True Martial World - Chapter 74

Published at 4th of January 2016 01:20:28 AM
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Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Brutally Attacking Zhao Tiezhu

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“Those words were from you?” Zhao Tiezhu sneered . He was curious why Yi Yun had not died after falling down a cliff that was tens of meters high . He did not believe anyone could be that lucky, and had used some trick to give the men refining the desolate bones a false impression .

Zhao Tiezhu had originally thought that a warrior with some means had challenged him, so he could use overwhelming strength to kill the other . But unexpectedly, what faced him was this useless little monkey, Yi Yun .

With this, he was unable to show off . How could killing a little monkey that only reached his chest be show-worthy?

What Zhao Tiezhu was thinking was the method to which he could use to kill Yi Yun, one that would make Yi Yun most uncomfortable and afraid .

“Of course it was me . Wasn’t what you just said nonsense?” Yi Yun held his arms behind him with an expression that was clear, did you need to ask such a retarded question?

“Ah!” Zhao Tiezhu looked at Yi Yun as if he was a retard . He could not understand if Yi Yun had crushed his brain in the door, for Yi Yun should have been envisioning the fate that awaited him . “Little bastard, to offend me today, you are dead meat . Obediently kneel down and kowtow to me a hundred times, before burrowing under my crotch . Do you want to do it yourself, or should I make you do so?”

Zhao Tiezhu grinned while Yi Yun looked at him as if he was retarded, “I’m here today to get a spot, not to listen to your nonsense . ”

With those words, the entire audience were stunned .

The people realized that by going up on stage, Yi Yun was not purposely antagonizing or making Zhao Tiezhu unhappy, but to fight a match to obtain a participation spot for the Kingdom’s selection!

Heavens, with his size, is he crazy?

He had just trained for a month, and was just slightly older than twelve years of age, how was he to compete with Zhao Tiezhu?

“Brother Yi Yun…” In the crowd, Zhou Xiaoke was having a heart-wrenching moment . Did Brother Yi Yun know how strong Zhao Tiezhu was?

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To the people of the Lian tribal clan, the members of the warrior preparation camp were like a group of tigers . No ordinary person was their match, whatmore a kid like Yi Yun .

“Hahaha!” Zhao Tiezhu convulsed with laughter as if this was the funniest joke he had ever heard in his life . “Little bastard, have you gone mad? You can’t believe that after learning some skill from Lord Zhang that you think you can defeat me, and represent the Lian tribal clan at the Kingdom’s selection?”

As Zhao Tiezhu said those words, the members of the warrior preparation camp roared with laughter .

“Brother Zhao, cut the crap with this kid . He’s nothing . Just because he got lucky by being chosen by Lord Zhang, he thinks he’s invincible!”

Many people echoed this . At this time, a mean female voice sounded, “Brother Tiezhu, break the kid’s legs and hang him up!”

The person was none other than Lian Cuihua . How could Yi Yun forget her shrill voice?

The person who led the villagers to besiege Jiang Xiaorou’s house with cow dung was this Lian Cuihua .

Yi Yun sneered and took a deep glance at Lian Cuihua .

“What the f**k are you looking at, you little bastard? Do you think you can afford to look at me? Look anymore, and I’ll dig out both your despicable eyes!” Lian Cuihua was domineering, “Brother Tiezhu, slaughter the little bastard!”

As she said that, Lian Cuihua even sent a flirtatious glance at Zhao Tiezhu .

Zhao Tiezhu was obviously empowered by that flirtatious glance and laughed heartily, “Kid, I guess you have not recovered from your sickness . Your mind still isn’t straight . A little slave like you, that can’t even find food in the mud plains, wants to join the Kingdom’s selection? Today I’ll take off your head to be used as a urinal!”

With that, Zhao Tiezhu charged forward to Yi Yun .

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His face showed a facetious expression as he stretched out the two steel-like arms of his to grab Yi Yun’s head . He was not just saying, and was really planning to twisting Yi Yun’s head off!

Zhao Tiezhu had great strength, so how could a normal kid withstand his grab?

Yi Yun stayed motionless and with a firm stance stretched both his arms to grab Zhao Tiezhu . It was the same move as Zhao Tiezhu!

Yi Yun’s hands were totally out of proportion compared to Zhao Tiezhu’s large hands .

Seeing the idiot Yi Yun to dare stretch his hands out, Zhao Tiezhu grinned and grabbed towards Yi Yun’s hands . He had changed his mind . He wanted to crush Yi Yun’s hands!

The four limbs clashed and a snapping “Kacha!” rang!

Zhao Tiezhu’s face froze!

His lips twitched as he looked unbelievably at Yi Yun’s hands and his . His two large hands within Yi Yun’s small hands had been mangled . Fresh blood trickled down without pause . Besides his thumb, all his other eight fingers were twisted in weird angles and completely broken .

His hands had been brutally crushed by Yi Yun!


A loud heart-wrenching scream came out of Zhao Tiezhu’s mouth!

Yi Yun looked coldly at Zhao Tiezhu, “Who did you say was the slave? In this world, the weak are enslaved as slaves, the strong are are regarded as lords . Whoever was stronger could dominate everything . I’ll tell you who the slave is today . ”

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Saying that, Yi Yun took a step forward and a simple knee struck Zhao Tiezhu in the chest .


With a thud, Zhao Tiezhu’s burly body flew up like a torn sack with Yi Yun’s knee strike . His sternum bent inwards, with an unknown number of broken ribs .

He fell heavily to the ground, with blood seeping out from his mouth . His body was twitching like a dog with a broken spine .

This sudden scene shocked everyone present .

Their expressions had been from seconds past, completely frozen .

What…was this?

Yi Yun had crushed Zhao Tiezhu’s hands and sent him flying with a knee!

Yi Yun’s small and thin body and Zhao Tiezhu’s burly body were in sharp contrast, giving an extremely strong visual impact!

Was this a dream?

Lian Chengyu who had been sitting in his animal skin chair all along suddenly stood up and stared at Yi Yun with a pair of shining eyes .

Yi Yun, a herb picking slave who did not normally have food to eat was like a beggar . Such a person would be no cause for concern in the Lian tribal clan .

But, he was able to maim Zhao Tiezhu in a brief moment!

Where did his martial arts come from?

Could it be that after practicing martial arts with Zhang Yuxian, and in a month’s time, learned martial arts, allowing him to beat Zhao Tiezhu?

How could this be possible!?

Lian Chengyu clenched his fists so tightly his nails pierced his palms .

The audience were silent . For a long moment, no one uttered a sound, as they had yet to come round .

Even Zhou Xiaoke who had been worried for Yi Yun stared with her two large dark eyes . She was totally stunned, is this real? That devilish-looking, tower-like Zhao Tiezhu had been defeated by Brother Yi Yun!

Yi Yun returned to his normal stance and casually straightened the tattered clothes he wore .

This was Yi Yun’s first act of violence .

Previously, Yi Yun’s punches would land on boulders . They were extremely hard, causing pain to his fists . But today, it landed on a human’s body, all he felt was a hardness after softness . Having maimed a person directly,Yi Yun did not find it unacceptable . He had already grown accustomed to the new survival rules of this world ever since he tunnelled into this wild world .

He knew clearly that if he were a compassionate person or a monk who did not have blood-stained hands, he would be taken advantage off .

Yi Yun gently moved his ten fingers before turning his head towards Lian Cuihua .

“You previously said that you would break my legs and hang me up? And to dig out my eyes?” Saying this, Yi Yun slowly walked towards Lian Cuihua .

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