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Chapter 220: 220

Only good at attack magic?’

Cale started to frown .
The Dragon half-blood .
This was his first time hearing about such an existence . At the same time, his intuition as someone who has read a large number of fantasy novels was telling him something else .

‘There’s no way a Dragon half-blood is weak .
Aren’t most main characters or the final bosses in fantasy novels Dragon half-bloods?’

Cale's expression turned serious .
He immediately started to speak .

“Choi Han! Mary! Again!”

Choi Han immediately stood back up and kicked off of the wyvern’s back in order to jump into the air . The original wyvern that Choi Han had been riding on returned to support him .

“Raon, make the shield stronger so that that bastard cannot run away!”
“Alright, human!”

Cale saw the silver shield becoming thicker as he looked around the water .
The ships were still moving while following the roaring ocean . However, he noticed something weird .

‘…There’s something there . ’

The ships by the shore had not come out into deep waters ever since his shield appeared .
They could not make the decision to go out into the deep waters after seeing Cale's shield and the roaring ocean .

However, all of the large ships by the shores were now coming out .
The largest of those ships was moving toward the shield without any hesitation now .

It was as if they had been waiting for that mage and now felt confident to fight again .

“Raon, I leave it to you . ”

Cale turned his head . Choi Han said those words to Raon before trying to head back down with the wyvern .
However, he had no choice but to change directions .

Snap . Snap . Snap .
The dumb-looking mage snapped his fingers a few times .

Snap . Snap .
A small thunderbolt appeared in the air every time he did that .

‘Is it an attack?’

Choi Han could not move carelessly as he noticed the mage staring at Cale and him . Raon was there, but he was still worried . He cautiously observed the tiny thunderbolts .


His eyes then opened wide .

The small thunderbolts started to shoot down .


They landed in the water between the ships . They nimbly dodged the large ships and made loud noises as they entered the water . They were causing waves that were much larger when the shield had appeared .

“Why is he shooting the thunderbolts into the water……”

Choi Han could not hide his confusion . Why was he making it difficult for his allies instead of just attacking?
However, he could hear Raon's angry voice coming from above him .

“How dare he!”

His voice soon sounded concerned .


‘Human? Cale-nim?’

Choi Han lifted his head up in order to look toward Cale .

“Ugh . ”

Cale was holding back a groan . He was covering his mouth with his hands, but there was black blood flowing out of it . Although he could not see the invisible Raon, he could still hear his angry voice .

“He broke my whirlpool and our human's whirlpool with the thunderbolts!”

The thunderbolts were like spears as they pierced and destroyed the whirlpools one by one .
Choi Han could see Cale continuing to cough up black blood . That black blood gave him the chills .

Choi Han made eye contact with Cale at that moment .
Cale’s gaze was strong and confident .
It was giving him an order .

‘Follow my command . ’

That seemed to be what it was saying .
The wyvern started to fly down even without being told to do so . Choi Han could see an area that was still being struck by the tiny thunderbolts .
He slowly headed down toward it .

Choi Han started to speak .

“Let’s hurry over . ”

The wyvern seemed to have been waiting for him to say that, as it shot toward the mage like an arrow .
Choi Han did not pay attention to the small thunderbolts raining down around him . The wyvern and Mary would dodge them for him . In return, he raised his aura to the maximum strength he could currently muster .

Light slowly disappeared as the sword became almost completely black .
Choi Han made eye contact with the enemy with that sword in his hand .

“I was bored from just watching . How wonderful . I didn’t expect such entertaining people to be here . ”

Choi Han kicked off the wyvern’s head the moment he heard the mage's voice .


He slammed down onto the deck the mage was standing on .
The wyvern urgently changed directions . It then opened up its bony mouth and revealed its sharp fangs .

It ripped off the sail of the ship next to them .


The Black Bone Wyvern then stomped on the ship . Choi Han shot forward with his black aura at the same time .

“What an interesting human . ”

The mage opened up his arms as if he was welcoming Choi Han . He then flicked his finger .

Click .
A clicking sound could be heard .

Choi Han lifted his arms high up in the air before striking down with his sword .

The black aura crashed against the small mana orb .
However, neither of them exploded .

“Ugh . ”

Choi Han raised his black aura even more as he pushed back against the mana orb . However, the mana orb was not pushed back at all as it faced off against Choi Han’s aura .

The mage started to speak at that moment .

“It's been a long time since I’ve seen a human with a darkness attribute, but I didn’t know that your plate was so big . The report from Syrem, that child, was wrong . ”

Syrem . That was the name of the fake Dragon Slayer . The young mage sounded as if he was disappointed in Syrem .

