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Chapter 534: 534
Chapter 534: If you really want to (1)

Duke Fredo’s grand residence .
All Vampires related to that residence were currently in the first-floor hall chatting with each other .

“What's going on?”
“Who knows? We're all here because they told us to all gather . ”

All of them looked nervous .
The ones in charge of cooking, cleaning, and even the guards . Beyond them, the vassals who were responsible for handling everything big and small that happens in the Ejellan Duchy .

“…But the warrior-nims aren't here?”
“You're right . I think everybody except them is here . ”

The large hall almost seemed small as everybody except the warriors was gathered here .
Actually, it was a bit small .

Some of them had opened the doors to the room connected to the hall and were inside there as they looked around .

"The Butler-nim isn't here either . ”
“I'm sure that the Butler-nim went to escort young master Naru-nim!”

Young master Naru-nim .

The Vampires around him stopped talking for a moment after hearing that .

The reason they all looked nervous…
The reason for that came out of one of the Vampires’ mouths .

“…Do you think that they have to tell us something related to the Duke-nim?”

That voice sounded full of concern .
He looked toward his close friend who was not saying anything and started to whisper .

“You saw the healers urgently rushing in just now . Something, what if something-”
“Hey, shut up!”

He finally looked around after hearing his close friend shout .
He looked into the eyes of the others who looked as nervous as he looked and shut up .

The White Star and the other nobles had visited after young master Naru-nim returned yesterday .

Things had been peaceful since then .
They were all relieved that at least young master Naru-nim was here while the Duke-nim was unconscious .
That was why they had started the day a bit more relaxed than yesterday .

‘Yes, we were a bit relieved . ’

The Vampire who had shut up after his friend scolded him clenched his eyes shut .

They had just seen healers rushing to Duke Fredo-nim’s bedroom led by the butler .
He had not seen young master Naru-nim all day and Solena-nim was not visible either .

‘I have a bad feeling about this . ’

Was something going to happen?
That uncertainty was slowly creeping up in the minds of all of the Vampires inside this grand residence .

The Ejellan Duchy, no, Duke Fredo, was an extremely precious liege for them .

It was at that moment .

The staircase heading down to the first-floor hall .
Naru Von Ejellan appeared at that spot .
Behind him were Solena and Butler Melundo as they slowly walked down the stairs .

The three Vampires walking down the stairs looked more serious than ever .

The Vampires in the hall stood up straight and stopped talking .

‘This is the first time . ’

‘I've never seen the young master-nim looking so serious……!’

Naru Von Ejellan always had a gentle smile on his face .
His face was stiff, unlike usual .

Boom . Boom .

The Vampires’ hearts started to thump a bit louder .


Naru stopped at the middle of the stairs .

‘There’s so many of them . ’

Naru, no, Cale was slowly looking around at the Vampires standing inside the hall at the bottom of the stairs .
Well, the hall and the nearby rooms and the kitchen .

Everybody inside this grand residence was gathered here .
Everybody except the warriors .

Cale recalled a piece of information at this moment .

‘It’s been about 20 or so years since the Endable Kingdom was created . ’

It was the information that Duke Fredo had given him .
He had said the following as well .

‘That means that the White Star is barely over twenty years old in this life . ’

Cale had learned that the Endable Kingdom was started when the White Star's current life had started .

Of course, the White Star would have prepared for the creation of this kingdom in his previous life . It had started about 50 years ago .

That meant that this Endable Kingdom had a history of about 70 years, including the preparation time .

Cale opened his mouth to speak .

“Thank you all for gathering together even though you may be busy . ”

The people in the hall raised their heads to look at him .
Cale was looking at their gazes as he recalled a portion of the conversation he just had with Duke Fredo before coming down here .

‘My son . ’
‘Cale . ’
‘Yes, my friend . Are you really planning on fighting against, ‘Cale Henituse’?’

Cale had shrugged his shoulders as Duke Fredo asked that .

‘No? Why would I fight?’

Duke Fredo had a relaxed smile after hearing Cale say that he wasn't going to fight as he nodded his head .

‘Okay then, my son . Do as you please . Your father will cheer on his son’s dream!’
‘How about you drop the act?’
‘But this is quite entertaining . ’

Cale snorted at Fredo's response and casually asked .

