True Martial World - Chapter 1601

Published at 6th of December 2018 02:45:07 AM
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Chapter 1601: 1601
Chapter 1601: Bronze Fragments

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Purple Succubus was among the first batch of people who made contact with Yi Yun in Taixia Ancient Mining . She still remembered when he first arrived at her Purple Light Hall . The way he looked when he received crude ores was the perfect example of a rookie who knew nothing . Not only did he appear weak, but he also spoke quite servilely .

According to Purple Succubus's experience, a disciple like Yi Yun would easily be bullied and the chances of him perishing were relatively higher .

But as she watched Yi Yun slay two Ghost Lords in one strike, he appeared completely different from before .

"Sister Purple, are you alright?"

A younger-looking woman flew toward Purple Succubus and quickly made Purple Succubus consume a bottle of pills she took out . She was Purple Succubus's junior sister . She was already convinced that the both of them would perish here, but never expected to reunite in this life .

"He is… from your Purple Light Hall?" The woman looked at Yi Yun, but found that he did not stay for long . He had flown towards two Ghost Lords .

Purple Succubus smiled wryly . "In a sense . In the past, he was considered my subordinate, but now, his level is not something I can even touch . "

If Yi Yun continued staying in Taixia, his position could very possibly be only second to the Grand Elder .

As Purple Succubus spoke, she heard a dragon's roar sound in the sky . Another Ghost Lord had been slashed by Yi Yun's sword . Brimming lifeblood forces evaporated the Ghost Lord's soul body!

How potent was the lifeblood to evaporate a Ghost Lord?

"This Yi Yun dual cultivates both in laws and body!"

Steward Zhou drew in a thick breath . To human warriors, having such powerful lifeblood forces was completely unimaginable .

Just his slaying of three Ghost Lords in a row was worth the price of a Godly Monarch Blood Essence Pill!

And in fact, the Taixia's guest Elders at the Divine Lord level were not much stronger than the Ghost Lords they had encountered . Didn't this mean that Yi Yun could easily kill those guest Elders like he was chopping vegetables?

Upon being suddenly assaulted by Yi Yun, these Ghost Lords also felt things were amiss .

They quickly shrank back into the Thousand-eyed Mo's body!

In a blink of an eye, the only opponent in front of Yi Yun was the Thousand-eyed Mo .

A ghost beast with eight thousand eyes!

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Although that was quite close to ten thousand eyes, it was ultimately not at that level . Once a Thousand-eyed Mo gained ten thousand eyes, it would experience a qualitative change . If that happened, the only option for Yi Yun would be to flee .

But now, Yi Yun showed no fear .

"Yi Yun, fighting against Thousand-eyed Mo is somewhat dangerous . This Thousand-eyed Mo is likely an Intrinsic Ghost Beast reared by a Ghost Thearch . Furthermore, it's on the brink of completion . Your slaying of a few Ghost Lords can be ignored, but if you were to kill it, that Ghost Thearch would likely seek you out to the ends of the world to skin you alive and reduce you to nothingness . " Bai Yueyin's voice sounded in Yi Yun's mind .

Yi Yun also understood what Bai Yueyin was getting at . He looked up at the Ghost Thearch in midair . There was a ghostly fog that spread endlessly . It was unknown if Godly Monarch Divineheart was capable of withstanding it .

However, even though Godly Monarch Divineheart was no match for the Ghost Thearch, if he only thought of escaping…

Yi Yun had never fought with a Godly Monarch, nor was he knowledgeable about his limits .

And then—


There was a loud boom high in the sky . The fog that spanned a few kilometers seemed to have been swept away by a sudden energy vortex . Immediately, countless golden lights shot down from the vortex!

The golden light contained brimming Yuan Qi, one that was even purer than those from Chaos Ores!

"This is?"

Yi Yun was momentarily stunned . He could tell at a glance that the golden light that radiated outwards was not a result of stray energy blasts . Instead, it represented a particular kind of item .


Could it be that these were what the Ghost Thearch and Divineheart were vying for? Had it shattered from their battle?

Or could it be that they decided to shatter a treasure chest?


This was Yi Yun's first thought . If he did not do it then, when? Even if most of the treasure landed in the Godly Monarch's and Ghost Thearch's hands, he could still benefit a little . Perhaps, with good luck, he could reap huge benefits!

At the same moment Yi Yun took action, the Thousand-eyed Mo also moved!

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Thousands of ghouls flew out from its body . Even the eight Ghost Lords who had retreated back into the Thousand-eyed Mo had also appeared once again as they charged toward the golden streams of light .

"What are you waiting for!? Snatch the items!"

At that moment, Godly Monarch Divineheart's voice sounded . Yi Yun's reaction was fast and his eyes were sharp . He could tell at a glance that it was a treasure . As for the Ghost warriors, they were telepathically connected . Only the Taixia Ancient Mining members were slighter slow to react .

And this slight delay had allowed the strongest beams of golden light from the energy blast to land in Yi Yun's and the Ghost warriors' hands .

"A bunch of fools!" bellowed Divineheart angrily .