‘Dragon half-blood . ’

Raon's words echoed in Choi Han’s ears . He also felt something weird at that moment .

‘This person is strong, but not that strong . So why… Why is my aura unable to move forward?’

It was the moment that Choi Han's confusion showed on his face .

“Imperfect darkness cannot defeat perfect light . ”

Arm’s mage spoke as if he was having fun . Choi Han could see the mage's white gold colored hair . He could also see the same white gold pupils .
It was a color that reminded him of the color of thunderbolts .


Choi Han recalled how Dragons all had different colors .
Every living Dragon had their unique color . That color was said to represent the Dragon's innate attributes . However, a red Dragon didn’t necessarily mean that it was a Fire Dragon, and a blue Dragon didn’t necessarily mean that it was a Water Dragon .

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The only certain thing was that Dragons that live much longer than humans could even use that innate color to present themselves .

But something was weird .

‘Isn’t Eruhaben-nim the white gold color?’

Choi Han could see the mage who was looking at him as if he was looking at a cute toy .

“Your darkness is not perfect yet . Do you know that? My light is perfect . ”

Snap .
The man snapped his fingers again .
Paaaat .
Light started to come out of the mana orb that was fighting against Choi Han’s sword .

"That is why you cannot win against me . ”

Choi Han could see his black aura starting to break down .
Imperfect darkness was bound to be destroyed by perfect light .

The mage saw the bright light starting to overtake Choi Han and started to smile . He then looked around . He did not care whether humans died while fighting .
It didn’t matter to him even if those humans were on his side .

‘It doesn’t matter as long as it is fun . ’

Yes, fun .
He was willing to do anything as long as it was fun . That was why he had killed ally soldiers with the dead mana bombs and just sat back and watched even when Cale's shield and the Dark Elves appeared .

However, things changed the moment that the two wyverns flew over to the ocean . He could not just sit back and watch when they got so close to him .
He was sensitive to just one thing .

‘There is the smell of a higher-ranking being . ’

It was a scent that he absolutely despised but desired at the same time .
However, he could not be certain .
That was because the scent was so faint .
It was as if it was the scent of a child .

‘But it wouldn’t be that way if a true lord was alive . ’

The existence that was considered to become a Dragon Lord in the future had already died .

Dragon Lord .
This was not something that was passed down through the family . It was determined by nature and by the world .


He heard the sound of light exploding once again .
The mage raised his back up and looked toward the mana orb that was trying to cover up Choi Han .

‘How sad . ’

He was about to see a highly skilled swordsman getting injured .
He would have tried to draw this man to his side if he had achieved perfect darkness .

“Ho . ”

However, the mage soon started to smile . He immediately twisted his body .


The black aura cut through the deck of the ship .
The mage looked back at the swordsman who destroyed the deck and was chasing after him .

“You’re still alive!”

The mage could not hide his shock .
Although the mana orb did not look like much, it had a bit of light essence in it .

‘How did he get away from it?’


The light mana orb ran into the black aura again . The mage looked at Choi Han, who was bleeding as if he had been burnt by light, and could not hide his shock .

“How did you dodge?”

However, Choi Han ignored him .
The light from the orb started to destroy Choi Han’s aura little by little .

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The mana orb exploded once again and Choi Han dodged this by moving forward .

Crackle, crackle .
His cheeks sizzled as the light landed on him .

However, tens of light orbs appeared in front of Choi Han who just managed to get out of the explosion from the previous mana orb .

“Can you dodge these too?”

The Dragon half-blood mage seemed to be happy .

“Your sword will continue to experience the black aura being destroyed . In the end, your only choice would be to give in to the despair . You’re doing something useless!”

Forget the opposite nature of their powers, Choi Han was objectively weaker than him as well . The mage found it interesting that Choi Han continued to come at him even though he should know this difference of power as well .
However, there was something he did not know .
Choi Han grabbed onto his scabbard .

Crackle, crackle .
The light that trickled down the scabbard scratched at Choi Han’s palm .

Choi Han did not care if his black aura, his darkness, was destroyed .

The Forest of Darkness .
Choi Han had broken down, fallen over, and almost died numerous times in order to survive there .

In the end, he managed to survive .

It didn't matter as long as he didn’t die .

“Try this one as well!”

Tens of light orbs shot toward Choi Han . Choi Han stared at them as he continued to walk forward .
It was at that moment .

