True Martial World - Chapter 499

Published at 9th of September 2016 02:43:44 PM
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Chapter 499

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Chapter 499: Guide


In the dense woods of the second level of the God Advent Tower, the ground ruptured and Yi Yun dashed out of the hole .

Time was of the essence . He did not know what was happening to Lin Xintong at this moment . From the meaning behind the white-dressed female’s words, Lin Xintong’s situation was probably very terrible .

The extreme frost icy plains sounded like a place filled with extreme Yin Qi and frost Qi and Lin Xintong had natural Yin Meridians . Her body was filled with Yin Qi and it was severe enough to devour Lin Xintong’s vitality .

Yi Yun still recalled the first time he made skin contact with Lin Xintong, he could feel the ice-cold feeling of water . The icy plains was probably a place that Lin Xintong found difficult to handle . Once the frost Qi in her body was invoked, the consequences would be unthinkable .

Pure Yang Qi was burning throughout Yi Yun’s body . The flames slowly condensed to form a giant Golden Crow phantom image . With the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” movement technique’s support, Yi Yun’s speed reached its maximum .


Yi Yun rushed out of the God Advent Tower’s second level, and went straight to the third level . Yi Yun had already passed it, so there were no obstacles . However, when Yi Yun reached the fourth level, an azure-clothed youth’s image appeared in front of Yi Yun .

The white-dressed female had already entered her slumber . Under the support of the residual energy, the Great Empress mystic realm continued running . If he wanted to reach the fourth level, he had to obey the God Advent Tower’s rules .

Despite seeing the azure-clothed youth, Yi Yun did not stop . He charged straight at the azure-clothed youth .

With the “Golden Crow Sun Shift”, Yi Yun was like a burning meteor, and his momentum was overwhelming!

“Oh? You… ” The azure-clothed youth possessed intelligence . It seemed like he never expected a cultivator to have such unstoppable momentum . Yi Yun did not even say a single word after seeing him, and he attacked him suddenly .

However, the azure-clothed youth did not panic . Holding a long sword, he slashed forward . His sword Qi was like a bamboo that surged out from his anger .

Yi Yun did not dodge . Facing the sword, he pulled his Blood Red Lotus Saber out .

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The saber truth, pressing forward with indomitable will! This was a perfect match with his overwhelming momentum at this moment!

With a revolution of the blade beam, it surged as it brought Yi Yun’s pure Yang Qi along with it!

The Saber Truth’s 32 Words – Reigning Supreme!


The sword beam and saber beam clashed as a terrifying pure Yang Qi exploded . It caused the azure-clothed youth’s sword Qi to shatter . It was like a vast pure Yang river charging at a wooden raft .

The azure-clothed youth was alarmed . He quickly retreated and slashed his sword horizontally . However, before the azure-clothed youth’s second attack was even finished, Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem had rushed forward with its wings spread out .

Golden Crow, lacerating the Universe!

Golden-red flames spread crazily out, causing the staircase between the third and fourth level of the God Advent Tower to be completely covered in it . From afar, the burning flames could be seen meandering in the air above the staircase, like a golden-red flame dragon!

This was the power of a single strike of the Golden Crow Aspect Totem ever since Yi Yun’s pure Yang body was perfected!

The sword-wielding youth’s azure-clothes were stained with blood . Moments ago, the saber Qi and the pure Yang energy had penetrated his energy-based body .

As for Yi Yun’s body, it had became one with the saber beam as it pierced through the azure-clothed youth .

At this moment, Yi Yun was following the burning staircase, running straight for the fourth level of the God Advent Tower!

Seeing Yi Yun’s back, the corners of the azure-clothed youth’s lips curled into a smile . Following that, his body quietly dissipated into streams of light as it returned to the God Advent Tower…

Now, Yi Yun had already rushed to the fourth level of the God Advent Tower .

The door of light revolved and with a flash of his body, he charged in . Once he entered the door of light, Yi Yun immediately felt a terrifying frost Qi surge around him .

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This frost Qi gave the feeling of being slashed by sharp sword Qi . It entered straight into his bone marrow!