The members of the Taixia Ancient Mining felt miserable . How could they have known what those golden beams of light were? They had originally believed them to be aftershocks from the clash of the two Godly Monarch-ranked existences .

"Oh? These are treasures that two Godly Monarch existences were vying for?"

Yi Yun looked at the things in his hand . When the golden light dissipated, he found a remnant bronze fragment in his palm .

The fragment was engraved with ancient and dull patterns . They looked as though they had a very long history .

Yi Yun's fragment was only the size of a palm, but it was rather heavy in his hand . It was probably 500 kilograms .

For some reason, Yi Yun sensed a familiar aura from the bronze fragment .

"Regardless of what it is, I'll decide what to do with it once I finish snatching!"

Yi Yun took aim at a Ghost Lord as he charged forward with sword in hand . There was no other reason for this attack except that the bronze fragment in that Ghost Lord's hand was bigger than the one he had .

Even without considering its original use, just the pure energy contained within the bronze fragment make it quite valuable .

The Ghost Lord was obviously not Yi Yun's match . He roared when he saw Yi Yun charging at him ferociously as he rushed towards the Thousand-eyed Mo!

"You wish to take the treasure and escape? Leave it along with your life!"

Yi Yun took a step forward as the Primordial Destruction domain surged in every direction like a tidal wave .


The surrounding space immediately turned heavy and sticky, causing the escaping Ghost Lord to slow down drastically .

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He was instantly left flustered . Yi Yun was just too powerful . The laws of humans, together with the lifeblood powers of the Fey, made it impossible for him to resist .

And at that moment, a cold bellow sounded .

"Little bastard, take one more step and I'll obliterate your soul!"

The loud voice seemed to boom in everyone's soul sea at the same moment . It left people's faces pale as their heads ached .

It was Ghost language, but everyone was able to understand it .

Ghost Thearch!

The Ghost Thearch finally lost his patience after the multiple setbacks Yi Yun repeatedly delivered to his protege and gave such a warning!

In the beginning, a warrior like Yi Yun was completely unworthy of his attention . What surprised him was Yi Yun's repeated killing of Ghost Lords . Now, Yi Yun was even snatching what was rightfully his .

The Ghost Thearch's bellow contained a terrifying psyche blast . Yi Yun was first to be hit by it as he footsteps came to a pause . His Primordial Destruction domain also began to produce ripples!

"Ka Ka Ka!"

The domain began to crack under the energy surge .

The Ghost Lord seemed released from his burden as he took the opportunity to let out a strange laugh . He tore apart the domain and charged back into the Thousand-eyed Mo's body .

Yi Yun's expression sank . "Do you really think I won't attack this monster?"

WIth a sudden roar, all his muscles swelled as his lifeblood erupted .


The dragon roar reached to the skies as Yi Yun held the Mirage Snow in hand while Heretic Flames sprang to life at his feet .

Countless Demon God phantoms condensed on Yi Yun's sword .

10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!

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He slashed out with his sword as infinite demonic powers were drained clean by the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence . He sent a thousand-feet wide 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence straight at the Thousand-eyed Mo!

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

The Thousand-eyed Mo let out a roar as its eight thousand eyes released a beam that shot straight at Yi Yun!

However, as the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence spun, it devoured all the beams and snuffed them out like a humongous grinder!

Yi Yun went upstream against the surging blast as he directly stabbed the Thousand-eyed Mo!


The Destruction Sword Dao boomed as the Thousand-eyed Mo let out a tragic cry . Its mammoth body's back completely tore open as dozens of eyes on its surface were stabbed blind . The souls hidden within were obliterated with a tragic cry!

Yi Yun put away his sword, and soon, he had an additional bronze fragment in his hand . As for the Ghost Lord who had hidden away in the Thousand-eyed Mo's body, it had clearly been obliterated by Yi Yun's single strike!

Hiding inside the Thousand-eyed Mo's body was no way to escape death!

Upon seeing this scene, everyone in the Taixia Ancient Mining drew a gasp . They were fully aware of the Thousand-eyed Mo's horror, but in front of Yi Yun, it could still be injured with a single strike . Yi Yun's strength seemed limitless .

"Little bastard, you are courting death!"

The Ghost Thearch raged, but at that moment, Godly Monarch Divineheart also attacked with all he had to hold back the Ghost Thearch . Yi Yun's appearance left him pleasantly surprised .

"Ghost Ming, where are you looking at? I'm your opponent!"

It was not easy to find an expert who could protect the members of the Taixia Ancient Mining, so Godly Monarch Divineheart was naturally delighted . Although he had also sensed that Yi Yun was not very cordial with the Taixia Ancient Mining, it did not really matter .

"Punk, this is for you!"

Divineheart flicked his finger and sent an interspatial ring flying at Yi Yun!

Yi Yun took it and probed it with his psyche, only to be instantly delighted .

Contained inside the interspatial ring was only one item . It was a pill bottle and there was one Nine-heart Life Rejuvenation Pill in it . It was a Godly Monarch-ranked pill used to replenish lifeblood!

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