True Martial World - Chapter 288

Published at 9th of September 2016 02:33:23 PM
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Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: One With the Saber

“Yang Haoran sure is wicked!” Yi Yun cursed in his heart .

This canyon led deep into Meteorite Abyss . Logically speaking, Yang Haoran would have headed towards the outer perimeter of Meteorite Abyss if he wanted to leave the canyon before finding a spot to set up camp for the night .

After he met a terrifying desolate beast, he should have fled towards the exterior . If that monster did not wish to leave the confines of Meteorite Abyss, he might be able to survive .

But Yang Haoran’s choice was the opposite . He fled back into Meteorite Abyss .

Clearly, Yang Haoran believed that the chances of him escaping out of Meteorite Abyss were very slim . Hence, he diverted the trouble, letting others take the rear .

“Yi Yun, what is happening?” Chu Xiaoran asked . But just as she asked, there was no longer a need for Yi Yun to reply .

Because she saw Yang Haoran bolting towards them . And behind Yang Haoran, there was a huge golden spider . It was covered in tiger-like stripes and its head had three green eyes . Its entire body was shimmering .

“That’s a Three Eyed Spider!?” Chu Xiaoran searched through the information in her mind and only the Three Eyed Spider came closest to fitting the bill . But a Three Eyed Spider did not have any tiger stripes, nor did its body shimmer .

Could it be a mutated beast?

Chu Xiaoran took a deep cold breath . There were countless numbers of desolate beasts in the Divine wilderness and there were many varieties . Sometimes, due to encountering special fortuitous events such as swallowing a treasure, or other reasons, some would end up mutating .

And most mutations would make them stronger than their original selves!

Originally, a Three Eyed Spider was already very strong, and Chu Xiaoran knew she was no match for, what more it was a mutated Three Eyed Spider!

It was no wonder Yang Haoran was fleeing!

They were in a canyon and there was only one path . If they could not outrun the mutated spider, they would probably all die here!

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“People, don’t run . Stop and combine forces with me to kill this wretch!” Yang Haoran shouted from behind Chu Xiaoran and company . A strong wind resulted in a staccato voice as he said, “I was fighting the monster just now . Although I’m not its match, I’m not that much inferior to it . With your help, victory is guaranteed! If we keep fleeing, we will eventually take turns to be killed by it!”

Yang Haoran barked . Chu Shan almost stopped because what Yang Haoran said made sense . They were now running deep into Meteorite Abyss now . The deeper they went, the number of monsters and the strength of these monsters increased . It was equivalent to suicide .

If they stopped to fight in a desperate attempt, there was a chance of survival .

“Don’t believe his words!”

At the moment Chu Shan hesitated, Yi Yun’s fierce voice transmitted into his ears . “He only wants you to slow down to line his back . I guarantee you that if you stop, he will overtake you and be the first one to escape!”

Yi Yun could feel the power of the mutated Three Eyed Spider through his Purple Crystal vision . It was not something a group of children like them could handle!

Maybe if a human lord came, he could handle this Three Eyed Spider .

“There is a deep pool ten kilometers ahead . The pool’s water is cold to the bone and it is unfathomably deep . We might be able to escape through that!”As the group was fleeing, Chu Xiaoran said calmly .

She was a warrior who cultivated frost ice laws, so she was very familiar with the extremely cold spots in Meteorite Abyss .

“Have you ever explored the deep pool?” Yi Yun pressed .

“Not much! I only went down to a few hundred meters deep . Any deeper down and it is absolute darkness and I have no idea where it leads to, so I didn’t proceed further . It might lead to an underground river!” Chu Xiaoran quickly gave her analysis .

“Ten kilometers, we should be able to make it . Let’s risk it!” Yi Yun made his decision . With their strength, they could cover ten kilometers in approximately 100-200 seconds at full speed!

Chu Shan and Chu Luo had the speed array’s blessing that allowed them to keep up . If not, Yi Yun would also not be able to take care of them because he could not even save himself .

Yang Haoran was catching up as his speed was faster than all of them .

“This bunch of little bastards are cunning . But that’s useless, I will still overtake all of you!” Yang Haoran gritted his teeth . He also knew about the frost pool!

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Ten kilometers, eight kilometers, five kilometers…

The frost pool was getting closer but the mutated Three Eyed Spider was closing the gap!

Suddenly, a gigantic black ape-shaped desolate beast appeared in front of Yi Yun and company without any warning .

It was a Blue Blood Ape!

All of them were shocked . Previously, the desolate beast that Yang Haoran had attracted using the Beast Luring Grass to attract it and then kill it was a Blue Blood Ape!

