True Martial World - Chapter 1099

Published at 6th of August 2017 10:32:24 AM
Chapter 1099: Massacre
"Kill that punk and skin him!"

Yan Tiancong bellowed loudly . He was extremely infuriated . To create such a commotion in Heaven Amplification Trading Company territory, in front of Young Master Blood Jade, was equivalent to publicly smacking him in the face . How could he tolerate such a thing?
Instantly, servants began rushing in from every corner . The two Elders standing behind Yan Tiancong also began to surround Yi Yun from both sides .
Yi Yun looked at Yan Tiancong and the corner of his wrinkled lips curved up slightly, revealing a teasing smile .
This smile baffled and shocked Yan Tiancong when it landed in his eyes . For some reason, the smile looked somewhat familiar, but the aged face was clearly that of a middle-aged man that was not doing well . Yan Tiancong felt that he was overthinking things .
He said with a sneer, "You’re still in the mood to smile? Fighting in the teleportation market is a violation of the rules here . Take him down, but break his limbs first!"
The moment Yan Tiancong gave the order, a bunch of Heaven Amplification Trading Company servants rushed over . But in an instant, nearly a thousand cold beams emitted from Yi Yun's body!
Cha! Cha! Cha!
999 flying sabers shot in every direction . The servants that had charged forward failed to react in time . Their bodies came to a sudden halt as they were pierced through by the flying sabers . Instantly, blood splattered as limbs flew . Tragic cries were heard everywhere as the small region was instantly no different from a Shura slaughter ground .
The terrifying scene drained all color from the Divine Secrets Trading Company girls' faces . They did not know when such a terrifying executioner had appeared . However, in the eyes of these girls, his brand of terror was much better than Young Master Blood Jade, who ate humans and drank blood .
Seeing so many servants die simultaneously, Young Master Blood Jade finally began to treat Yi Yun seriously . This was a person of ability, and not some ordinary itinerant warrior .
But even so, Young Master Blood Jade wasn't concerned . "Not bad . A person like you shouldn't be unknown . What's your name?"
Young Master Blood Jade could not think of anyone around Sun Burial Sandsea that used flying sabers .
"A dead person like you does not need to know my name . " Yi Yun looked at Blood Jade coldly .
Young Master Blood Jade roared with laughter, as though he had heard the funniest joke in the world . "No one has ever been so arrogant in front of me before . Let’s ignore the fact that you aren't my match . Even if you survived more a few of my moves, the experts of my Bloodlust Sect are not far off . They would only take a few moments to rush over here . Do you think a lone person like you can escape?"
Behind Young Master Blood Jade, His Excellency Huayu also laughed . The person in front of them truly did not know anything . He also had several friends in the vicinity . They too would quickly rush in and, when that time came, Yi Yun would be a sitting duck . He naturally would be unable to conceal his identity when that happened .
"Bloodlust Sect?" Yi Yun smiled nonchalantly . When he first attacked, he had spread his perception to probe in every direction . The truly terrifying people, those at the level of the Seven Star Dao Palace Deputy Palatial Lord, had long entered deep into the Sun Burial Sandsea .

Although there were experts in the vicinity of the teleportation array, they did not pose a threat to Yi Yun at all . Of course, he had to take care not to expose his identity, lest he attract the murderous attention of the Seven Star Dao Palace .
Yi Yun suddenly took a step forward as a blackish-gray aura emitted from his body .
The aura had an indescribably vast and majestic atmosphere . When it emanated throughout the surroundings, everyone felt that they could not avoid it . It was as if the aura had sealed off the world, placing them in an alternate universe .
"What is that?"
Blood Jade and His Excellency Huayu were alarmed . The strange aura had sealed the space around them . It was like they were isolated from the rest of the world .
"Array? You obtained an ancient disk array?" His Excellency Huayu asked in shock . From his point of view, only an ancient disk array could seal off space .
Yi Yun chuckled and shook his head . He said, "This is my Dao Domain . "
This Dao Domain was Yi Yun's Destruction Dao Domain . He had enveloped space around him, trapping Blood Jade and Huayu within . With them isolated as such, he could use any moves on them and no one outside would see . Naturally, that would prevent his identity from being exposed .
The only danger was if Blood Jade and Huayu had the ability to destroy his Destruction Dao Domain, otherwise they would remain trapped in the area!

"Dao Domain? Stop bragging!" Blood Jade was a well-learned person as well . It was impossible that this vast and majestic Dao Domain that made it seem like he was facing an entire Universe could be generated by such a trivial figure . Perhaps even the Palatial Lord of the Seven Star Dao Palace was unable to produce a Dao Domain of such quality .
Yi Yun could not be bothered refuting him . He added, "I forgot to tell you . In my Dao Domain, time moves a lot faster . I have sufficient time to finish all of you before the people on the outside can even react . "
As Yi Yun spoke, he suddenly waved his hands!
"Cha! Cha! Cha!"
Dozens of cold beams flew out and shot straight at Yang Yanguang!
Yang Yanguang was frightened out of his wits . He had no way to put up any form of resistance . Dozens of flying sabers penetrated his body, and his limbs were completely diced into minced meat and bone fragments . The flying sabers that pierced his torso had lodged him to the stone platform as blood flowed incessantly .
The stone platform was just at the feet of the row of girls . They were terrified as they gaped their tiny mouths . Their eyes were filled with horror and pleasant surprise . They did not dare believe that Yang Yanguang, who lorded over their fates in such a high and mighty manner, would die . He came from a powerful faction, allowing him to engage in nefarious acts for more than a century, yet there he was dying under their feet .
Yang Yanguang's eyes were turbid as blood spewed out of his mouth . He breathed out more than he breathed in . It was obvious that he could not live much longer .
He was struggling with all his might as he produced unintelligible sounds in an indignant manner . At his deathbed, he seemed to refuse to believe that this was how it ended .
"Back then, Ji Shuiyan cleaved off your limbs but spared your life . Who knew that an old dog like you would be rescued? Your limbs were even reattached . This time, however, I have diced them all . So how will you continue to survive?"
As Yi Yun spoke, he waved his hand, sending saber beams to inundate Yang Yanguang . With a tragic cry, he was devoured by the saber beams as blood splattered, completely ending his life .
But in that moment, Yan Tiancong could not be bothered with Yang Yanguang's death . Yi Yun's words had given him a fright!
"What did you say? Ji Shuiyan!?"
Ji Shuiyan imprisoning Yang Yanguang and cleaving off his limbs was a trivial manner . If it were a warrior from outside the city, there was no reason for him to know of the matter .
Furthermore, the person in front of him clearly knew Ji Shuiyan . Combined with his ruthless display of strength, Yan Tiancong suddenly trembled as a realization streaked across his brain .
"You are Yi Yun!?"
Yan Tiancong had long been frightened by Yi Yun . But wasn't Yi Yun in the Clarity Pool Sword Sect and besieged by the Seven Star Dao Palace? How could he be here?
Yi Yun did not deny it . He had no intention of concealing his identity . From the moment he conjured his Destruction Dao Domain, he had already determined that none from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company would be leaving .