‘I guess you don’t like to fight?’
‘I hate fighting . ’

That response came without a second of hesitation .
Cale found it odd such that he subconsciously asked .


Fredo asked a question instead of answering the question .

‘What did you see on the streets on your way to this house?’

Cale was about to respond right away before choosing to remain silent for a moment after seeing Fredo's gaze .
Fredo's gaze seemed more serious than ever .

Cale answered honestly after sensing his seriousness .

‘Everything was the same . ’

It was the same .

‘Here and the Roan Kingdom . They looked the same . ’

What he saw in the Henituse territory and the Endable Kingdom's Section 1 were the same .
Cale chuckled and started to speak after realizing this .

‘You made Solena take me through there on purpose to show me that, didn’t you?’
‘My son is so smart . ’

Fredo also laughed and continued to speak .

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‘It was a father's desire to teach his son something . That was why I showed you the path to this grand residence . ’

Fredo turned toward the window as he continued to speak .

‘As you mentioned, everything is the same . This place and the outside world . ’

Although they each had differences if you took a closer look, they were similar at a distance .
They shared the common factor of living .

‘Us Vampires had to live in hiding for generations such that we could never settle anywhere . ’

Fredo recalled how things were more than twenty years ago .

‘I said the following to the Vampires as we created our home here . ’

That moment remained vivid on his mind .

‘ ‘I will create a hometown that all of you can always return to in the future . ’ ’

He wanted to create a hometown, a place of their own for the Vampires .

‘I think I did what I needed to do by creating a place for Vampires to settle down, a place that they can always return to if needed . ’

He turned back toward Cale .
Fredo looked into Cale's eyes as he sternly continued .

‘I do not wish to shed any more blood . ’

Cale finally realized what this enemy, Duke Fredo, whom he had been suspicious about, truly wanted .

He understood why he wanted the King position .
He understood why this Duke lived in a 12 years old boy's appearance .
He understood why Fredo tried to befriend Cale, his group, and even Alberu .

He understood it all .

Cale was silent and Fredo continued to speak while looking at Cale .

‘And it is just my intuition, but I do not think that the White Star truly cares about the Endable Kingdom . ’

On the other hand, Cale could tell that Fredo truly cared about the Endable Kingdom .
Fredo looked south from his home that was located on the northern part of the floor .
He could see a white palace .

The center of Section 1 . It was the White Star’s palace .

‘The White Star and Chief Priest Gersey . I can feel it . Neither of them treasures this place . ’

Hmph .

A bitter scoff flowed out of Fredo's mouth .

‘As for the Dark Elf old man and the knight, they are quite greedy, but they are attached to this kingdom . ’

The two among the first four nobles who were greedy for power and influence .
Fredo did not hate them .

‘I do not hate them . It is because I can feel that they consider this place to be home . ’

Cale realized it at that moment .

‘I can trust this guy a little bit . ’

Also that it was time to tell him .
Cale started to speak .

‘The White Star has been cursed . ’
‘I know . Isn’t it the curse of reincarnation? Of course, it might be a blessing to him . ’
‘Not that . ’

Cale continued to speak and Fredo started to frown for the first time .

‘The White Star cannot cherish anything . The moment he cherishes someone or something, he loses that thing . That is his other curse . ’

Fredo scoffed .
He was silent for a while before saying just one thing .

‘…This Endable Kingdom was just a means to an end for him . Everything is just a means to an end . ’

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Cale thought about how Fredo’s expression had looked as he said that before he stopped thinking about him .
Instead, he started to speak to the Vampires looking at him .

"Father is currently in a coma . ”
“Ah . ”

Someone let out a gasp .

“And we do not know when he will wake up . ”

The atmosphere instantly changed .

However, Cale continued to speak before anybody could say anything .
The boy's voice that had always been gentle calmly caused a ruckus today .

“Father told me this . ”

The owner of this household .
The boy who was the son of that owner was talking to them .

“ ‘I will create a hometown that all of you can always return to in the future . ’ ”

Silence filled the area .

The Vampires started to tear up .
Everybody other than the Vampires who were born in the last twenty years or so remembered those words .

They started to think about Duke Fredo .
There was a reason why every Vampire in the Eastern and Western continents followed Duke Fredo and cherished him .

