True Martial World - Chapter 284

Published at 9th of September 2016 02:33:16 PM
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Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: Meeting

After Yi Yun killed the Metallic Fire Ant he cut off its two pincers with a swipe of his saber . The moment the Metallic Fire Ant died, its internal Yuan Qi began depleting, so the pair of pincers were easily removed .

“This brother, may I know your name?” The voice of a youth came from behind Yi Yun .

Yi Yun turned around and the youth that had been chased by the Metallic Fire Ant cupped his fists, “I am Chu Shan, and this is my younger sister Chu Luo . We are second year cultivators from the Tai Ah Divine City . ”

After the youth introduced himself, he continued “If not for this brother, we would have had to waste a life-saving array charm today . If that happened, we would have to leave Meteorite Abyss . ”

Many cultivators would spend a large sum of dragon scale runes to buy a life-saving disk array before they ventured out on a training expedition, it was used as a last resort to protect their lives . Once the life-saving disk array had been used, they would have to consider returning to the city . If not, the chances of being seriously injured, or even death, was extremely high .

Before Yi Yun could get out a reply, a sound that cut through the air could be heard . A girl holding a sword and a stout man rapidly rushed towards them .

“Chu Shan, Chu Luo, are you alright!?”

The sword-wielding maiden was like a shadow, and with a few flashes, she appeared before Chu Shan and Chu Luo . Upon seeing the people who came, Yi Yun was shocked .

This male and female duo was actually Chu Xiaoran and Qiuniu .

He knew that Chu Xiaoran and Qiuniu had been out training all this time, but he had never expected that they would be in the Meteorite Abyss .

Seeing Chu Xiaoran, Yi Yun realized that in the few months he did not meet her, her internal Yuan Qi had become purer . She was probably already gathering energy in preparation for breaking through to the Yuan foundation realm .

“Her cultivation level has already reached the peak of Purple Blood…” Yi Yun thought . Although he had formed the Heaven’s eyeball, he was still unable to determine Chu Xiaoran’s exact cultivation level with a glance .

“Sister, you came so quickly!”

Seeing Chu Xiaoran, Chu Luo was delighted as she held onto Chu Xiaoran’s hands .

Only then did Yi Yun notice that they all shared the same surname, Chu . They were likely from the Defender Duke’s family as well . Chu Luo and Chu Shan may be older, but they were clearly no match for Chu Xiaoran .

“Yes, I received your distress signal and rushed over here! And… Yi Yun! I did not expect to see you here . What a coincidence!”

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Chu Xiaoran had noticed Yi Yun earlier . Chu Xiaoran greatly admired Yi Yun from the bottom of her heart .

“So you are Yi Yun! No wonder you have such strength at such a young age!”

Chu Luo and Chu Shan had naturally heard Yi Yun’s name, but they had never seen him in person . They also knew that the younger sister they regarded as a proud daughter of heaven had previously been defeated by Yi Yun .

“It really is a coincidence . Actually, it is quite normal for me to be in Meteorite Abyss, but as for Miss Chu . You practice frost ice laws, why are you here in Meteorite Abyss?”

Chu Xiaoran smiled and said, “The Meteorite Abyss sucks in all of the pure Yang Qi from the surroundings . Deep under the Meteorite Abyss is a place with extreme Yin . There is a ice river that flows out from that extreme Yin land . I have been training here for the past few days . ”

“Oh? There is such a thing?” Yi Yun had only been reading information on the pure Yang lands, so he did not know that a pure Yin land also existed within Meteorite Abyss .

He had indeed previously seen a small river, which had temperatures below freezing point . It was most likely a distributary of that ice river .

This was probably also the principle of opposites .

“Haha, little brother Yi, we actually meet here . ” Qiuniu had a very good impression of Yi Yun . After all, as the saying goes, friendship grows only when you exchange blows .

He tapped Yi Yun’s shoulders heavily and said, “Little brother Yi, you must have done your research on the Meteorite Abyss, but information is just information . It cannot compare with live maps like us . I, Qiuniu, have spent several months here in Meteorite Abyss! I can tell you what sort of desolate beasts exist in whatever location, and what sorts of desolate beasts suit you the best . With everyone together, we can take care of each other!”

Qiuniu’s words made Yi Yun hesitate slightly . The Meteorite Abyss was indeed a very dangerous place . It was very tiring to handle everything by himself .

Especially at night, he had to be on high alert while resting . It was extremely taxing .

But there were also advantages of being alone…

As Yi Yun was in a dilemma, Qiuniu said, “Little brother Yi, this Metallic Fire Ant was killed by you . Quickly try to condense your Aspect Totem . Although it’s very difficult to condense an Aspect Totem before the Yuan foundation realm, with little brother Yi’s talent, there’s still a chance!”

With Qiuniu saying that, everyone looked at Yi Yun, waiting for him to condense a beast mark .

They wanted to see what sort of beast mark a double genius like Yi Yun, who managed to cultivate both the saber truth and the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, would manage .

Typically, warriors in the late stages of the Purple Blood would find it very difficult to condense a beast mark, even to the point of not being able to condense one .

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For example, Qiuniu was unable to condense a beast mark . He only came to Meteorite Abyss for training and to earn dragon scale runes .


Seeing the group looking at him like curious babies, Yi Yun felt helpless . The benefit of being alone was that he could condense a beast mark without any reservations, without being watched .

