Treasure Hunt Tycoon - Chapter 1529

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Chapter 1529: 1529

Through the conversation between the two, Li Du understood the other side’s identity and relationship .

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This Brother Kun was supposed to be the person in charge of the minefield, or at least of the stone gambling business, and his nephew was among the people who blackmailed him .

He guessed that the youth who was slapped and now looked like a fattened pig was his nephew, but he was wrong . Brother Kun went and picked up the middle-aged man who could not speak fluent Mandarin . He slapped him and asked, “What is all this about?”

The middle-aged man looked older than Brother Kun, but unexpectedly he turned out to be his nephew .

He hid his face and mumbled something in Myanmar . Big Markelov sneered at him and translated, “What he said was probably true . He said he wanted to blackmail you, but a quarrel occurred . He didn’t know why your man stabbed someone with the knife…”

When the middle-aged man spoke a few words, Brother Kun slapped him, and then slapped others too, including the old lady who had joined in the act .

Li Di could appreciate the strength of family ties .

The slap that Brother Kun gave his nephew was loud, but actually, it was not heavy . The slaps he gave the others, on the other hand, were so loud and heavy that the old lady’s fake teeth fell off from her mouth!

Zhong Dapao stopped him and said, “Brother Kun, stop hitting them . Let’s discuss how to settle this matter instead . You see, one of my honored guests was stabbed with a knife, and to make matters worse, his Patek Philippe watch was broken too!”

Li Du took the watch, handed it to Brother Kun and said, “My friend had inherited this watch from his grandfather, who was once a Ukrainian red army soldier . This watch is a trophy he had picked up from the hand of a slain Nazi officer . ”

The watch was actually fake, and he traded it for a Ferrari in Miami . The police returned it to him and he continued to wear it .

He believed that Brother Kun would not be able to judge whether the watch was genuine or not . There was no international top watchmaker in Hapakant, and this watch was the imitation production from a professional watchmaker . An ordinary watchmaker would not be able to verify its authenticity .

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Brother Kun’s expression became serious . He took the watch and squinted at it in a patch of sunlight . The crack was new . He carefully checked the texture of the watch and realized that it was indeed was a high-quality old watch .

Zhong Dapao asked, “Brother Kun, how are you going to settle this matter?”

Brother Kun malevolently glared at his nephew, then asked, “Master Pao, how do you want it to be settled? Give me a price . ”

Zhong Dapao said, “Just now, my honored guest was blackmailed . He was required to give compensation of one million RMB for medical expenses and ten million RMB for the broken bracelet . ”

When Brother Kun heard this, he went back and gave out a few more slaps .

He sighed, came back, and said, “Master Pao, what about letting these idiots off in honor of our friendship? The is too much, I’m afraid they would not be able to pay . ”

“What do you mean?” said Zhong Dapao .

Brother Kun looked at his nephew and said a few harsh words in Myanmar, then turned back and said, “I asked them if they have any money on them . They are dirt poor, that’s why they provoked your guest of honor . They have no money, so all I can do is pay myself… . ”

He pondered for a while and said, “How about this, let’s not discuss the watch for now and only speak about the bodily harm . I’ll pay 500,000 for this, okay?”

Zhong Dapao frowned, but Li Du nodded and said, “Master Pao, harmony will bring wealth . The mine that we were about to go to belongs to Brother Kun, right?”

“Yes . ”

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Li Du said, “Then we have to give Brother Kun some face . Let’s say the bodily damage is worth a quarter of a million at most . This will be our gesture of goodwill . ”

Upon hearing this, Brother Kun laughed in relief . “Haha, may I ask who this generous man is? I, Dao Kun, thank you . I thought that my reputation would be lost today, but you helped me save it!

Li Du said, “Brother Kun is too polite . Two hundred thousand will be enough to pay the doctor’s bill, but to be honest, Brother Kun, the matter of this watch is not easy to settle . ”

Dao Kun’s expression became very serious and he said, “Give me some time . I have to think about the compensation for this watch . ”

Li Du pondered for a while, pointed to the person who blackmailed him and said, “How about this, Brother Kun? They have a piece of broken jade bracelet . Why don’t they give it to us?”

At this time a withered old man walked in with a young man . Dao Kun handed the watch to him and then laughed . “This is negotiable . Let’s take a seat . Let’s sit down and talk about it!”

Li Du knew this old man was probably the watchmaker that the other side had called here for his opinion, so he smiled and did not say another word .

He released the space-time bug into the watch, absorbing some of the time energy from the small parts, making it look more antique .

The old man studied the watch with his tools, and after thinking about it, he came over and whispered a few words in Dao Kun’s ear .

After listening to his words, Dao Kun got up and lifted his foot to kick his nephew’s butt . He said angrily, “Useless!”

Then he said to the men, “What about that bracelet? Bring it out!”

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The youth with the swollen face said anxiously, “Brother Kun, forgive us, please! It is a good water source glass jade, and although it is broken, it could be made into a ring surface or Buddha pendant that would cost over a million!”

Dao Kun frowned and said, “Take it out and let me have a look at it . ”

The young man looked at the old lady in despair . The old lady felt in her pocket and said in Myanmar, “Not here?”

The others were in a panic . They reached into their pockets and realized that the broken bracelet was missing .

“Where is the bracelet? Where has it gone?”

“Where is it? I don’t have it!”

“Oh, we can’t lose it!”

They searched all over, taking off almost all their clothes, but still couldn’t find the bracelet .

Li Du sneered and said, “What now, are we acting?”

The young man was anxious and shouted, “Anyone who acts will be in trouble! Bracelet? Where is my bracelet? No! You must be the one who stole it, and now you blame us . The bracelet is in your hands . I’m sure of it . ”

Dao Kun was a ruthless character with rich social experience . He had a way of seeing through people, and he realized that his nephew and others were not cheating . He also looked at Li Du and the others with suspicion .

Li Du pointed to them and said, “Very good . You not only deny your guilt, but you are also blaming us now . I will never accept this!”

He began to undress, throwing his clothes down upon the floor until he wore nothing but boxers . At the same time, he said sharply, “Pull out your pockets and take off your clothes!”

All the bodyguards pulled out their pockets and took off their clothes, except for Zhong Dapao and Liu Zi . Dao Mao undressed too . Their party had nothing on them but uncut stones, some money, and wallets .

Brother Wolf took off Young Markelov’s clothes too, revealing the scarlet gauze and the hideous wound underneath and said, “Should I unwrap the gauze too?”

Dao Kun hurriedly said, “No, you don’t need to do that . ”

Zhong Dapao said proudly, “Brother Kun, we will not take our clothes off . You know what temper I have . I did not touch your bracelet, and neither did Liu Zi!”

Dao Kun sighed and said, “Of course, Master Pao and Master Liu are not the types of people who would do that . ”

The young man was dumbstruck . “Then what about my bracelet?”

Li Du said coldly, “Who knows, maybe you had another accomplice who left with the bracelet? What do you say, Brother Kun?”

Dao Kun looked at the young man and the others maliciously . “The medical expenses are 500,000 RMB, the compensation for the watch is 500,000 RMB . A total of one million yuan, and not a cent less!”