True Martial World - Chapter 1205

Published at 22nd of October 2017 10:37:37 AM
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Chapter 1205

The Myriad Divine Territory spanned a vast area of land . A long mountain range stretched along the northern regions of the Myriad Divine Territory, and these mountain ranges were covered with primordial forests and had no traces of human activity .

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In this mountainous valley, there was an amber-like lake . The water was still, allowing one to peer all the way to its bottom . It perfectly reflected the bright moon hanging in the night sky, exuding an extraordinary beauty .

"This shall be it . "

Yi Yun looked at the surrounding landscape that was a model of a treasured land . Most importantly, it was quiet and undisturbed .

With a flick of his hand, the Thousand Snow flying sabers flew out like snowflakes as they formed a hurricane saber array that tore straight through the mountains and drilled deep down .

Yi Yun followed the Thousand Snow flying sabers and quickly came to a spot a hundred meters underground . Here, he used his pure Yang flames to open up a vast cave for himself .

Rooms were separated: a cultivation chamber, a herb garden, a bedroom, an alchemical lab, etc .

Following that, Yi Yun sealed the entrance and set up a concealment array . From afar, the entrance had vanished and even the valley could not be seen . There was only a lake with clear water . There was nothing that seemed amiss .

As a finishing touch, Yi Yun distorted the space underground . He separated the cavern into an independent pocket world . High in the sky hung a pure Yang sun, and he began planting random flowers and grass . He used his spiritual energy to cause them to instantly sprout, and soon, the underground pocket world was illuminated with the sun shining gaily . Nature was everywhere in the air and it seemed like an otherworldly paradise .

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Yi Yun looked at his cavernous abode with satisfaction . Without knowing it, he was now capable of opening up a pocket world of his own . There was a time when such a feat seemed impossible to Yi Yun .

The cultivation chamber, bedroom and alchemical lab did not need any further description, but the herb garden was a special place . Yi Yun had dozens of precious herbs in his possession . They had been accumulated by the Myriad Immortal Pavilion over millions of years, so much so that the old freaks of the Nine Cauldron Alchemical Sect would turn envious at the mere sight of these treasures .

And among the dozens of herbs, the most precious ones were inside the two jade boxes in Yi Yun's hands .

Yi Yun first set up an array formation around the herb garden before opening a box .


A white beam shot out, and a tiny white deer that was about a foot tall jumped out of the jade box and burrowed deep into the ground before vanishing .

This was a Whitejade Deer Monarch Ginseng, a supreme-grade herb . Furthermore, this herb had taken form and possessed intelligence . It made it more precious than any other precious item .

In the divine alchemist's notes, it was written that one could use Whitejade Deer Monarch Ginseng to refine Nine-Colored Pills that were used to aid a Supremacy in breaking through . Although Yi Yun was only at the Dao Palace realm, his foundations were robust and he had the Azure Wood Divine Tree in him, so he could definitely use such pills to cultivate .

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Although the Whitejade Deer Monarch Ginseng had vanished, the space they were in had been sealed shut by Yi Yun's array . He did not need to fret about it for it had no means of escape .

The second jade box opened up to another world . In it was an aquatic realm . Like the deer, a spiritual aqua had taken form .

Using such spiritual aqua for refinement was naturally excellent, but Yi Yun had no intentions of doing so . He planned on using the spiritual aqua to nourish the herb garden and even the entire cavernous abode . It would allow his seclusion to have adequate amounts of spiritual energy so that the herbs could grow luxuriantly .

Yi Yun completed furnishing his herbal garden in half a day’s time . Following that, he meditated in his alchemical lab for three days and three nights . After he felt that he recovered to peak condition, Yi Yun took out the Soul Returning Root he had .

All the supplementary herbs were prepared . With that, Yi Yun conjured the Divine Alchemy Cauldron .

Although it had lost its core array, it was not of great importance . With Yi Yun's present strength and the numerous supreme-grade herbs he had, refining the Hollow Soul Pills would be a sure thing .

Yi Yun took a deep breath as he looked solemnly at the herbs . He lit up the Divine Alchemy Cauldron using the Heretical God Fire Seed with one hand and threw a supplementary herb in .

In the past, using the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun could extract the medicinal essence in minutes . He had even thrown numerous herbs into a cauldron once, extracting them all together .

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However, Yi Yun was especially meticulous this time . Not only did he extract each herb one at a time, he even took thirty minutes to extract every herb, ensuring that he could flawlessly extract the medicinal essence from them, without a shred of waste .

After four hours of this, Yi Yun finally began refining the main herb, the Soul Returning Root .

The Soul Returning Root that the Myriad Immortal Pavilion had found was of better quality, but the remaining half of Yi Yun’s Soul Returning Root did not go to waste . Both of the Soul Returning Roots were placed into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron and refined together .

This time, Yi Yun spent two hours refining the Soul Returning Root . Bit by bit, he painstakingly extracted each strand of essence like he was undergoing a complex surgery .

As he maintained the Heretical God Fire Seed, Yi Yun found his mental energies taxed . However, he was long prepared for this moment . He consumed a Soul Restoring Relic that he had prepared ahead of time . The spiritual aqua that had taken form had also been moved into the alchemical lab, providing him with the purest spiritual energies .

Finally, when all the medicinal essence was done extracting, Yi Yun did not rush to the completion seals . Instead, he spent an entire day carefully baking the herbal liquid using the Heretical God Fire Seed, cleansing it of all impurities .

The liquid that was about the size of a fist shrunk, becoming crystalline and resplendent, with an emerald green luster .

At this point, even if Yi Yun ended the refinement process, just the herbal liquid would be a supreme-grade liquid that could be used for restoring the soul .

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But Yi Yun pressed on, and began forming his seals . Every seal was done conscientiously and meticulously . The Hollow Soul Pills needed a hundred and eight seals . With the Purple Crystal's absolute control over energy, each seal was done perfectly .

Finally—pill completion!

At this moment, Yi Yun had already consumed his second Soul Restoring Relic . He planned to complete it in one go . Be it the opportunity or the heating required, he had to grasp it perfectly .


The lid of the Divine Alchemy Cauldron flew open as a green beam shot out . Yi Yun grabbed at it as he held hot pills in his hands . When he spread out his palm, he saw a total of nine Hollow Soul Pills!

Every Hollow Soul Pill had beautiful pill engravings that were formed naturally from the worldly laws .

The maximum number of Hollow Soul Pills that could be refined in one cauldron was nine . Not a single pill was missing and each of them was perfect . It could be said that this was the most successful cauldron of pills that Yi Yun had ever refined!

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun was delighted . He breathed out and wiped away the dense beads of sweat that had formed across his forehead .

Finally, all his efforts had not been in vain . The supreme-grade herbs that were aged and in high demand, together with the Heretical God Fire Seed, Soul Restoring Relics, and the spiritual aqua that had taken form had facilitated such an outcome .

Hollow Soul Pills were extremely precious . They were, to date, the most precious pills Yi Yun had ever refined . With these nine Hollow Soul Pills in hand, he could finally treat Ling Xie'er . The remaining Hollow Soul Pills were also very useful to Yi Yun .

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