True Martial World - Chapter 1575

Published at 6th of November 2018 04:35:07 AM
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Chapter 1575: 1575
Chapter 1575: Doing As One Pleases

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A dense cadaveric air emanated from the black-robed elder's body . All he did was float over but it was enough to make the temperature around him drop sharply . It was so cold that warriors with lower cultivation levels could even see their own breaths .

Upon seeing the black-robed elder, Steward Zhou's body seemed to tightened up .

Yi Yun noticed this tiny detail, immediately allowing him to guess that Steward Zhou was very afraid of the black-robed elder .

"So it's Ghost Lord Royalblood from the Nine Netherworld Lands . We have not met in centuries," greeted Steward Zhou as he went forward with a smile .

Ghost Lord Royalblood only gave him a cold glance before ignoring him completely . Steward Zhou's face darkened and he looked as though he might act up, but he ultimately kept quiet .

This scene was seen by many people .

Yi Yun was somewhat astonished . This was done in front of so many subordinates of the Taixia Ancient Mining, and Steward Zhou was someone who obviously valued face; yet, he had tolerated this faux pas .

"Ghost race warriors are very difficult to deal with . When there's a difference in strength, one can unknowingly find themselves falling victim to a Ghost race expert's means . Perhaps this Steward Zhou has previously experienced that . Therefore, it's better to hold back than to embarrass himself in public," said Bai Yueyin .

"Ghost Lord… should be equivalent to us human's Divine Lord realm, right?" asked Yi Yun .

"You can say so . "

Yi Yun was enlightened . Steward Zhou was already a pinnacle Divine Lord; yet, he was completely repressed by Ghost Lord Royalblood in such a situation . This made Yi Yun turn wary of Ghost race warriors .

Meanwhile, Ghost Lord Royalblood suddenly took out a black ghost banner . With a casual wave of it, thousands of black shadows flew out in an instant .

Hum Hum Hum…

There was a gust of cold wind accompanied by ghastly wails . After these black shadows landed, they transformed into thousands of spectral souls .

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Yi Yun had seen warriors who had cultivated in the Ghost Dao in the Sinkhole . They killed countless and captured the souls of people to refine them into ghost banners . There were ghost banners with ten thousand souls, or even ones with a hundred million souls . Such ghost banners were typically intrinsic treasures of these ghost-cultivation warriors . Sinkhole warriors viewed these techniques as unorthodox means which were greatly limited in scope .

But now, the difference between the ghost banner which Ghost Lord Royalblood produced was like night and day compared to all the other ghost banners he had previously seen .

The souls it released all had powerful auras . They were all Ghost Dao warriors!

Yi Yun could sense that these Ghost Dao warriors each cultivated in their own cultivation techniques . They were like the miners of Taixia Ancient Mining . Some of them were at the Dao Palace realm, while there were others at the Supremacy realm!

"These… these are his ghost slaves?"

"Not ghost slaves . They can be considered members of his sect . A Ghost Dao expert who has cultivated to the pinnacle Ghost Lord realm is a faction by himself . They pick the most talented spectral souls in the netherworld or the nine springs and store them in their ghost banners . These ghost warriors are taught the expert's cultivation techniques and split the resources accrued . "

"I see . " Yi Yun nodded . If a single person was a faction by themselves, having a ghost banner with him meant he carried thousands of disciples wherever he went . The sheer combat strength was obvious . Ignoring Ghost Lord Royalblood's individual strength, just the strength of his faction alone was enough to make Steward Zhou bow .

"Let's enter the mines," said Steward Zhou coldly . He was clearly in a bad mood after what had just happened . He did not say another word as he quickly urged his subordinates to enter the mines .

None of the Taixia Ancient Mining members dared to disobey him while he fumed, so all of them followed behind him .

Yi Yun also noticed that the Celestial and Ghost Lord Royalblood had each selected a teleportation array . Steward Zhou had led the Taixia Ancient Mining members to a teleportation array slightly further away .

He then handed each team a tiny teleportation token .

"The zone of the teleportation array's destination spans about fifty thousand kilometers . You will appear randomly in the zone . A year from now, we will activate the teleportation array again . As long as you are back in the same zone, the token will send you back . "

Yi Yun looked at the token in his hand . There was an array formation carved on the token's back, while the front had the word 'Taixia . '

"All teams are to stand together . Prepare for the teleportation transmission," said Purple Succubus .

Yi Yun walked to Tie Mu's and Songyue's side . Cang Gu came over as well .

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He stood facing Yi Yun as he flashed a strange smile .

The five people, including Yi Yun, stepped into a spatial shuttle . It activated and formed an independent space, enveloping the five within .

Immediately following that, there was an intense array formation fluctuation . A bright beam of light emitted from the teleportation platform as everyone was warped away .


Yi Yun only felt his ears buzz as immense spatial storms struck the spatial barriers formed by the spatial shuttle wantonly . Although the spatial storms were inferior to the primeval universe's might, they were still several times stronger than a spatial storm in a Sinkhole pocket world .

Such storms were very dangerous to Tie Mu and company . But at this moment, Cang Gu was skilfully driving the spatial shuttle as it tore through the storms like a fish in water .

