True Martial World - Chapter 372

Published at 9th of September 2016 02:36:08 PM
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Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: Heading to Tian Yuan

In the last two years, Yi Yun had left the Cloud Wilderness and experienced so much . Especially the bitter experiences Yi Yun had experienced over the past few days, they made his psychological state change greatly .

Now, with him returning back to the Cloud Wilderness, and meeting Su Jie again, it felt like everything had returned to the beginning . It filled Yi Yun with mixed emotions .

“Kid, it cannot be that you never left the Cloud Wilderness?”

Su Jie blinked his eyes . He found it hard to believe that, after entering the mystic realm two years ago, he would meet Yi Yun again right after he came out!

“I left, but because of some reasons, I have returned . ” Yi Yun’s experience was a long story . “What about Senior? Why are you still in the Cloud Wilderness? Did you only now come out of that mystic realm?”

Before they separated in the Cloud Wilderness, Yi Yun knew that Su Jie had gone in search of fortuitous opportunities .

Hearing Yi Yun’s question, Su Jie went into a daze for a while . He blinked his small black eyes and seemed to turn dumb .

However, he was still quick to react . He calmly touched his dirty beard and pretended to be mysterious, “This old man did indeed go into a mystic realm . This mystic realm was awesome, and there were plenty of fortuitous opportunities! In there, I gained a lot, but some of the opportunities were too difficult to obtain . This old man tried all sorts of methods, resulting in me being delayed by a bit . ”


Hearing the words of Old man Su, Yi Yun was stunned for quite a while . This old man still bragged well, even in such a pathetic state . Only a ghost would believe him!

However, since Su Jie did not want to mention the mishaps in the mystic realms, Yi Yun did not probe further .

“Kid, you are in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Jin Long Wei campgrounds, so why did you come out to the Cloud Wilderness? To do a mission?”

Old man Su looked at Yi Yun from top to bottom . Actually, Yi Yun currently did not look good . After being locked in prison for ten days, his clothes had become covered in dirt and were completely tattered .

With the two of them together, it was as if an old beggar had met a young beggar .

“It is a long story . I am leaving the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom . ”

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Yi Yun sighed .

“Leaving the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom? That cannot be…”

Old man Su was stunned . In Yi Yun’s situation, joining the Jin Long Wei and using the Jin Long Wei’s resources to cultivate would be the best of outcomes . Why did he suddenly want to leave the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom?

“Oh? How did you… break through to the Yuan foundation?”

Su Jie found it incredulous that Yi Yun’s cultivation level had already crossed the Purple Blood realm, breaking through to the Yuan foundation in just two short years .

The Yuan foundation realm was the most important realm for a warrior’s path . It was the foundation to martial arts and should not be rushed .

“Breaking through too soon results in a shaky foundation . It will cause hidden consequences . ” Su Jie advised Yi Yun . As he wanted to say some more, a sudden “Gu” sound was heard . It was Su Jie’s stomach calling…

Yi Yun was dumbfounded for a while as he looked at Su Jie . He found it amazing that an expert like Su Jie would be so hungry that his stomach growled .

Su Jie’s face turned red . It was all because of that darn mystic realm . After being trapped for so long, and with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi being isolated, no matter how high a warrior’s cultivation level was, they still needed energy to sustain their life .

In that mystic realm, Su Jie only depleted energy . As such, he had no way to be able to not need to eat or drink . And Su Jie was originally a person who loved eating . Over the last two years, he had become extremely hungry .

In the mystic realm, he had decided that if he was able to get out, the first thing he did would be to eat a sumptuous feast .

Now, whatever Old man Su saw looked like roasted meat . He rubbed his belly and coughed dryly, “The mystic realm was fraught with danger and thin in Yuan Qi . This old man has greatly expended his energy, and all his elixirs were consumed, so I am a bit hungry…”

Yi Yun found it funny, but he resisted the urge to expose the old man . He began collecting firewood and lighting a fire .

30 minutes later, fire began to burn as a crackling sound could be heard from the burning wood .

The greasy leg of a beast was being roasted over the fire . Beside the fire, there was a crock pot, in it were some bones that were being brewed into soup .

Old man Su watched at the meat in Yi Yun’s hands . He rubbed his hands and asked, “Is it done roasting?”

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Old man Su had already asked this question several times . It was as if Yi Yun was seeing an old refugee . Helplessly, he took out a dagger and cut off the cooked meat from the exterior parts of the beast leg . He then passed the meat along with the dagger to Old man Su .

With the roasted meat in his hands, Old man Su could not help but rip out a piece and fill his mouth .

The moment he bit down, the meat that was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside filled his mouth with oil . It was so delicious that he even wanted to swallow his own tongue .

After being trapped for so long, finally being given new life and eating roasted meat that had been absent from his life for so long, Old man Su was truly in tears .

This was life . This was how one should live! No matter what darn mystic realms there are in the future, I would rather die than enter them!

