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Chapter 85

Chapter 85: We Meet Again? (4)

“H, how did this bastard!”

Rough words that were not fitting for a noble came spilling out of Venion’s mouth on reflex . His hood slowly came off to reveal his entire face . It was completely pale .

The Black Dragon slowly flapped his wings as he approached Venion .

“Why are you so surprised?”

The calm and low voice reached Venion’s ear .

“What is it, are you having a hard time recognizing me because I am not all bloodied up?”

Raon had a completely indifferent expression as he said that . He then slowly approached Venion while his black mana was fluctuating in the air around him .

Venion took a step back .


He stepped on one of his lackey’s bodies as he continued to walk backward .

“Venion Stan . ”

The Dragon was speaking . Venion had never heard the dragon speak in the four years he had watched it get tortured .
It was also calling out his name .
The dragon in front of him was different from the existence that used to get beaten and bloodied by clubs and whips .
Although the dragon was still the same tiny size, that formerly tortured existence was standing in front of him as a higher-ranking race .

“I guess you never expected me to come back?”

Venion had never expected this . All he had thought about was how he needed to find the dragon and bring it back to teach it to learn . It was a foolish thought . The foot taking another step back had started to shake . He couldn’t help it .

“W, what . What the hell is going on?”

The dark red fog approached him and started to move up, starting from this feet and moving up to his leg . It was like a snake was coiling around him . However, he could not run away .

“Nice to see you again . ”

That dragon that was greeting him had tied him up with his mana . This snake-like fog had now reached Venion’s neck .


One of his lackey’s grunted once more before becoming quiet .

Hiiiiss .

The wind sounded like a snake hissing by his ear . Venion looked very shabby right now compared to his usual self .

“N, Noooo!”

The fog reached just underneath his nose now .

He had never been through something like this before . He could not do anything with his body paralyzed by the dragon’s magic .

The dark red fog slowly covered his nose and face . Venion tried to hold his breath but eventually, the fog entered into his nose .

He could not breathe . At that moment, he could see the dragon’s face through the fog .

“I am very happy to see you, Venion Stan . ”

Raon could see Venion’s face through the fog . Venion’s body was shaking after having absorbed On and Hong’s lightly poisonous fog .
Raon slowly removed the mana tying Venion down .

Plop .

Venion fell down to the ground . He had already lost his consciousness prior to Raon removing his mana .

Raon just quietly stared at the fallen Venion . At that moment, a hand started to pet him on the head .
It was Cale . Cale had used the Sound of the Wind to lightly jump from the rooftop . He petted Raon’s head as he looked down at Venion .
He could hear Raon’s voice .

“Weak . He’s so terribly weak . ”

Cale put on a bitter smile . It was because Raon sounded so upset . However, Cale asked him back .

“So, do you want to stop?”
“No, I will treat him the same way he treated me . ”

Cale patted that round head of Raon’s after seeing him respond without a second of hesitation . He looked around before speaking once again .

“Start . ”

Tap, tap .

The kittens, On and Hong, who were on top of a nearby building, lightly jumped down . Once they did that, On controlled the fog in order to provide a path for Choi Han .

“They are all waiting at the entrance of the alley . ”

Cale could see Raon slowly turning invisible and gave the order .

“Tell them to come . ”
“Yes sir . ”

Two small carriages soon entered the alley and filled it up . A person came out of one of those carriages .

“Mm, good morning, young master-nim . ”
“Here they are . ”

The crazy priestess Cage gulped while looking at the unconscious lackeys on the ground, as well as Venion Stan, who Choi Han had picked up .
She had not seen what had happened in this alley . The fog had played a part, but it was mainly because Choi Han was in the front of the alley entrance guarding it .

She could see that the two lackeys were frowning even while unconscious and that Venion looked very pale with fear .

“We do not have time . ”
“Hmm? Ah, yes!”

She came back to her senses at Cale’s serious tone and quickly ordered the two people who came with her to move Venion’s lackeys .

While they did that, she approached Cale, who was about to leave with Venion in the other carriage .

“Remember, four days later . ”
“Yes, that is plenty of time . ”

Cale, who was confidently saying four days was enough, as well as Choi Han, who was throwing Venion into a corner, both seemed calm . That gave Cage the chills .

He felt different than the Cale Henituse who stepped up to protect everyone in the castle, as well as the same young master who helped her and Taylor out . However, Cale soon started to smile . He needed to act properly for his plan .

“Yes, I will trust you . Since you set the date, please remember it, young master-nim . ”

4 days . Cale thought about what would happen in these next four days as he gave a clear response to this priestess who was full of worries .

