True Martial World - Chapter 257

Published at 9th of September 2016 02:32:25 PM
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Chapter 257


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Chapter 257: Ten Thousand Beast Totem

“Here it is . Go ahead and choose!”

The ninth terrace of the library had seven floors and at the highest floor, there were only seven shelves .

Each shelf had a few books or jade scrolls on them .

There were also protective barrier arrays on all of the shelves .

Yi Yun casually browsed through the shelves, but some of the jade scrolls he saw shocked him .

The jade scrolls were dark blood-red in color . The surface of each jade scroll was inscribed with ancient text, and they seem to possess a long history .

The label below the jade scrolls read, “’Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ Seventh to Ninth Volume”!

The last three volumes of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!?

Yi Yun held his breath . Up to now, he had only exchanged dragon scales for the first three volumes of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ and they were the cheapest of all the volumes .

The prices of the subsequent volumes grew at an exponential rate .

It was not known how many glory points were needed to exchange for the entire nine volumes of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ .

“The last three volumes of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ are stored here . It means the totem mystic techniques kept in this place are on the same level as the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!”

Yi Yun looked over and saw the shelf that displayed the totem mystic techniques . There were three jade scrolls and a black book on the shelf!

Amongst the three jade scrolls, two of them were two-part volumes of the same mystic technique .

The third jade scroll was an independent mystic technique .

And the black book was another mystic technique .

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In other words, there were only three totem mystic techniques on the shelf .

Each one of them was priceless!

“These mystic techniques…” Due to a barrier array, Yi Yun could not pick them up and read them, but he could read the introductions of the mystic techniques .

“The ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’ was found in ruins left behind by a Great Emperor, and it was uncovered in the Divine wilderness by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Divine Emperor Tianfeng . To master the ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’, one needs to master the five elements; ‘Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth’ . After understanding the laws of the five elements, one has to combine them together as one to complete the technique!”

Yi Yun read the introduction to the ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’ .

Just from the introduction, it made many people flinch . Just to master one mystic technique, one had to be able to control the power of the five elements and understand the laws of all five elements .

It was pretty remarkable for an average person to master one law . For example, Chu Xiaoran had great affinity with frost-ice laws and was an incredible elite . But to master the ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’, one had to have an affinity with all five elemental laws .

Furthermore, one had to combine the five elemental laws into one!

This combination process was definitely difficult . It was probably even harder than mastering each element separately!

“Did Divine Emperor Tianfeng learn the ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’?”

Yi Yun had previously heard of Divine Emperor Tianfeng . He was an emperor who desired absolute power and control . Not only was he the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Divine Emperor, he had also taken on the position of the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord . This was something rare in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s history .

Divine Emperor Tianfeng had unfathomable strength or he would not have been able to enter a forgotten ruin of a Great Emperor . That was a place where even sages could die .

“Hehe…” Cang Yan smiled insidiously . “No he didn’t . Even if you have amazing perceptivity, you might not be able to understand the five elemental laws . There might just be one elemental law that you are unable to grasp . Divine Emperor Tianfeng used an extremely long period to master each of the five elements . He killed numerous elemental primordial species, but in the end, although he managed to master the five elements, he was unable to combine them . Hence, he never managed to master the ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’ . ”

Cang Yan said this while looking at Yi Yun with a fascinating smile . His expression seemed to say –

“How about it, are you dazzled!? Do you want to learn something that even Divine Emperor Tianfeng could not master? If this still can’t scare you to death, I want to see how much more you can fool around . ”

Yi Yun quietly returned the mystic technique’s introduction back and picked the second mystic technique’s introduction .

“Book of the Stars! By interfacing with the power of the stars, one can merge it with the Power of Desolates from slain desolate beasts to form a Star Ancient Book! This Star Ancient Book is this mystic technique’s Aspect Totem . Once the ancient book is opened, it will reflect the constellations, and by borrowing the power of the stars, it will form a Heaven-Earth array . It will be the best offensive and defensive combination, resulting in invincibility!”

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After the ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’, it was this ‘Book of the Stars’ . Just from the description, one could feel the powerfulness of it .

“Has anyone mastered the ‘Book of the Stars’?” Yi Yun asked .

“Hehe . The ‘Book of the Stars” just requires one to interface with the power of the stars . Although it’s very difficult, it is not like the ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’ . It doesn’t require one to master the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth elemental laws . Historically, there was a sage in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom who managed to master the Star Ancient Book totem . Once the ancient book was opened, it could also reflect the constellations, but as for setting up a Heaven-Earth array using the stars, no one has been able to do it…”

“How about it, the ‘Book of the Stars’ is even more ridiculous than the ‘Five Elements Divine Totem’ . Do you still want to attempt learning it?” Cang Yan said with a teasing tone, intentionally making fun of Yi Yun .

Yi Yun did not reply and he carried on looking at the third totem mystic technique .

This totem mystic technique was very special . It was not a jade scroll but it was in the form of a black ancient book .

The book was very thin, and it looked like it only had a few pages .

The ancient book’s introduction was not detailed . .