Fredo Von Ejellan .

He always kept his word to the Vampires .
Duke Fredo always spoke the truth to Vampires who specialized in camouflage, stealth, and escaping, and had created a place where they did not need any of those things .

They came here not trusting the White Star, but trusting Duke Fredo .

They were given a peaceful life as a result .
An extremely precious peaceful life .

“I, Naru Von Ejellan, give this order as the acting patriarch . ”

His son was talking to the Vampires in this house right now .

‘No . ’

The Vampires could feel it .
These words were not just for them in here, but for all Vampires .
That was what their intuitions were telling them .

The boy they always just saw as a little kid was speaking calmly but more confidently than anybody else .

“Until my father wakes back up…”

This was a precarious situation .

“Trust me and follow me . ”

Cooks, maids, guards . All of the Vampires living in the Endable Kingdom clenched their fists .

“Some bad things may happen . It might become chaotic . ”

Cale looked toward the Vampires looking at him as he continued .

“But trust our Ejellan household and follow me . ”

He was serious .
Duke Fredo was someone he could trust .

‘Cale Henituse . You can do as you please . However, you must remember that this place is the same as the Roan Kingdom . ’
‘Isn’t that obvious? Places people live are pretty much always the same . ”
‘Yes, it is obvious . ’

Fredo had said the following .

‘I do not want this peace to be destroyed because of the White Star’s greed . He will probably start a war against the Eastern and the Western continents . However, the Vampires and all different races inside this kingdom have already suffered a lot prior to making this place our home . Most of the regular citizens welcome this peace and are happy . You can tell that that is the case if you walk the streets . ’

Fredo was able to walk freely around this kingdom, get close to the citizens, and see their lives because he could become Naru, a young and gentle boy .

Vampires, Dark Elves, and the other races .

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All of their lives were normal here .

‘I must protect this peace . That is my responsibility for the people who trust and follow me . ’

Fredo's voice echoed in Cale’s ears .

Cale spoke honestly as Cale and not as Naru .

“I will fend off the people who disturb your peace with my own hands, so do not shake even if it becomes chaotic . ”

The Vampires clenched their fists .

This was it .
The Ejellan household was such a place .

“Remember these words from today and continue to live as if things were normal . Then everything will have passed . ”

Cale then walked through the hall and headed to the main door of the house .


The door slowly opened and Cale walked out .

There was a black carriage outside to take him to the palace .
Cale got on the carriage .

“Young master-nim . ”

He turned his gaze .

Solena got on the carriage with him and quietly whispered .

“Thank you very much . ”

He could sense her gratitude in her voice .

“No need to thank me . I'm going to cause a shitshow from here onward . ”

According to the plan, Duke Fredo will stay in his coma for a while during which things would happen to cause the White Star headaches .
There won’t be a war inside the Endable Kingdom, but it will become noisy .

Cale just did what he needed to do to make sure the Vampires who would be even more flustered because their leader was in a coma would not cause trouble .

Smile .

A gentle smile appeared on Solena's face .

“It’s okay, young master-nim . We will be able to carry on as if everything was normal without being shaken . ”

She stopped for a moment and started to close the carriage door .

Solena could see the Vampires heading back to work .
Their strides looked much less concerned about their patriarch’s wellbeing .

Clack .

The carriage door closed and she resumed talking to Cale underneath Naru’s appearance .

“And that is why I am thankful . ”

She felt that he was sincere .
Cale had been sincere when he said that he would stop the people from disturbing their peace .

“…I don’t think I did anything that really deserves gratitude?”

Solena smiled at Cale who was looking at her with a brusque expression that seemed to be asking what she was talking about before opening the door toward the driver .
She then addressed the driver .

“Let’s go to the palace . ”
“Yes, ma’am!”

The driver responded energetically and the carriage started to move toward the palace .

The center of Section 1 of the Endable Kingdom's capital .
The white palace that was said to be the White Star's residence .
The center of that palace, in the grand assembly room currently filled with 101 people .

‘Shall I get started?’

Cale stealthily looked around as if he was a hunter with his prey in front of him .
Of course, he just looked like an awkward and innocent boy who was not yet used to this type of assembly .