“Yes . It is impossible for me to forget, so please stop worrying . Absolutely . ”

Cale looked toward Venion as he continued to speak .

“Each day will feel like a year, so he will definitely not be able to forget it . ”

He then turned toward Cage and said goodbye .

“Then we will be off now . ”
“Ah- yes . ”

She would never forget the way Cale stared at Venion . It was so scary . She continued to watch the carriage until it disappeared out of the alley .

‘…It should be fine, since he promised not to kill him . ’

Cale promised to hand Venion over without killing him . Cage and Taylor trusted him since he wasn’t the type to break a promise and because he was the reason that they were able to hatch such a plan in the first place .

“We should trust him since we said we would . ”

Cale firmed her resolve . She needed to start moving quickly starting today .

“Everybody is on the carriage?”
“Yes ma’am . ”

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“Then let’s go . ”

Her carriage left the alley as well . It was heading in the opposite direction of Cale’s carriage .

Cale’s carriage was heading opposite of the Stan territory’s Lord’s Castle . It was heading toward the quite luxurious section where the rich, the nobles, and the knights lived .
The streets were clean and all of the buildings looked fancy .

Click . Click .

The carriage that was moving across the early morning fog stopped in front of a single residence . The gate slowly opened .

Creeeeak, clunk . The carriage headed to the back of the residence as soon as the strong iron gates opened .

There was a door heading underground in this average looking residence .

“It’s a nice house . ”

Cale made an observation as he got off the carriage and looked toward the driver . The driver had his head deep under a hood .

The robe’s hood lifted up a bit in response to Cale .

“You can go . ”

Odeus, the man under the hood, slightly bowed before quietly and stealthily heading out of the residence’s back gate .
He wanted to turn around and look at Cale once more, but held himself back .

‘I was wrong about him . ’

He had personally moved because Cale had told him it was something he couldn’t leave to one of his subordinates . He now understood why Cale had told him to serve him . The things they were doing were not things anybody else could know about .

‘A torture chamber . ’

He was certain Cale was known for being a good person . He was also one who would sacrifice himself for others . However, that was not the real Cale . Even Choi Han, who was a good person listened to Cale’s orders .
Odeus thought about his nephew, Billos, who had said he would follow Cale .

Odeus then started to move quickly as he needed to cover Cale’s tracks for the next four days .

“The problem is that I am following him like it is normal . ”

Odeus mumbled in a quiet voice before disappearing into the fog .

Cale opened the door heading underground once Odeus disappeared .

Screeech .

A chilling noise was heard as the door slowly opened .

“Ah, you’ve arrived . ”

He could see Beacrox right by the door . Beacrox had arrived here yesterday evening . Son of the assassin, Ron, a swordsman, and chef . Beacrox held many titles . However, the one title being utilized right now was that of a torture specialist .

“Yes . Let’s move him . ”

Choi Han lifted Venion up and headed down . Beacrox followed behind him while peeking at the Black Dragon flying next to Cale .

Cale pretended not to see Beacrox peeking at Raon . Cale had revealed Raon’s existence to him yesterday .

He easily accepted it .

‘I knew it . ’

Beacrox accepted it as soon as Cale told him Raon was the one who brought them food when they were traveling to the capital . However, Beacrox had some issues with what they were doing, as Cale had not explained anything about Venion .

‘But at least he follows orders well . ’

Beacrox was very thorough with following through .

Cale felt that way about Beacrox even more as soon as he headed to the chamber underground .
The room was quite large .

“You set it up properly . ”

There were many types of equipment on one side of the room . Beacrox had prepared all of it . Cale gasped while looking at those vicious tools before turning to look at Raon .

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“It is the same . ”

Raon calmly rated the room . This underground torture chamber was set up to look as close to the cave that Raon had to suffer in for the first four years of his life .

Choi Han put Venion on a chair . Beacrox looked toward Cale and started to speak .

“Do I just need to work on him?”
“Yes . ”
“What should I do to him?”

Raon was the one to answer that question . Beacrox had to speak to the dragon that flew in front of him .

“I will return everything I suffered . ”

Beacrox did not know about Raon’s story .

“Yes, I was abused for four years, dealing with being tortured and beaten day after day . I was also imprisoned in a cave . I want payback for my four years of suffering during these next four days . ”

The calm four-year-old’s voice echoed in the room . Choi Han rubbed his face while On and Hong didn’t know what to do .

