True Martial World - Chapter 1315

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Chapter 1315

However, what was unimpressive to Yi Yun was an incredible divine treasure in the eyes of other warriors, especially young geniuses .

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"Isn't that the fruit born from the Black Jade Flower?" remarked Prince Boundless Heaven . The fruit was known for its effect of marrow cleansing . It was excellent for both himself or to give to Princess Redjoy .

"Oh? You even recognize these three treasures?" said Princess Redjoy in surprise .

Prince Boundless Heaven was pleased with himself when he saw Princess Redjoy's reaction . He nodded proudly .

As a member of the royal family, he was knowledgeable to begin with . And with an interest in natural treasures that inspired him to study them, he truly had the right to flaunt himself .

"The other Fey pill and Fey bone should come from the Emerald-eyed Flower Snake and the Ground Demon Ape, if I recall . Although it's hard to tell their age, their value is definitely not much lower than that of the Black Jade Flower . These three are rare and priceless items . I want to buy them . I'll give the Black Jade Flower to you, Junior Sister Redjoy, to help you cleanse your marrow . As for the other two items, I'll use them for cultivation!"

Prince Boundless Heaven deliberately exaggerated the preciousness of the three treasures so as to make Princess Redjoy's heart throb .

After his declaration, Prince Boundless Heaven raised his hand and said, "Senior Mu, I'm willing to pay 500,000 mid-grade Spirit Jade for them!"

To a wealthy prince, 500,000 mid-grade Spirit Jade was not a burden at all .

Prince Boundless Heaven's bid immediately stopped many warriors who had any thoughts of bidding on the treasures in their tracks . They were eager to vie for the treasures, but when they heard the offer for 500,000, they shrunk back .

One mid-grade Spirit Jade was equivalent to a hundred low-grade Spirit Jade . Ordinary sects would usually only deal in low-grade Spirit Jade .


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There were other people at the auction that had need for such treasures . Soon, someone countered Prince Boundless Heaven's bid with a higher one .

Prince Boundless Heaven sneered and casually said, "800,000!"

It appeared very easy for Prince Boundless Heaven to shout out such a price .

The person that was bidding against Prince Boundless Heaven was a man that looked a little aged . He had a dull expression and even appeared somewhat sickly . From his outfit, he likely came from a world outside the Heavenly South Great World .

Upon hearing the price of 800,000, the man clearly hesitated . He fell silent for a moment before shouting, "A million!"

Prince Boundless Heaven laughed . His opponent had hesitated at the thought of a million, yet he still wanted to compete with him?

"Two million!" Prince Boundless Heaven waved his hand and said very gallantly .

Although he appeared unaffected on the surface as though the Spirit Jade was nothing, he was starting to feel slightly burdened by two million .

Upon hearing the price, the corners of the dull-looking man's mouth had an obvious twitch . However, he gritted his teeth and raised his hand .

"2,200,000 . "

"Oh?" Prince Boundless Heaven furrowed his brows . He believed that he could overwhelm his opponent by suddenly shouting two million but he never expected that his opponent was wealthy enough to continue vying with him .

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He hesitated for a moment and said, "2,600,000!"

Prince Boundless Heaven continued looking composed while he made such a stunning bid . He gave off a look that he was filthy rich but in fact, it was already beginning to distress him .

The price directly cut out his competitor . The man sighed, shook his head, and did not continue bidding higher . It was not that he was unwilling to part with it but that he did not have that much Spirit Jade .

"I wonder which small sect bumpkin was foolish enough to try competing with me," Prince Boundless Heaven said coldly . He had spent a lot more Spirit Jade thanks to that bumpkin .

Ever since he was mocked by Yi Yun, he had a burning flame in his heart . When he saw the dejected look of the sickly man, he felt a baffling sense of joy .

But the flaw in the otherwise perfect outcome was that the person he took down was not Yi Yun . If Yi Yun had competed with him and lost, he would have been able to vent his anger .