“Nameless black book, an ancient remnant . It only has the first twelve pages . Divine Emperor Tianfeng named it the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” . To master the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, one has to kill ten thousand primordial species, and use their Power of Desolates to condense an Aspect Totem!”

Yi Yun took a deep breath when he saw this .

Kill ten thousand primordial species!?

This is way too ridiculous…

Reading on, there were no other special elemental laws required listed in the introduction for this nameless black book .

There was no restriction on the elemental properties of the ten thousand primordial species that had to be killed . As the elemental laws came in all sorts of forms, the Aspect Totem that was mastered would have no specific form . Its power and laws differed from person to person, and had endless possibilities!

“This ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’…No one has mastered it right?” Yi Yun turned his head to ask Cang Yan .

Cang Yan rolled his eyes at Yi Yun, “Isn’t that obvious!? It is a remnant and one has to kill ten thousand primordial species . It is totally insane, who can master it?”

“But it’s not that no one has mastered it…There was one person who tried it . He did not kill primordial species, but killed desolate beasts that were one rank lower . Following the introduction of the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, the person managed to barely condense the Aspect Totem . However, its strength was just 1% of what was described in the book!”

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“It is not only because of the lower ranked desolate beasts, the main reason is because the energy control described in the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ is too esoteric . To circulate the Power of Desolates, according to the instructions in the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, is too difficult! Even sages struggle to understand it . ”

“I say Kid, have you finished choosing?” Cang Yan pressed, looking at Yi Yun with an amused expression .

You rejected the totem mystic techniques I carefully picked for you and you had to come here to suffer abuse . Now are you satisfied? These ridiculous totem mystic techniques here are not meant for people to learn .

I’ll see how you are going to choose .

Yi Yun stood before the shelf and stayed silent . He fell into deep thought .

Which of the three mystic techniques should he choose?

Cang Yan was standing by the side watching with a snigger . He knew that Yi Yun was in an unresolvable position . Only after coming here did he realize that every technique was an impossible undertaking .

He had already anticipated that Yi Yun would shrink back at the sight of these, eventually giving up the opportunity to choose any of the three totem mystic technique .

But at this point, Cang Yan did not mind leaving Yi Yun hanging . He wanted to teach Yi Yun a lesson that he should not reach beyond his grasp .

Thirteen year old youths tended to be ambitious and self-inflated . They thought that they were the only special person under the Heavens . It was beneficial for his growth to give him a setback at this moment .

“Kid, have you thought it through?”

Thinking that it was about time, Cang Yan decided to let Yi Yun have a chance to resolve his awkward position . He believed the lesson he gave to Yi Yun was sufficient up to this point .

“I have thought it through . ” After Yi Yun gave a bit more thought, he answered .

“Alright, that’s more like it!” Cang Yan gave a satisfactory nod . He had an expression of ‘the boy is worth teaching’, ‘an old man’s sayings are seldom untrue’, ‘the distance I walked on bridges is more than a hundred times than the distance you walked’ . How could heeding my advice be wrong? It’s alright to make mistakes in your youth, the problem is to not realize your mistake . It is a great virtue to correct what you have done wrong .

Cang Yan patted Yi Yun on the shoulder and just as he was about to say a few more words, Yi Yun’s words pushed the words Cang Yan wanted to say back into his throat .

“Senior Cang Yan, this junior understands . This junior shall choose the third mystic technique, ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’…” Yi Yun made up his decision after careful thought .

“Uh…” Cang Yan stared at Yi Yun as if he was a rooster whose neck was strangled right before it could crow .

He widened his eyes and looked disbelievingly at Yi Yun .

At this moment, Yi Yun still gave a pensive look .

He had immediately eliminated the first one among the three mystic techniques . The five elemental laws were not goals Yi Yun pursued .

As for the second and third mystic techniques, they had their own advantages .

The second mystic technique cultivated the power of the stars!

Yi Yun recalled that just after entering this world, the Purple Crystal had absorbed the power of the stars at night in the Cloud Wilderness . The faint dream-like lights were still something fresh in Yi Yun’s mind . It was because of them did he slowly realize the abilities of the Purple Crystal .

It was easy to guess that it would be easy to master the ‘Book of the Stars’ using the Purple Crystal .

But…the ‘Book of the Stars’ had its limitations . Just the power of the stars meant that it was only a single law .

Besides, the power of the stars and the power of pure Yang had a big difference . It was not well-suited to the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ he used .

Hence, Yi Yun had decided to choose the third mystic technique, it was one that had endless possibilities and infinite variations . The ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ was neither limited by laws, nor was it limited to elemental energy properties .


The ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ was a remnant!

This meant that he would be faced with numerous difficulties as he progressed further with the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ .

Once he reached that point, he had to find the other pieces of the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ . But it was almost impossible to find such a nameless ancient book .

“If it’s absolutely impossible, I’ll use the Purple Crystal’s energies to circulate . I might then be able to make up for some of its deficiencies . Or I might look for and then cultivate other similar totem mystic techniques . ”

As Yi Yun was speaking to himself, he turned towards Cang Yan and saw Cang Yan’s mouth agape . His expression was lifeless, staring at Yi Yun with widened eyes . He looked like a dead fish, one that had been choked to death .


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