True Martial World - Chapter 584

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Chapter 584

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Chapter 584: Jiang Yidao

Yi Yun turned around and saw a man with a long face . He was smiling while watching Yi Yun, as if he was laughing at Yi Yun’s reaction .

“Back when I saw the wanted poster, I was infuriated too . That Yi Yun and Lin Xintong are human scum! But speaking of which, that little babe, Lin Xintong looks pretty good . The wanted poster says she has a pure Yin body, and she could be a top grade cultivation slave . It would be thousands of times better than those supplementary concubines!”

The long-faced man said as he gave Yi Yun an expression any man would understand .

The killing intent in Yi Yun’s eyes disappeared immediately . He slowly buried it . He had to hide his feelings of anger from before, but this other person had treated it as the outrage of a hot-blooded youth .

“Fire emblem, someone from the Li Fire Sect… ”

Yi Yun narrowed his eyes and immediately identified the long-faced man’s background . He was in the vicinity of the Li Fire Sect’s store, so he was naturally from the Li Fire Sect .

“This esteemed brother, how should I address you?” Yi Yun smiled at the man and asked with an amiable voice . No one could feel the coldness contained within it .

“Haha, I’m Gongsun Lai . I’m the general manager of the Li Fire Sect’s Man-ranked store in the Heaven Martial City . I seem to notice that your foundation is quite solid, so it’s also fated that we can get to know each other . How about it, do you want to come to my Li Fire Sect store to take a look?” The man said proudly .

He was in his thirties, and the Li Fire Sect had a few stores in the Heaven Martial City, so for him to be in charge of one store meant that he had some ability .

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He had noticed that Yi Yun’s foundation was solid and he seemed to have some strength, which was the reason why he was being so courteous . For a businessman like him, having wide connections was good of course . By getting to know a person by exchanging a few words, who knew if he would be of use in the future? Even if the other party did not live up to expectations, they would still be able to give him some business .

If it was any ordinary person, he would not have bothered .

“Alright!” Yi Yun agreed immediately .

From his calm look, the man could not tell what he was thinking . He even cheerfully talked to Yi Yun about the wanted poster . He had noticed that Yi Yun seemed interested in it, and one of the best tactics a businessman employed was to appeal to the customer’s preferences .

“Speaking about the devil pair of Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, they are definitely scum amongst scum . They caused harm through despicable means, causing the deaths of many geniuses of my Li Fire Sect . Now, we have set up a formation at Untraversable Sea . It could be said to be an extensive net that has a radius of 5000 kilometers . Even a fly would not escape the eyes of our Elders . Once that devilish pair appears, they will definitely be apprehended!”

“What a pity… that I can only take care of a few shops in Heaven Martial City, and can’t go to the Untraversable Sea . If not, getting some credit in their apprehension would be great . Hahaha! Let’s not talk about the Great Empress’ inheritance and the rewards, just the little babe, Lin Xintong… Ze Ze!” The man said with a perverted look .

He was lecherous and with his business acumen, he felt that talking about women and saying sexual jokes would easily close the distance with men . Unfortunately… he was completely wrong this time .

“Right, I still have not asked for this esteemed brother’s name?” Gongsun Lai asked Yi Yun .

Yi Yun smiled and said lightly, “My surname is Jiang, as for my name… I haven’t used it in a while . When I was in the Southern Sea, I only had a title… ”

Yi Yun changed his surname to his elder sister, Jiang Xiaorou’s surname .

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When the man heard Yi Yun say that he was involved in the Southern Sea, he could not help but raise his eyebrows . The Southern Sea was a remote and desolate region . Most people from there lacked ability . Could it be that he had made a mistake and that this black-clothed youth’s only saving grace was his outward appearance?

If that was the case, why was he wasting time speaking to him?

As the head of a Li Fire Sect Man-ranked store, there was no reason for him to waste time pandering to such trash .

“What’s your title?” The man asked in a perfunctory manner, but he already lacked interest in his heart .

“My title is… Jiang Yidao (One Saber) . This is because amongst the warriors of the same realm as me, no matter who it is, I never need to strike with my saber a second time . All I need is one saber strike, and my opponent will be defeated . ” Yi Yun answered very calmly, as if he was mentioning words like “I just ate” in passing .

When the man heard it, he stared widely at Yi Yun .

This rascal! Could he be a retard?

The long-faced man had seen many eccentric people in the past . Many geniuses that came to Heaven Martial City were especially insolent . As a businessman, he would usually carefully accompany them, and pander to them .

However, these eccentric people usually had true ability .

As for the rascal in front of him, his outfit just looked average . And for Yi Yun to come from some nook and cranny like the Southern Sea, it was alright if Yi Yun was not worldly in his views, but it was preposterous for Yi Yun to brag in front of him .

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He could neglect Yi Yun’s bragging, but for Yi Yun to do so while being so calm and as if a matter of fact?

Jiang Yidao?

Are you f**king kidding me!?

Do you really think you are some big shot!?

The man immediately felt like he had done something extremely foolish to speak with a retard for so long .

He was no longer interested in Yi Yun . At this moment, he suddenly thought of something and smile, “Southern Sea… I recall something . I was wondering why it’s so familiar . Just recently, a retard went to the Lin family and injured a few of our Li Fire Sect disciples who were patrolling the Lin family, and then, he proceeded to brag about it!”

“He said that he had used his Dao Seed realm cultivation level to defeat the combined attacks of three Yuan Opening realm Elders that came from my Li Fire Sect and Shen Tu family clan . Are all you Southern Sea warriors so unworldly? For a Dao Seed realm to battle against three Yuan Opening realm Elders and still win? It’s so funny . Hahahaha!” The man began to roar with laughter . His words were meant to deride Yi Yun .

Weren’t you bragging? Then let me tell you what sort of people warriors of the Southern Sea were . One retard after another!

“Dao Seed realm defeating the combined attacks of three Yuan Opening realm Elders?” Yi Yun was amused hearing this .

This man clearly did not know that this so-called rumor was true . Although the man was the general manager of a store and had certain standing, he was nothing compared to a core disciple of the Li Fire Sect!

All the core disciples were cultivating in the Li Fire Sect, so how could they be sent to take care of business?

Hence, the man was completely unaware of the confidential information held by the Li Fire Sect .

To prevent losing face to the Tian Yuan world, the Li Fire Sect had already locked down all information . Even several exterior Elders did not know of the matter, let alone exterior disciples .

Dirty linen was not to be aired in public . The other disciples of the Li Fire Sect naturally laughed their heads off when they heard such a rumor after their sect denied this matter .

However, no matter how the man mocked him, Yi Yun appeared calm . He was clearly not putting it to heart .

The man was a bit stunned seeing this . Either this rascal’s skin was too thick, or he had reached a whole new realm of stupidity . Couldn’t he tell that he was mocking him?

What a top grade fool!

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