Yi Yun did not know the difference in the beast mark he condensed using the Purple Crystal compared to others . It will not look too strange, right…?

“What do the beast marks you condense out look like? Yi Yun casually asked . If it looked too different, he did not plan on being with this group of people .

“It looks like a fuzzy little beast…” After surviving a dangerous situation, Chu Luo was clearly very excited and rushed to answer .

She had yet to break through to the Yuan foundation realm, but in rare occasions, she was able to condense a beast mark . However, she was still far from condensing an Aspect Totem .

“Yi Yun, have you not tried condensing a beast mark before?” Chu Luo asked .

“I’ve tried…” Yi Yun answered . With his spiritual energy interfaced with the Purple Crystal, he purposely reduced the Purple Crystal’s energy control . Since the beast mark everyone condensed was a fuzzy little beast, then it was probably not too outrageous…

At best, the beast mark he condensed was greater in energy?

With this thought, Yi Yun’s Dantian conjured a whirlpool .

The pure Yang energy that escaped from the Metallic Fire Ant was pulled in by the whirlpool and quickly condensed together . Tiny beads of light, which looked like fireflies, condensed into the shape of a golden ant in the sky .

The ant looked very alive, as if it had a life of its own .

With a thought, the ant flew towards Yi Yun .

At this moment, Chu Luo, Chu Shan and company, who were around Yi Yun, turned pale when they saw the ant beast mark . Their expressions were as if they had seen a ghost .

This was way too fast and easy!

Yi Yun’s talent was outstanding . So him being able to condense a beast mark was not strange, but this beast mark was too ridiculous!

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The beast mark flew into Yi Yun’s Dantian and disappeared .

Yi Yun felt the Aspect Totem embryonic form within his body improve a tiny bit, but it was still very far from really condensing it out .

He turned his head and saw the dumfounded expressions of Chu Luo, Chu Shan and company .

“Uh… Is my beast mark weird?”

Yi Yun had already slightly weakened the Purple Crystal’s energy control, as normal desolate beasts did not contribute much to his ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ .

“Weird?” Chu Luo’s heart beat heavily . “It’s more than weird… The beast mark you condensed, compared to us… is…”

Chu Luo did not know how to put it in words . She no longer wanted to be with Yi Yun as it shocked her too much .

She was considered to have some talent in condensing an Aspect Totem, for she was at least able to condense a beast mark in the Purple Blood realm . In contrast, people like Qiuniu were not even able to condense a beast mark .

But compared to Yi Yun, there was really no comparison .

At this moment, Chu Xiaoran said, “Yi Yun, do you know what the Tai Ah Divine City’s instructors would think if they saw this scene of you condensing a beast mark?”

“When we condense a beast mark, it is about the size of a peanut . Its size is about a tenth of your beast mark . Besides…”

When Chu Xiaoran reached that, she sighed, “The beast mark you condensed looked extremely lifelike . As for our beast marks, they are blurry vague images . The different in quality is great . Even when a human lord wants to evolve their Aspect Totems, the beast mark they condense would probably look just like the one you just had . ”

Chu Xiaoran really did not know how to appraise Yi Yun . He was practically a monster . Being with him greatly hurt her pride .

She was proud of two things . One was her Aspect Totem, and the other was her insight in laws .

Now, with the former completely overtaken by Yi Yun, was she able to maintain the latter?

“About the same as a human lord…”

When Yi Yun heard this comparison, he didn’t feel like it was too ridiculous . If it was the same as a sage, he wondered what sort of waves he would set off .

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“Brother Yi, how are you letting me live…” Qiuniu patted Yi Yun on the shoulder and grimaced . Compared to Yi Yun, his talent in the Aspect Totem was trash . “Old brother, what totem mystic technique are you cultivating? At this rate, you will probably master an Aspect Totem in less than a month . ”

Qiuniu asked with a tinge of envy .

“Uh… What totem mystic technique I’m cultivating?”

Yi Yun’s eyebrows knitted . He was troubled . Qiuniu really was a curious baby . The mystic technique he was learning would be quite shocking if he mentioned it . No, instead it should be said that if it was mentioned, people would think he was mad .

But it did not seem like he could keep it under wraps…

“Why? Still keeping it a secret? Haha . When you master your Aspect Totem, everyone will be able to tell once you use it!”

There was really no way of keeping a totem mystic technique a secret . It was different from a fighting technique move .

“That, the mystic technique I chose is a bit difficult to learn…” Yi Yun said vaguely .

“Difficult to learn? Of course! With brother Yi’s talent, how can you not choose a more difficult one? This mystic technique’s quality must be high!”

Yi Yun never expected that Qiuniu who looked so cool would be so talkative once they became familiar .

Seeing everyone looking at him, as if they were very curious over the mystic technique he chose, Yi Yun could only dryly cough and say, “I chose the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’…”

‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’!?

When the mystic technique’s name was announced, the reactions of the four people were completely different . Chu Luo and Chu Shan were utterly confused as they did not know what that was .

As for Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran, they were dumbfounded upon hearing it .

They had been exposed to the most valuable resources of the Tai Ah Divine City, so they had naturally seen the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’…

“What did you say!? You chose the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ that even sages are unable to master!?”

Qiuniu agitatedly grabbed Yi Yun’s arm . This was too ridiculous!

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