard the crown prince continuing to speak .

“You’ll have to do something if you want to survive . ”

The crown prince called out to Cale for support .

“Isn’t that right, commander?”

Cale slowly nodded his head .

“Yes, your highness . ”

Although it sounded as if only the two of them were chatting, not many other people could speak right now .

“With that being said, I don’t think there’s any reason for me to be here anymore since I am finished with my report . ”
Marquis Sand Ailan flinched before looking toward Cale .

‘He's leaving? Already? He’s not going to stay to see the results?’

The Marquis could not understand why Cale would leave without hearing about the results of the Caro Kingdom business . He observed Cale's face to see if he could notice anything until Cale's next words clarified it for him .

“The rest is up to the nobles and I do not have any say as I am not a noble . ”

Cale was a commander but he was still just a young master who had not received his father’s title .
However, his gaze was still looking down at them while he said that he did not have the qualifications .

“Mm . ”

The Marquis let out a groan .
That was a warning and a treat .
It was a warning that he would be waiting to see what kind of decision the nobles ended up making . The Marquis could feel a headache brewing inside .

“Then, goodbye . ”

Cale casually said goodbye .

“I am leaving now in order to survive . ”

The nobles were quiet and the crown prince gave him permission to leave .

Cale leisurely turned away from the nobles and headed for the entrance .

‘The Dominating Aura truly is best to scam or scare people . ’

His footsteps were light as he managed to take care of this annoying business earlier than he had expected . Of course, only he knew the lightness of his footsteps .

I will remember the faces of that Marquis and Duke .
Cale almost flinched at Raon's mumblings but just let it go as he stood in front of the door .
He then happily pushed the door open .

Screeech- Bang!

The door opened with a loud noise .


Cale gasped but made it so nobody would notice .
Choi Han and Mary were standing right outside the door .

He had told them to stay outside the door, but he did not expect they would be right outside of it . Cale had to calm his heart .

He then started to move quickly .

Tap . Tap .
Cale's hands landed on Mary and Choi Han’s shoulders .

It would be bad if Choi Han started to speak and acted terribly or if Mary used her GPS-like voice and said something nice .

Cale then took his hand off of their shoulders and started to speak .

“Let’s go . ”

The two started to follow Cale who walked forward without looking back .
That was why he was unable to see all of Choi Han and Mary's movements .
“Mm . ”

The Marquis subconsciously clenched onto the arm rest .
Cale Henituse . The two people in black who were standing outside the door .

One was a man with black hair and black eyes while the other was wearing a black robe that made it impossible to see any part of their face or body .
Those two were probably the sword master and the necromancer .

Seeing the two of them wearing black as well made the Marquis feel chills down his back .
The two of them slowly started to move after the commander’s order to, ‘let’s go . ’

The Marquis could see Cale Henituse leaving without any regrets .
Furthermore, he could see the sword master and necromancer who were looking around the hall .

Choi Han and Mary looked around the hall as they slowly turned around to follow behind Cale .

Mary’s black robe made it so that the nobles could not see her gaze that was full of curiosity and wariness . She took a quick look around before following behind Cale .

However, Choi Han’s gaze was fully visible to the nobles .

The highest-grade expert, Marquis Sand Ailan . He felt as if he could not breathe after seeing the sword master's gaze on him .
Choi Han only looked at those who had opposed Cale .

"Are you not coming?”

Choi Han stopped glaring after hearing Cale’s voice . Cale had stopped walking and turned around to see what was going on . He then turned away from the nobles and quickly followed behind Cale .

“What are you doing?”
“Nothing, Cale-nim . ”

Cale started to walk again as Choi Han approached him .

The door slowly closed and the view of Cale’s back slowly disappeared .

Screeeech- boom!
The commander could no longer be seen once the door completely closed . Crown prince Alberu's voice filled the room .

“Let us start the voting for this issue . ”

The process moved quieter than ever before .

One hour later, Cale was able to hear the results through the crown prince .

They had approved it .

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Other than a few votes, the rest supported the decision to send reinforcements to the Caro Kingdom .

“Daddy, do you think I'll get to meet the Commander-nim?”

The father smiled as the child asked while banging on his silver shield .

“Of course . Isn’t that why we got up so early to stand in the front like this?”