His body was sensitive to this as he subconsciously took a step back and immediately circulated pure Yang energy in his body .


Pure Yang energy gushed out of his Dantian as Yi Yun’s body burned with pure Yang flames .

The flames of pure Yang were the strongest and most vigorous flames in the Universe . And Yi Yun’s pure Yang body could maximize the power of the pure Yang flames .

This aura was the nemesis of the extreme frost Qi . A lot of the snow and ice immediately evaporated when they entered a range of a foot around Yi Yun . The frost Qi that had enveloped around Yi Yun had mostly dissipated as he felt his body turn warm .

Yi Yun looked up and saw the endless icy world . In this icy plain, countless numbers of ice bits were lifted up by the cold winds, and the sounds were like knives engraving a piece of glass . It was ear-piercing .

Yi Yun did not know which direction to head in . Although he had the Purple Crystal’s energy vision that could locate Lin Xintong, there was a limit to the energy vision’s range . It was not possible for him to use it to search such a vast icy plain .

Yi Yun could only estimate, under normal circumstances, where Lin Xintong would head after appearing from the entrance . Facing the icy plain, it was likely that she would choose the direction directly opposite the entrance . This was a choice most people would choose .

It was unknown if he would find Lin Xintong if he went in this direction . He still needed to depend on luck .

Realizing this, Yi Yun’s heart also sank . After all, the icy plains were too big . Once there was any slight deviation in direction, there was no way of finding Lin Xintong .

If that happened, the consequences would be unthinkable .

Yi Yun gritted his teeth . After locking on to a direction, he was about to run through the icy plain, but suddenly, something flashed in his mind .

Yi Yun stopped . He saw that on the icy plains, sunlight was scattering downwards, and had caused the ground to turn silver . With the silverlight joining together, it extended into the distance like a track . It flashed and disappeared on the icy plains .

This track was similar to the direction Yi Yun originally intended to go on, but there was a slight deviation .

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Yi Yun was surprised . The silver light was giving him directions?

Yi Yun immediately realized that it was most likely something done by the white-dressed female . Before she entered her slumber, she had left behind a tiny restriction in the fourth level of the God Advent Tower . Once he stepped in here, the restriction would be activated . This way, he could be led precisely .

With the thought in mind, Yi Yun realized that amongst all the cultivators, the white-dressed female had attached the greatest importance to Lin Xintong . This was probably due to Lin Xintong’s natural Yin Meridians .

To Tian Yuan world warriors, natural Yin Meridians were a curse . But to the white-dressed female, natural Yin Meridians was probably a mark of a peerless Great Emperor…

With the guide, Yi Yun no longer hesitated . As he was about to run through the icy plains, another thing flashed in his mind .

This thought made Yi Yun feel a cold murderous intent .

He shivered, but he could faintly tell that on the endless snowy plain, there seemed to be endless blood spreading on it . The blood covered his vision and in this endless redness, a curved Blood Moon was born as it slowly rose…

This scene lasted for a few seconds before disappearing . This made Yi Yun break out into cold sweat .

From the newly-risen Blood Moon, he could feel a suffocating evilness and killing air to it .

“Be careful of the Blood Moon… ”

A simple sentence was transmitted into Yi Yun’s brain . It was the white-dressed female’s voice . Clearly, it was also a restriction she left behind in the fourth level of the God Advent Tower .

“Blood Moon?”

Yi Yun paused for a while . The killing aura that had suddenly permeated everything just now was too real . It even made Yi Yun suspect that this icy plains was the place the white-dressed female had exchanged blows with the so-called evil race . The white-dressed female had used the evil race’s real aura to leave behind the final restriction .

The reason was to tell him the evil race’s signature before entering her slumber…

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However, even so, it was too vague .

Yi Yun had no idea what the Blood Moon represented, nor did he know what race the evil race was . Where did they reside in the Tian Yuan world?

Shaking his head, Yi Yun did not think any further . He only silently remembered the feeling of this presence before he stepped onto the icy plains with determination .

The evil race was something of the future, and with his strength, it was unlikely that he could play a role in such a huge matter . At this moment, the most important thing to him was to save Lin Xintong .

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