Splaaaaaaaaaaash .

Choi Han could feel something shooting out of the water .
The enemy might not know it, but Choi Han knew .

‘It is Raon . ’

The power of an angry Dragon was shooting out of the water .
The whirlpool was no longer staying underneath the water . Raon's whirlpools that had not been destroyed by the thunderbolts shot up into the air .

They then started to fuse together . The wind was starting to form into a shape . Choi Han could easily tell what shape the wind was forming into .

‘A Dragon . ’

The combination of wind and water looked like a large Dragon .
The shape was similar to the Black Bone Dragon that had protected the Henituse territory .

Choi Han understood Raon's intentions .
At the same time, he felt someone blocking his way .
The Black Bone Wyvern .

It was defending against tens of light orbs . The wyvern opened up its wings .


The wyvern's black wings surrounded the light orbs as if it was hugging them .

Darkness was not the only thing that was the opposite of light .
Death .
Death was also the opposite of light .

Choi Han understood Mary's intentions clearly .
He turned around and then immediately started to run while showing his back to the mage .

Choi Han used the ship's ledge as a stepping stone in order to shoot up into the air and step onto the being that was lowering its head to him .

The Dragon made of wind and water . Choi Han was now standing on top of that Dragon . There was mana that was serving as his footholds .

Choi Han, our human told me .
He could hear Raon's voice in his head .

He told me to help you .
Choi Han called forth his remaining aura . The imperfect darkness shot out from the tip of his sword like fire .

Choi Han’s darkness was rough and violent .

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It started when he had been crawling at the bottom of the food chain in the Forest of Darkness .
Choi Han was that darkness .

He also had a message for you . He said to catch him!
Drip, drip .
Some of the black threads around the Bone Wyvern started to fall to the ground . It was barely managing to retain its shape .

And don't worry . We are great and mighty, even if your darkness is not complete yet .
Choi Han finally opened his eyes .
His innocent smile was missing .

In its place were all sorts of darknesses .
Choi Han’s darkness was despair .
Since it was his own, it got stronger every time he faced a type of despair .

The situation at Harris Village, his true nature he had been hiding from Cale, and his true self that felt more happiness and hope than despair revealed his true nature .

The Birth of a Hero .
The Choi Han that should have reached this point far earlier in the original novel finally started to become that character .


The wind and water Dragon let out a roar .

At the same time, magic spells started to pile up from the the far away shores .
It was magic from their allied mages .
Those magic spells could not compare to strength of the small thunderbolts, however, they were enough to stab into the enemy ships .

“Yes, we are strong . ”

Choi Han responded to Raon's statement . The Dragon started to move on top of the water . The first target was this mage who was laughing while standing on the deck of the ship .

“This is really weird . What is this odd scent?”

The mage still remained calm .
The Dragon Knight known as Choi Han shot his sword toward that mage once again .

Cale, who had been watching this for a while, started to speak .
“…I thought I just told you to make the whirlpools visible . ”
“You're right! It is a tornado! As for the other part… I turned it into the shape of a Dragon because Dragons are great and mighty!”

Since Raon could not reveal himself, he chose to help out in a way that was shaped like him .
Cale felt the corners of his lips starting to twitch .

‘How am I going to explain that later?’

That was causing him serious concern .
At that moment, Cale noticed an apple pie appearing in thin air as he heard Raon's voice .

“Human, can I use that?”
“…Haaaa . ”

‘Why do I always understand whatever he says?’

He could understand it even if parts were missing .

Cale confidently started to speak .

“You said that that bastard’s light is perfect?”
“You're right! However, you have something similar! Yours is purer! Was the mage the only one with a thunderbolt? Human, yours and mine are greater than his thunderbolts! Of course, you don’t need to do anything since it is difficult, human . I will do it instead!”

Cale had a pure light power as well .
Well, it was a purely obsessed with money fiery thunderbolt .
It loved money so much that it was scary .

‘I can’t let Choi Han or Mary overdo it . Raon can't reveal himself either . ’

Their mages’ attacks were limited due to the distance .
The Dark Elves also could not do much out in the water .
All of the large ships at shore had come out into the deeper waters at this point . The Dark Elves could only hold the Bears behind in order to buy time .

Cale heard a voice in his head for the first time in a long time .

Are you going to sacrifice yourself?
Can I eat this too?
The Super Rock and glutton each spoke in his mind .
Cale looked down at his palm .
The fiery thunderbolt seemed as if it wanted to eat the smaller thunderbolts that were currently above the water .