The child laughed at his father’s words as joy and anticipation was evident on his face . The father was looking at the child with a nostalgic gaze .

A few months ago .
He had cheered for the crown prince and young master Cale on their way to the Mogoru Empire . The father still clearly remembered what young master Cale had said to his son who was cheering for him .

‘I want to be a cool person like you, young master-nim!’

The noble who was heralded as a hero had said something unexpected when his son had said that .

‘You won’t be cool at all if you are like me . ’
‘Take after your father instead . Only your parents are cool enough to hug you and lift you up like this . ’

He had never seen a noble who said things like this .
Recalling that moment made him still full of pride . He remembered how his son's eyes had sparkled as he looked at him after hearing young master Cale’s words .

And today .
He was back to the streets with his son once again .

He was here to greet Commander Cale Henituse on his way to the Caro Kingdom .

Bang . Bang .
He could hear his son banging on his shield . He heard some of the people around him speaking at that moment .

“Do you think it is okay for us to send the Commander-nim to the Caro Kingdom when the war is not over yet?”
“Mm . ”
“He's even taking the sword master-nim and the necromancer-nim with him . Some of the knights and the First Mage Brigade are going as well . ”
“But the navy and the Knights Brigade are not going . The other Mage Brigades are not going either . ”
“That’s true, but . ”

The citizen continued to speak as if he was calming his scared friend .

“The Commander-nim personally said to his highness that he would teleport right back if the Roan Kingdom was in danger . He considers our Roan Kingdom to be the most important . ”

He started to get emotional and raised his voice .

“Did you not hear about the conversation the Commander-nim had with his highness?”
“I heard the rumors . ”

A rumor spread like wildfire through the capital yesterday .
It was supposedly a conversation between Cale and the crown prince . They had no way of knowing if it was true or not, but it sounded like something the two of them would say .

“Do you remember what the Commander-nim said during that conversation?”
“…The Roan Kingdom is strong?”
“Yes . Although everybody thinks we are nothing, the Roan Kingdom managed an overwhelming victory and showed our strength is what he said . He said we should trust in ourselves more since we are strong and help out those who are in need . He said we should let the world experience the strength of the Roan Kingdom once again . ”

The father who was caressing his son’s head nodded at the citizen’s statement .

You could trust the words of the person who protected the Roan Kingdom .

“Furthermore, we have the heroes, the sword master-nim and the necromancer-nim . So let’s trust them . ”

This was indeed the case .
There were two very strong heroes .

“…But to call a necromancer a hero…”

The man who was holding his son started to frown after hearing that comment . He opened his mouth to speak . However, the person talking to that citizen was faster .

“What’s wrong with the necromancer-nim? The necromancer-nim is a hundred times, no, a thousand times better than those other northeast region's nobles who did nothing! Did you not see the video? It was a Dragon, a Dragon! How great and mighty did those Dragon bones look? Did you think that was evil?”
“No, but still . You know those stories we've heard about . ”
“Who cares about those stories? What matters is that we survive . ”

‘Good, he’s saying what I want to say . ’
The man smiled with satisfaction before lifting his son up to his arms .
It was at that moment .

The sound of a trumpet could be heard .


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He fixed his excited son in his arms and looked toward where his son was looking .

Clang . Clang .

Swords were being drawn up toward the sky .
All sorts of colorful mana orbs shot up to the air as well .


The child watched the knights and mages walking toward them while in his father’s arms . He then shouted toward his father .

“That mister must be the sword master-nim!”

He could see a man with black hair and black eyes at the center of the knights . The only sword master in the Roan Kingdom .
It was a man with a pure yet strong face . He also looked handsome enough to draw people's gazes toward him .

The child with the shield watched everybody walk by .
The Mage Brigade, the knights, and the sword master . He saw them all .

However, the person the child was searching for could not be seen .

Cale Henituse .
He was not visible .
They could only see a carriage behind the sword master .

‘Is the Commander-nim inside the carriage?’

The child’s eyes sparkled .
The carriage window slowly lowered as if it understood the child's thoughts .


Necromancer .
He could see the necromancer wearing a black robe . The child cheered for this hero he had never seen before .


However, his face was full of confusion .

He could not see him .
He felt as if there should be one more person in the carriage and that it would be Commander Cale-nim . However, the Commander-nim did not show himself .