Upon noticing Prince Boundless Heaven's gaze, an elder sitting beside him guessed at the prince's thoughts . He said, "Your Highness, that Yi punk probably doesn't have enough wealth to bid at an auction of this level . He is probably only following seniors to broaden his horizons . "

An Elder from a large faction nodded and echoed, "That's right . The treasures of the auction are brought in by figures like Elder Mu . It's not something juniors can compete in . Among the younger generation, only elites with sizable wealth like Your Highness can compete with mighty figures . "

Prince Boundless Heaven was thrilled by the Elder's words . It made him feel like he was slowly joining the ranks of those mighty figures .

"2 . 6 million mid-grade Spirit Jade . That works . That definitely works . These three trinkets are yours . What a fine young lad that demands respect . "

Elder Mu was not stingy with his praises .

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"Senior, thank you for your compliments . "

Prince Boundless Heaven smiled and stood up to bow . From his point of view, Elder Mu enjoyed high prestige and commanded universal respect . It was beneficial for him to acquaint himself with Elder Mu .

"This irritating fellow sure is in the limelight now . " Sitting beside Yi Yun, Jing Yuesha was slightly depressed . She also hated Prince Boundless Heaven and could not stand seeing him so smug .

Yi Yun shook his head and said indifferently, "There are retards every year, but this year they are especially plentiful . "

"Ah?" Jing Yuesha was taken aback .

"Although the quality of these divine treasures isn't bad, they are only worth about 800,000 mid-grade Spirit Jade to me . Not one Spirit Jade more . This auction is a good place for sellers . There are more people buying than selling . With so many important figures gathered here, those who bid a high price will steal the limelight . That old Mu fellow has profited greatly . "

Yi Yun stroked his chin as he looked at Elder Mu . Although the old man was innocently chuckling, his smile looked like a cunning grin from an old fox in Yi Yun's eyes .

He suddenly felt that being the host of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet was a lucrative position . As the founder, the old fellow's reputation was naturally high . Items he produced at the auction would be augmented by his reputation, making them more marketable .

The old man was clearly happy that the first three items were sold at such a price . He slowly gestured to the voluptuous woman beside him and shortly, another three jade boxes were taken out .

He said with a smile, "There are still many fellow warriors and cultivators who have yet to get a chance to buy the items from before . That's a pity . I still have a few trinkets that I planned on leaving for my disciples . I might as well sell them now . "

As the elder spoke, the woman opened the boxes one after another .

When Prince Boundless Heaven saw the items in the boxes, he was dumbstruck . Two of the items were a crystalline fruit and a foot-long Fey bone .

Weren’t they the Black Jade Flower and the Ground Demon Ape finger bone that he had just bought?

They were identical…

Princess Redjoy blinked her eyes and could not help but ask, "Senior Brother Boundless Heaven, didn't you say that those items are extremely rare . Why is there another set?"

"This…" Prince Boundless Heaven gaped and was at a loss for words . He long knew that he had bought the treasures at a price far above the market price but since the items were rare, he felt that it was worth it . But in a blink of an eye, Elder Mu had taken out another set . He was dumbfounded .

At that moment, Yi Yun spoke out . He looked at Prince Boundless Heaven as though he was a retard and said, "Are you dumb? The Ground Demon Ape has ten fingers so obviously it has ten finger bones . And the Black Jade Flower bears seven fruits . Since Elder Mu had obtained such a treasure, he naturally took the rest . Do you really think he would take one share of each item?"

Yi Yun's voice wasn't loud but the ears of warriors were exceedingly sharp . Instantly, everyone heard what he said . Prince Boundless Heaven's face turned purple .

He gaped his mouth and was unable to utter a word . Before Elder Mu put up the item for sale, he had never mentioned how many sets of the treasure he had . Prince Boundless Heaven did not ask either and had just naturally assumed they were one-of-a-kind .

Who else could he blame?