Cale crossed his arms and looked toward Raon . Raon really was great and mighty . In Cale’s opinion, it was difficult to calmly talk about your pains like Raon was doing .

“I will give you a basic rundown of how I suffered . First of all, I was whipped until this mighty dragon skin of mine was raw . ”

Raon briefly explained in detail everything that he had suffered through during the four years . Raon was very passionate as he explained it all to Beacrox, who was carefully listening . He wanted to pay Venion back for everything .

“And to keep hitting the spot that is already bloodied and injured is the most important basic knowledge . ”


Raon stopped talking and looked toward the source of the noise .

Cale had kicked the chair the unconscious Venion was sitting on . Venion fell to the ground, but still remained unconscious . This made Cale wonder how strong of a sedative Hong had used to poison Venion .

Cale fixed his shirt as if nothing happened before starting to speak .

“Keep doing what you have to do . ”
“…I understand, human . ”

Raon returned to talking about his past . He just described the core of it, as he did not have much time . Silence filled the room once he finished .

Cale looked toward Beacrox and then started to smile .
Beacrox had taken a pair of white gloves out of his pocket . He always put these gloves on so that he does not get dirtied .

“Sounds like there will be a lot of blood . ”

He then took out another pair of white gloves and put it on over the first pair . Cale had never seen or read about Beacrox putting on two pairs of gloves .

“Beacrox . ”
“Yes sir . ”

Beacrox looked toward Cale at his calling .

“Make some food before we start . ”

Beacrox looked toward Cale as if Cale was crazy . However, Cale pointed to Raon . Raon stretched his wings as if he agreed with Cale .

“Raon needs something to eat . ”
“That bastard hit me while eating, saying that seeing my blood made it easier to swallow the food . ”
“… That crazy son of a…”

Choi Han started to swear . Beacrox took out another pair of gloves before speaking to Raon and Cale .

“Looks like I need to prepare a feast . ”

This made Cale think that Beacrox really was weak against affection . He was a torture specialist, but whether it is with the Wolf children or Raon, Beacrox seemed to be very weak against children and affection .

Beacrox asked a question as he headed up to prepare the food .

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“Shall I cripple him?”
“No need to do that . ”

Raon responded .

“Alright . Young master-nim, will you be down here as well?”

Mm . Cale let out a moan and started to frown at Beacrox’s question .

‘I don’t really want to see it, but . ’

He wanted to live in peace because he hated seeing blood or wars . However, this was a special occasion .

They had set up an invisibility magic device in the corner . It would be complicated if Cale’s identity was revealed, so he could only watch in secret .

‘I don’t think I can enjoy a feast while watching a torture . I should just stick with wine . ’

Cale knew it would be brutal . He’s probably going to want to throw up and get angry at Venion . In a situation like this, alcohol was better . Cale tried to open his mouth to ask for wine, however, Raon started to speak first .

“I understand, weak human . No need to think about it . You do not need to watch . ”
“It’s true . I feel like it may be difficult for you, young master-nim . ”

Choi Han continued to speak after Raon and even Hong and Hong nodded their heads . Cale started to speak with a shocked expression on his face .

“What are you talking about?”

Cale petted Raon’s head before walking past him .

“If I don’t watch, are you going to watch alone?”

There were some things you needed to see no matter how hard it was to watch . He then took a potion out of his magic bag and handed it to Beacrox .

“Use the potion if it looks like he is going to die . Then he will be able to last all 4 days . ”
“Of course . ”

Beacrox easily accepted it as if it was natural . In fact, it was Choi Han and the Black Dragon’s responses that Beacrox did not understand .

“Then let me go get it ready . ”

Beacrox prepared the best feast possible underground . It was a feast just for Raon .

“Oo… ugh…… . ”

Venion groaned and tried to move . His body felt heavy . Although he could feel every part of his body, it felt like he was lacking oxygen .
He soon came to his senses and tried to figure out what had happened .


Venion opened his eyes in shock . What he saw in front of his eyes was a feast .

A grand feast that even nobles would not usually see was in front of his eyes on a just as luxurious table . The Black Dragon looked down toward Venion from the table .


Venion turned his head as he heard the clang from the chains on his limbs and neck .

“M, mm-”

He wanted to speak but could not say anything . The magic chains on his neck prevented him from speaking .

He could not say anything, just like how Raon had suffered .

Psssh, bang!

The whip was moving across the floor . It was a large whip with metal and glass embedded throughout the whip .
It was very similar to the whip that was used on Raon .

The masked man wielding that whip slowly approached Venion .

“Start . ”

Raon gave the order .