Just this was enough to make Tie Mu and company extremely envious . To them, Cang Gu's strength was a mystery . His capabilities in the ore zones left one feeling a sense of dread .


Space tore as the spatial shuttle rocketed out of a spatial rift . Taishan, Tie Mu, and company felt the world spin around them .

After they found their footing, they felt a hot wave surge at them . They immediately saw dark gold ore sand all around them . It resembled an endless desert . From time to time, flames would burn aboveground .

This was the depths of the Xuanyuan Dune!

Yi Yun scanned his surroundings . It was different from what he expected . The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was also very thin here! Although it was slightly better than the multiverse cracks, it was only barely enough for his daily expenditure . To engage in combat or cultivation, he would need Chaos Ores as replenishments .

"The smell of blood… is such a joyful smell…" said Cang Gu as he sniffed the air as though it was fine wine . He looked at Yi Yun while saying this, the corner of his mouth curling up slightly, revealing a grotesque arc .

"From this moment forth, I have the final say in everything . I sense that there's a spirit tide geyser about fifty kilometers ahead of us . You, take point . "

"I'm leading the way?"

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"That's right . You!" Cang Gu smiled teasingly .

"Brother Yi, this Cang Gu wants you dead . " At that moment, Tie Mu's Yuan Qi voice transmission sounded in Yi Yun's ears . "This Xuanyuan Dune is a land of death . There are invisible traps and Chaos vortices that can kill anything . There are also strange ancient ore rifts that might lure such people into a land of peril . Cang Gu has a sensor disk array that allows him to avoid those . But with you in front, Cang Gu will definitely not warn you . You are doomed!"

"I see . " Yi Yun nodded as he smiled . He did not say it with a Yuan Qi voice transmission, but spoke it out loud . "After leaving Xuanyuan City and Taixia, it seems you can do as you please . "

"Hahaha!" Cang Gu laughed maniacally . "Isn't that obvious? Here, I can do as I please . You have two choices . Either lead the way or die!"

Cang Gu's voice was filled with killing intent . Away from the upper management of the Taixia, he was the absolute ruler .

Tie Mu was anxious while Songyue remained silent . Cang Gu was simply too infamous . No one dared to cross him . Even if Songyue's strength rose by ten times, she was still not Cang Gu's match .

"You must have been team leader for many years, right?" Yi Yun suddenly posed a question . It sounded baffling, causing the rest to be taken aback . They had no idea why Yi Yun was saying that out of the blue .

Cang Gu frowned and sneered . "Do you wish for that sentence to be your last words? That's just too disappointing . "

Yi Yun continued talking as he wished . "I think you should have gathered quite a bit of stuff from being team leader after all these years . At the very least, you should be richer than Songyue…"

As Yi Yun spoke, he suddenly took a step forward and punched out!

Although it was a punch without any gaudy display, it rent the world asunder . It had the might to destroy astronomical bodies and instantly, Yi Yun, who looked to be lacking in Yuan Qi, suddenly became as powerful as a primordial dragon . The surging lifeblood billowed like the flames of war that headed straight for the firmaments .

"This…This is…"

Cang Gu did not even have the time to wipe the sinister smile off his face . It was already frozen even as the color in his face drained from shock . Before he could realize what was happening, he sensed Yi Yun's terrifying punch lock on to him, leaving him stifled .

"What are you…"

Cang Gu nearly bit the tip of his tongue to use the intense pain to force out his potential . He forcefully broke through the restraints of Yi Yun's punch while spitting out a black talisman . He threw it at Yi Yun, but Yi Yun's punch was already right in front of him .


His protective Yuan Qi tore apart like paper as Yi Yun's punch landed squarely on Cang Gu's face .


His facial bones shattered as his nose sank in . His eyeballs exploded, splattering blood everywhere!

Cang Gu cried out tragically and flew hundreds of feet away like a gunny sack before slamming heavily into the dark golden ground .

His body convulsed and his face was completely caved in . None of his facial features could be seen . It looked extremely tragic .

Behind Yi Yun, everyone else had failed to react in time . All it took was a split second and Cang Gu had flown backward and was on the brink of death!

What…just happened?

It was apparently because of… Yi Yun's… one punch!?

They widened their eyes as they looked at Yi Yun as though he was a god . They were unable to close their agape mouths .

"What a coincidence . I can also do as I please after leaving the Taixia . " As Yi Yun spoke, he chuckled . His smile had a nasty hint to it . For decades, he had either been traveling alone through the multiverse barriers that only made him feel despair, or holding back while onboard the Taixia spirit cruiser due to his weak condition .

And now in the Xuanyuan Dune, although he was far from reaching his pinnacle strength, he felt like he was a fish back in water, an eagle soaring back into the skies . He could do as he pleased!

Although all he did was deliver a punch, it made him feel good, wiping away all the displeasures he previously experienced .

However, Yi Yun's smile changed the expressions of Tie Mu and company . The seemingly harmless Yi Yun was even more terrifying than Cang Gu!

At that moment, Yi Yun had already walked towards Cang Gu . With a beckon, Cang Gu's interspatial ring flew into his hand .

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