True Martial World - Chapter 754

Published at 14th of December 2016 09:34:15 AM
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Chapter 754

Chapter 754: Void Tearing

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"Your Majesty… Do we really have to hand over the sacred remains of the Sacred Spirit?" A legendary Desolate race figures asked in a helpless manner .

The former Desolate Queen did not answer . She used all her remaining strength to hug Jiang Xiaorou, like she wanted to merge her daughter into her own body . . .

She truly did not know how to resolve the situation . The Sacred Spirit had protected the Desolate race for tens of millions of years, sacrificing its life for the Desolate race, so how could she hand over the Sacred Spirit's corpse?

The Sacred Spirit did not belong to the Desolate race to begin with . She did not have the right to use the Sacred Spirit's corpse to exchange for her daughter's life .

At this moment, Shepherd Boy was standing beside her . He had a deadpan expression, but the look in his eyes was fearsome . Many legendary Desolate race figures present had known Shepherd Boy for years, but they had never seen him in such a murderous state .

"Give the order . Gather all Desolate race warriors who know Laws of Darkness in the palace . Also, inform Sanctuary Island Lord of this matter… "

Shepherd Boy was a proud person, and unless necessary, he would never seek the help of others . But now, the solution to the damage caused by the Laws of Darkness was something probably only the Sanctuary Island couple could come up with . After all, in terms of nomological attainments, it was more of a forte of the Human race rather than that of the Desolate race .

. . .

By the time the Sanctuary Island couple received the news and rushed to the remote mountains, it had been twenty days .

No one could remove the darkness energy left behind by the Sovereign of the Eventide . It was an extremely damaging attack . The person, who originally created it, did it not for killing, but for torturing and threatening .

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It was even possible that the person who created this attack was the Sovereign of the Eventide himself . Under such circumstances, how could he allow others to crack his Darkness energy so easily?

"Your Majesty, I apologize for I do not have a solution either . "

The Sanctuary Island Lord shook his head . A few legendary human figures, who had some understanding of the Laws of Darkness, had accompanied him, but they also shook their heads .

Towards such a scum that came from the Human race, these legendary human figures felt ashamed . However, they too were out of options . They had yet to recover from their injuries, and even if they had recovered, preventing the Sovereign of the Eventide from escaping was highly unlikely . Besides, from the Desolate race's description, the Sovereign of the Eventide, who had restored his looks to that of a middle-aged man, seemed to have grown stronger .

"Sovereign of the Eventide has already gone against the tide and he no longer cares about the circumstances . " The Sanctuary Island Lord sighed . Back when he saw that the God Advent Tower was stolen, he had a hunch that it was possibly the Sovereign of the Eventide . Now, with facts in hand, this was an outcome that he did not wish to see . This was because, with his present strength, there was nothing he could do!

"I'm really sorry my strength is limited . I can't crack Sovereign of the Eventide's Laws of Darkness, nor can I capture him to force him to treat Fairy Jiang . In the future, the few of us will live in the remote mountains . Although we will not be able to handle the Sovereign of the Eventide, by contributing a bit of our strengths, we should still be able to help you protect Fairy Jiang . "

Previously, the Sovereign of the Eventide had succeeded in planting the Darkness energy in Jiang Xiaorou's body because he had caught the Desolate race off guard . Once they were on alert, especially with the Sanctuary Island couple helping hold the ground, then no matter how strong the Sovereign of the Eventide was, he could no longer wreak havoc in the Desolate race's territory easily .

With the Sanctuary Island Lord expressing his intentions, the other legendary human figures also echoed in unison that they were willing to remain in the remote mountains .

Staying in the remote mountains was considered a form of sacrifice . This was because in twenty years, the Black-armored Demon God would attack again . And the first spot he would attack was most likely the remote mountains!

"Thank you everyone . The former Desolate Queen said with utmost gratitude .  

Now, all they could do was take things one step at a time .

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"Your Majesty, you do not need to worry too much . The energy left behind by the Sovereign of the Eventide may be despicable and unremovable, but it looks like it won’t be easy for it to easily devour Fairy Jiang’s life force… "

After probing Jiang Xiaorou's meridians for a long time, the Sanctuary Island Lord spoke .

He discovered that although the Darkness energy was devouring Jiang Xiaorou's life force, the loss of her life force seemed to be slowly awakening the hidden power in her bloodline due to the catalytic effects of the Darkness energy .

Jiang Xiaorou's bloodline was extremely extraordinary that even the Black-armored Demon God coveted it . In the words of the Black-armored Demon God, Jiang Xiaorou possessed the most valuable bloodline in this world . Back when he was seriously injured by Yi Yun, all he thought was to capture Jiang Xiaorou and drink her blood to treat his injuries .

It was obvious what the quality of the blood that could treat the Black-armored Demon God’s wounds was .

