True Martial World - Chapter 672

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Chapter 672

Chapter 672: The Goal of the Elder Consortium

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Yi Yun did not know about the strongest figures in the Tian Yuan world beforehand . The location of these people were always a mystery . Some of them would devote themselves to reclusive training or searching for means to extend their longevity .

Some of their reclusive training could even be reclusive death training . They might even enter certain lands and not appear for ten thousand years . Hence, the outside world had no idea if they were alive or dead .

Yi Yun did not recognise the three people who had suddenly appeared .

However, Lin Xintong knew a lot more about the Tian Yuan world than him . Although she had never met the three people before, from their appearance and aura, she was able to  guess their identities .

The truly legendary figures in the Tian Yuan world were actually only these few people .

Amongst these three people, the man in the man-woman duo wore a black long robe, while the woman wore a white long robe . The clothes were same in everything other than color . Even their appearances looked similar . The man had handsome features and he looked like a gentleman in his forties . The woman had a full buxom and snow-white skin . She was a beautiful young woman .

These two people who were dressed very similar were not siblings they were husband and wife .

They lived in an offshore island, known as Sanctuary . There were arrays established around Sanctuary . When other experts passed by, they would fail to detect Sanctuary's existence . It was ethereal and like a mirage .

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And this married couple resided in Sanctuary .

Their cultivation levels were at the early stages of the Heaven Ascension realm . However, their auras were slightly stronger than Shen Tu Patriarch’s . Although they were all at the same early stages of the Heaven Ascension, due to various differences, it was not surprising for there to be some difference in strength .

Furthermore, this couple was proficient at attacking together . The moment they used the mystic technique together against a foe, even an expert at the middle-stages of the Heaven Ascension realm would not necessarily gain much advantage over them .

As for the last person, he was an old man dressed in a long robe . He was extremely tall, at least one head higher than many of the Tian Yuan world legendary figures . He was skinny, and together with his height, he gave off a horrifying feeling like he was simply a skeleton wrapped up in skin .

Lin Xintong recalled that the legends of the Tian Yuan world called him the Sovereign of the Eventide .

His cultivation level was at the middle stages of the Heaven Ascension realm . He was very likely the only warrior in the Tian Yuan world, other than Blood Moon’s leaders, who had entered the middle stages of the Heaven Ascension realm!

The Sovereign of the Eventide had appeared in this world as early as a hundred thousand years ago . However, about tens of thousands of years ago, he had disappeared . It was unexpected that he was still alive all those years .

Seeing the Sovereign of the Eventide's physical condition, although his vital potential was fully depleted, his life force was in no way weak . No one knew how many more years he could live on for .

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Blood Moon's appearance and destruction had made many of these true experts, that had not walked the planet for a very long time, appear again . Be it the ancient heritage or the Longevity Extending Pills, they were all extremely alluring to them .

Furthermore, in the treasury left behind by Blood Moon, that was just a small portion of the existing treasures . The most critical treasures were lost, including the "Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique" that everyone coveted .

No one present knew the contents of cultivation limitations of the "Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique" . If there was no age limitation, then maybe they too could cultivate it?

Lin Xintong transmitted her voice, and in a very short amount of time, she informed Yi Yun of the three people's identities .

In fact, their identities were unimportant to Yi Yun . Yi Yun could not care any less about their past, all he cared about was their present strength and whether they were friend or foe .

The three people sat in the most central spot along the round table . The black-robed Sovereign of the Eventide raised his eyes and glanced at Yi Yun . His eyes were dark, as if they were bottomless vortices that led to another dimension .

"I believe your female partner beside you has already informed you who the three of us are . " The Sovereign of the Eventide said in a deep voice .

Although he could not hear Lin Xintong's transmission, he could sense the faint acoustic energy fluctuations .

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"However, let me introduce myself . I am the Principal of the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium . Junior, you are a smart person, so I will not throw out high-sounding perfunctory words . The Tian Yuan Elder Consortium has two goals . The first is to find the treasures left behind by Blood Moon . Every single one will be distributed to people accordingly to their efforts and status . Second, it is to establish a new order so as to maintain the future balance amongst the major factions of the Tian Yuan world, so as to fend off any possible invasion of the Desolate race!"

The Sovereign of the Eventide's voice was not loud, but the words he said were highly impactful that caused one's eardrums to reverberate .

Yi Yun silently listened to him . He was not at all surprised about it . These people would never give up on the treasures . Ignoring the "Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique", just the Longevity Extending Pills were not enough to satiate them . They definitely wanted to know the refining mystic technique used to produce Longevity Extending Pills .

As for the Desolate race, the humans considered the Desolate race alien . They had been hostile for many years, so there was no way for both sides to live in peace .

The human race refused to trust the Desolate race, and similarly, the Desolate race did not trust the human race either!

"Then?" Yi Yun asked calmly .

"Joining the Tian Yuan world's Elder Consortium is only limited to Heaven Ascension realm experts, but we decided to invite you and Lin Xintong to become members of it . When we eventually find the complete Blood Moon treasures, we would naturally distribute some to you, according to your contributions and posts .

"OK . " Yi Yun's reaction was cold and listless . He knew the matter that the Sovereign of the Eventide raised was that simple . Furthermore, he did not think highly of Blood Moon's treasures .

He knew that the Sovereign of the Eventide's suggestion of letting him and Lin Xintong join the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium was not just to give them benefits .

Yi Yun slightly looked at the Sovereign of the Eventide before saying, "And then?"

Against Yi Yun's cold and calm response, the Sovereign of the Eventide frowned slightly . He had enjoyed a high stature for a prolonged period of time, so he naturally did not like a junior appearing as if he had everything under his control in front of him .

The Sovereign of the Eventide said, "Junior, if you are willing to join the Tian Yuan Elder Consortium, we wish that you would abide to the Elder Consortium's rules . After joining, there is one rule and that is to not kill one another . It includes not supporting the faction behind you in their attack on other factions that the other members of the Elder Consortium belong to!"

"Is that so… I see!" Yi Yun laughed out loudly . "This will also need a soul contract to be signed, right!?"

The Elder Consortium's rules had to be abided by everyone, so naturally, a soul contract needed to be signed or it would mean nothing

But in fact, this rule was targeted Yi Yun . Everyone present dreaded Yi Yun, afraid that after he fully matured, he would be able to dominate the entire Tian Yuan world . When that happened, no one would be able to stop him .

Seeing Yi Yun's smile, the Sovereign of the Eventide's expression turned gloomy . Yi Yun was too presumptuous in front of him . He admitted that he might not be Yi Yun's match in the future, but now, Yi Yun had yet to fully mature .

"Of course a soul contract has to be signed!" Shen Tu Patriarch spoke . He stared at Yi Yun with a cold gaze .