Yang Haoran was strong, but he still needed a few attacks before he managed to kill it .

As for Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran, it would be extremely difficult to kill the Blue Blood Ape . Its defensive power was much stronger than a Metallic Fire Ant .

The Metallic Fire Ant had its antennas as a weakness, but a Blue Blood Ape had no weaknesses!

Its sudden appearance that blocked them was a nightmare!

“That’s bad!”

Time was of the essence . Chu Shan and Chu Luo felt despair when they saw the Blue Blood Ape appear!

Just being stalled here for a few seconds would result in them being torn to shreds by the Three Eyed Spider behind them! Even Yang Haoran had to use ten seconds to kill the monster, so how were they going to pass it?

As they were almost deep in despair, a shadow flashed and rushed right in front of them . Yi Yun had jumped forward with the Thousand Army Saber in hand!

That moment, his eyes were filled with killing intent, but his mind was extremely calm . The saber tomb’s 32 Words flashed across his mind . The sword truths became extremely clear at that very moment .


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Radiant Sun Qi burst out from behind Yi Yun, forming a magnificent picture of the Tang Valley . Like the roar of a dragon and tiger, the Thousand Army Saber seemed to become an extension of Yi Yun’s body, being one with Yi Yun!

“Saber Truth’s 32 Words–One With the Saber!”

Yi Yun’s entire body and the Thousand Army Saber became a blinding blade beam before it slashed at the Blue Blood Ape!

The Blue Blood Ape roared as it sent a slap towards Yi Yun!

Its odd strength was able to collapse a hill with a slap!

But, Yi Yun was too fast . It was so fast that before the Blue Blood Ape’s attack struck him, Yi Yun’s saber had already hit the Blue Blood Ape!


The blood-colored blade beam flashed across the sky as if the blade beam swallowed up the light, causing its surroundings to turn dark . It was as if the saber was the only thing left in this entire world!

The Blue Blood Ape’s body trembled and blood splattered out . Yi Yun’s attack had split the Blue Blood Ape in half from top to bottom!

Under the strong shock waves, the Blue Blood Ape’s two halves flew off to the sides, crashing heavily into the rocks .

Yi Yun and his saber went through the ape’s body, covering his entire body with blood!


Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran, who were behind Yi Yun, were both shocked . Chu Shan and Chu Luo could not even believe their eyes . Previously, Yi Yun had showed his strength killing other desolate beasts, but it was mostly through trickery . He attacked the weak spots of the desolate beasts . He was never like this, attacking a Blue Blood Ape, which had terrifying defensive power, head on with one slash and splitting it in half!

Even Yang Haoran, who was running behind them, felt his heart miss a beat .

This attack was too terrifying . Even his strongest attack could not create such damage!

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Of course, attack strength was just one aspect of one’s combat power . Yang Haoran still had advantages Yi Yun did not have like an Aspect Totem, insights into laws and quantity of Yuan Qi . But even so, it still horrified Yang Haoran!

A Purple Blood realm warrior’s attack strength could achieve such a level?

Yang Haoran suddenly felt that after offending Yi Yun today, if Yi Yun survived, he would likely seek revenge against Yang Haoran in an intensified manner .

Just thinking of this made Yang Haoran’s heart flash murderous intent .

“Yi Yun, are you alright!?” Chu Xiaoran said as she used her movement techniques to rapidly traverse the ground .

With that attack, Yi Yun was completely worn out . This was the strongest attack he could use after painstakingly trying to understand the saber tomb’s saber truths in the past two months!

The way of the saber had killing at its core . With an invincible mind, one would be invincible in all other aspects!

The most terrifying thing of the Saber Truth’s 32 Words left behind by the saber tomb’s owner was its attacks . And with Radiant Sun Qi powering the saber truths, it no doubt maximized the attack’s damage!

But…with Yi Yun’s Purple Blood realm cultivation level, it consumed so much Yuan Qi just to power this attack!

With this one attack, he was depleted about half of his Yuan Qi, making it hard for him to carry on fighting .

If his cultivation level was to reach the Yuan foundation realm, then the same attack could be used ten times without a problem . It was also because of this that Yi Yun was unable to fight against the mid-stage Yuan foundation realm experts that were placed in the hundreds of the Earth roll .

After Yi Yun killed the Blue Blood Ape with one attack, Chu Shan, Qiuniu and company’s morale greatly increased . They charged towards the frost pool with one breath!

But at this moment, Yang Haoran suddenly issued a strange cry from behind!

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