As Old man Su shouted out in his heart, he voraciously ate the meat .

He nearly thought that he would die of hunger in that mystic realm . Even with his cultivation level, he would slowly weaken if he had to stay in such an environment for a few decades . He would then have to enter a state of hibernation .

If no one saved him by taking him out of it, then he would never wake up .

“I say, kid . Why are you leaving the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom? Where are you going?”

Old man Su casually asked Yi Yin while he was focused on destroying the roasted meat in his hands .

Yi Yun sighed and said, “I have nowhere to go…”

“Oh?” Su Jie was stunned for a moment . He knew something was unusual . Since Yi Yun had nowhere to go, and had to leave the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, then he was probably forced to do so .

“You got chased out by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom?”

Yi Yun smiled bitterly and said, “You can say that…”

After thinking through his words, Yi Yun narrated the main points of the recent events to Su Jie .

As for matters regarding Jiang Xiaorou, Yi Yun did not wish to say much regarding those . Su Jie was after all, human, he might have some hatred for the Desolate race, so Yi Yun did not wish to mention matters regarding Jiang Xiaorou .

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“The Shen Tu family clan? That is a family clan in the Tian Yuan world… To offend the Shen Tu family clan, that sure is not a good situation to be in…”

Su Jie wiped the oil off his mouth and looked at the roasted meat in his hands . He then looked at Yi Yun and with a roll of his eyes, he said, “Kid, if you have nowhere to go, why not follow me?”

Su Jie did not care about the feud Yi Yun had with the Shen Tu family clan . What he cared about was being able to eat the roasted meat Yi Yun cooked daily .

Eating was the most important thing in life .

“Follow you?” Yi Yun looked up at Su Jie, “Where are you going?”

Su Jie smiled with a “Hehe” and said, “To the Lin family to look for my disciple! Speaking of which, the Lin family is also in the Tian Yuan world . ”

Find Lin Xintong?

Yi Yun’s mind began churning as a white dressed figure, holding a long sword, appeared in his mind .

He had not seen Lin Xintong for a long time…

Su Jie finished his roasted meat and, as if it ought to be, took the uneaten roasted meat in Yi Yun’s hands, before munching on it as well .

His mouth was filled with meat as he unclearly said, “The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom is my hometown, so I brought Xintong here for training . Xintong’s family is actually in the Tian Yuan world . ”

“What you call the Tian Yuan world is the Western Regions . And in fact, that is the central lands of the Human race . There are all sorts of powerful family clans gathered there as well as numerous experts! In comparison, this place is just a remote place in the east . How about it? Kid, do you want to broaden your horizons with me in the Tian Yuan world?”

Su Jie’s words were tempting for Yi Yun .

The Tian Yuan world, the central lands of the Human race!

With more experts, it meant there would be greater opportunities for him there .

If he went to the Tian Yuan world, then his growth would be even faster, and his horizons would broaden .

Of course, he would be closer to the Shen Tu family clan . Eventually, he would collide with them!

Against such a colossus entity, Yi Yun’s strength was incomparable . However, he felt the fighting spirit within him silently rise .

He had sworn to kill Shen Tu Nantian, making him pay ten times the price .

The Tian Yuan world would be his opportunity, and would be a tremendous challenge .

To the Tian Yuan world? Thinking about it made Yi Yun’s blood boil .

At this moment, Su Jie added on, “This old man has the official title of a guest in the Lin family with little else to do . Usually if there is nothing, I too would not go to the Lin family . However, in this travel to the mystic realm, I have expended too much, so I will need to recuperate in the Lin family for a while . You can follow this old man . I will make do and take you in as an in-name disciple . ” Su Jie said casually .

When warriors taught disciples, there were personal disciples, normal disciples and in-name disciples . Without a doubt, in-name disciples were the worst .

A lot of the time, in-name disciples was just a title, as nothing would be taught to them .

This was similar to a warrior having a quasi-master .

Yi Yun rolled his eyes . This old fellow clearly had no intentions of taking him in as a disciple .

Even if it was an official disciple, I might not even want it!

Yi Yun had such thoughts .

Su Jie could read Yi Yun’s mind as he moaned, “Rotten kid, you sure think highly of yourself . In the Tian Yuan world, I am a famous Desolate Heaven Master . There are tons of young masters of different family clans who want to be my in-name disciples . You should be happy that I am taking you in as a disciple!”

Taking in Yi Yun as a quasi-disciple was just a sudden whim Su Jie had . If he took in such a disciple, then he would get to eat all sorts of good food daily, wouldn’t that be a good deal?

As for teaching Yi Yun the Desolate Heaven technique, Su Jie never thought of it . After all, learning the Desolate Heaven technique was too tough . Those who had the talent needed were less than one in a million .

Author’s Note: We will be beginning the new chapter of the Tian Yuan world soon .

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