Naturally, this was because Cale did not want to show himself .

“Young master-nim, they are all calling for you . ”
“Mary, they are calling you too . ”

There were cheers for the necromancer in the crowd as well . Of course, there weren’t as many as the cheers for Choi Han, however, nobody was cursing her .

‘His highness said that he would take care of it . ’

Cale felt as if the crown prince had done something .
He had told Cale not to worry as they would only receive cheers during this progression . Cale had not asked about it because it was annoying .
“Still . ”

Cale pretended not to see the hesitating Mary as he leaned back into the chair .

“Young master Shield-nim!”
“Commander Silver Light-nim!”

“Haaaa . ”
He could not help but sigh .
‘Can't they stop with these cheesy nicknames?’

It was at that moment .

“Excuse me, young master-nim . ”
“I'm not looking outside . ”

He bluntly responded back but Mary hesitated for a moment before continuing to speak . Even Raon who was invisible started to speak .

“Young master-nim, one child is desperately calling for you . ”

Weak human! It is the same child who shook his shield for you last time! I thought he would grow well and he did grow quite a bit in just a few months!
‘Damn it . ’
Cale frowned quite a bit before moving toward Mary's side . He then peeked out the window .

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‘Aigoo . ’
He could see the child who had an even fancier shield than last time .
Cale remembered this child .

‘You won’t be cool at all if you are like me . ’
‘Take after your father instead . Only your parents are cool enough to hug you and lift you up like this . ’

This child had made him speak nonsense as he was nervous .
Cale looked toward the father-son duo who shook their shields fervently once they made eye contact with him before moving back to a corner of the carriage .

He then put his hand up to his face .

The number of shields had increased .
He could see people with silver shields, swords painted black, and even some wearing black robes as they cheered .
However, the number of shields was more than the others .

‘…Damn it .

What if the shield becomes even more trendy?’
Cale's expression turned serious . He turned to the side to see Mary . He knew Choi Han would be looking cool as he walked in the front as well .

‘I need to make sure to show off the two of them this time .

If I do that and make the Dark Elves heroes as a group…
If we manage an overwhelming victory…
They will definitely forget about me . ’

Cale who had heard about the number of troops heading toward the Caro Kingdom from Guardian Knight Clopeh dilligently, no, desperately thought about it over and over .

‘Let’s take a back seat this time . Let’s use less of my power this time . Let’s not use the shield if I don't have to .

Those were the thoughts in his head as he teleported to the Caro Kingdom and had to greet someone .

“Oh, I knew you would be here now . Long time no see . ”

Cale was shocked .

The Caro Kingdom had requested reinforcements from the Roan Kingdom as well as the Mogoru Empire, the nation closest to them .
The two nations naturally agreed to send reinforcements .

Cale had thought about the reinforcements the Empire would send .
He was quite curious as to how the Empire would act and what kind of reinforcements they would send, since the Empire was on the same side as the Indomitable Alliance .

However, this person was not in his calculations .

“…Have you been well, your highness, Imperial Prince-nim?”

The Mogoru Empire’s Imperial Prince Adin was smiling at Cale who was standing on top of the teleportation magic circle .

‘Why is this bastard here?
What about the Empire? Don't you need to defend the Empire?’

Cale was flabbergasted .
The Imperial Prince smiled as he responded back .

“Of course . Congratulations on the Roan Kingdom’s victory . ”

Cale held back a scoff .

‘Been well my ass .
You’ve probably been unable to sleep in anger after seeing the Roan Kingdom’s victory . ’
He didn’t need to see it to know that this two-faced bastard was angry about it .

However, Cale smiled back toward the Imperial Prince . It was unexpected that he ran into the Imperial Prince here at the Caro Kingdom .

“Have you been well, young master Cale?”

Cale responded back to the Imperial Prince happier than ever .

“Yes, your highness . I can stretch my legs and sleep well at night thanks to our victory . ”

Cale could see the corner of the Imperial Prince's lips shaking a bit .

He felt good doing this .

His smile became wider thinking about how there will be many other things in the future that would make him feel good .

Weak human, it’s been a while since you've smiled like this! Are you about to scam someone?
‘Scam? No . I'm just smiling . ’
Cale simply let Raon’s comments in one ear and out the other .