Such a bloodline gave Jiang Xiaorou her tremendous life force . Even now, despite her strength being extremely limited, her life force still existed, and it was not easy for the Darkness energy to devour it .

Furthermore, it seemed that slowly, the Darkness energy was repressed by Jiang Xiaorou's life force .

"What terrifying life force… I really wonder what sort of person Fairy Jiang's father is in the 12 Empyrean Heavens . "

"Maybe he is from some noble race… "

The Sanctuary Island couple exchanged words . If Jiang Xiaorou's hidden life force was continuously released, the Darkness energy bodies would not take her life for the time being . Of course, they would not be removed, but they would reside in Jiang Xiaorou's organs and her soul, like maggots in a bone . This could be said to be a latent problem for Jiang Xiaorou .

And she would have to live through such days for the next two decades, before the Black-armored Demon God’s return . The thought of the Black-armored Demon God returning made people feel helpless . . .

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As the Desolate race was not having any peace due to the appearance of the Sovereign of the Eventide, in the alternate dimension, Yi Yun's insights into the spatial dimension laws were slowly reaching a certain degree of proficiency .

After cultivating for an unknown period of time, every time Yi Yun went into meditation, months would pass in a blink of an eye .

Everytime he gained insight into a Spatial Dimension Dao for himself, he would match it to the runic patterns on the Dao Leaf, so he could compare them .

An incorrect understanding would be abandoned by Yi Yun . If it was correct, it would be ingrained in Yi Yun's soul, becoming his own true Dao .

With the Dao Leaf as a standard of measure, the spatial dimension laws that Yi Yun understood were already approaching the Origins of spatial dimension very closely .

Compared to the Black-armored Demon God, Yi Yun's understanding was still extremely shallow .

Although it was shallow, it was a lot more solid and correct as it was close to the essence of space itself . This meant that Yi Yun's future attainment in Spatial Dimension Dao would be even higher .

One day, Yi Yun, who was in meditation, suddenly opened his eyes as he reached out to tear the void!

Intense spatial dimension forces surged as they gathered to form black bolts of lightning . As the snakes of lightning flashed, the void was torn apart .

A small flake of a layer in the spatial curtain had been forcefully torn out by Yi Yun!

He had torn the void!

This was the beginning steps of spatial dimension laws, but most people did so using weapons . They used powerful attacks, with the support of spatial dimension laws, to tear the void apart .

Tearing the void apart with one's bare hands, even if it was just a tiny bit, was extraordinary . For Yi Yun to be able to do so, it was all from his understanding towards the laws . As for the amount of energy required, it wasn't much .

"Yi Yun, you can already tear the void?"

Beside Yi Yun, Lin Xintong was astonished and delighted seeing this scene .

She had tried to gain Dao enlightenment together with Yi Yun . Her perception was extraordinary, and with it, she had managed to gain some insight into spatial dimension laws, but she was much more inferior to Yi Yun .

She never expected Yi Yun to be able to tear apart the void so quickly . If this carried on, it wouldn't be long before they could leave!

Translator’s Notes: In this chapter, we see how much progress the Desolate and Human race has progressed compared to before the BADG’s appearance . They are willing to help each other, instead of constantly being at odds with each other . Maybe it had to do with BADG clearing the human scum of the Tian Yuan world up, while Yi Yun saved the remaining good ones by ‘defeating’ the BADG? It also starts to show us a world where Human and Desolate race would co-exist peacefully even after Yi Yun inadvertently leaves the Tian Yuan world for the 12 Empyrean Heavens . As a common trope, a common enemy tends to unite people despite their differences, and as Humans begin to live amongst the Desolate race, there is hope that the peace would last as they realize that they weren’t that different after all .  

Note the following paragraph is mostly speculatory, as I did not ask the author for spoilers . Regarding the Darkness energy in Jiang Xiaorou’s body, the words of the Sanctuary Island Lord seems to foreshadow that it would give Jiang Xiaorou a future power boost, or in other words, Jiang Xiaorou would not be left behind when Yi Yun grows even stronger . It is exciting to look forward to the background and identity of Jiang Xiaorou’s father, and what was that mission of his?

And back to Yi Yun, we see him proceeding rapidly in terms of his comprehension in spatial dimension laws, and that despite having a ‘cheat’ in the form of the Purple Crystal, he still has to put in a lot of effort of learning by trial and error . We see Yi Yun beginning to go beyond just pure Yang as his only focus, and isn’t spatial dimension warping cool to begin with?

In summary, this chapter seems to be a classic depiction of how every cloud has a silver lining . We see Yi Yun grasping spatial dimension laws as a result of being sealed by the BADG, while Jiang Xiaorou might experience a power boost, thanks to the SotE’s Darkness attack .

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