True Martial World - Chapter 94

Published at 4th of January 2016 01:21:13 AM
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Chapter 94

Chapter 94: What do you want to do to me?

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At that moment, Lin Xintong felt that mysterious feeling again; she felt her body start to burn up . Yi Yun’s punch had already hit her belly!


In quick response, Lin Xintong’s body rapidly retreated backwards . Her retreating speed was even faster than Yi Yun’s punch .

Although Yi Yun had managed to make contact with her body due to her moment of distraction, the moment she came to, Yi Yun could not keep up with her speed .

Yi Yun’s punch had clearly hit Lin Xintong’s body, but due to her quick retreat, she had not received the full brunt of the force . Yi Yun felt like he had punched a ball of cotton .

Yi Yun’s raised his brow . He had been beaten all night and finally managed to hit Lin Xintong once, but Lin Xintong had retreated so quickly, it was as if he had never hit her .

Yi Yun could not accept it . He did not want to let Lin Xintong retreat fully, so he charged forward forming his fists into a claw as he scratched forward .

This was the stance of “Tiger Claws Smite Rocks” . When Yi Yun issued the move, a tiger’s phantom image manifested from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had formed behind him .


The tiger roared as it pounced towards Lin Xintong . At that moment, Lin Xintong could even feel the wind brought forth from the tiger . This feeling was as if a real tiger was pouncing towards her .


Seeing the tiger phantom image, Lin Xintong was surprised . This act of surprise had made her footsteps slightly slower . With that, Yi Yun managed to grab the ribbon by her waist .


The tiger phantom image exploded in front of Lin Xintong . At the same time, with a ripping sound, as she tried to attack and defend, Lin Xintong’s ribbon by her waist had been ripped open!

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Lin Xintong’s reactions were extremely quick . With a quick rotation, she was covered with Yuan Qi as she flew up to a pine tree .

As for that ribbon, it was left in Yi Yun’s hands .

“Oh…” Yi Yun froze .

Lin Xintong looked angrily at Yi Yun . Yi Yun looked at the ribbon in his hand and the Lin Xintong standing on the pine tree . The situation quickly turned awkward .

Actually it was no big deal having a ribbon torn off, but since the ribbon was located at Lin Xintong’s waist, it made Yi Yun feel awkward .

“I did not do it on purpose, besides…” Yi Yun innocently pointed to his right chest, which had been ripped apart by the wind generated by Lin Xintong’s palm .

Yi Yun’s meaning was clear . You tore my clothes and even revealed my skin, while I just pulled a strap of yours…

Of course, compared to Lin Xintong’s clothes, Yi Yun’s clothes were ugly .

Lin Xintong did not know to cry or laugh, but she did not pursue further . In her eyes, Yi Yun was just a child .

A twelve-year-old child naturally could not have any bad intentions .

Although the reason why Yi Yun could tear off her strap had to do with her being distracted, it was still impressive . It was because Yi Yun had managed to avoid her palm strike .

Lin Xintong was surprised that Yi Yun could progress so quickly from just a day’s fight .

She never gave Yi Yun pointers on his movements, and Yi Yun grasped them all by himself .

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Yi Yun having managed to avoid her palm may sound simple, but it was hard to do in practice . It had a special name for it, known as, “Minute Subtlety”, by using the smallest of moves to avoid an enemy’s attack, one could reduce greatly the flaws in one’s movement . It could also allow one to stick closely to the enemy, and counterattack when the enemy’s move is almost done .

To be able to do this at twelve years old, Yi Yun would be considered quite a genius . Of course in terms of genius, it only referred to his perceptivity and his body’s coordination .


The thing that made Lin Xintong most concerned about was the strange reaction within her meridian channels at that moment…

In this world, few people were born with Yin Meridians . Compounded with the fact that people with Yin Meridians were considered to have a terminal condition, these people could not live long . Commoners with the condition would usually die around the age of twenty; even in a martial family, few families would spend the resources needed to nurture a person with this terminal condition .

So there were very few records of Yin Meridians, just a few records that said something along the lines of “Yin Meridians are terminated meridians, without cure, without chance of practicing martial arts” . Lin Xintong was searching for a way to open up her Yin Meridians .

Now, although Yi Yun’s body had resulted in a mysterious phenomenon for Lin Xintong, she did not know what it meant .

“Yi Yun,” Lin Xintong softly spoke .

“Yes, Sister Goddess, what orders do you have?” Yi Yun appeared very obedient and his speech was sweet to the ears .

Lin Xintong descended from the pine tree, “The move, ‘Tiger Claws Smite Rocks’ that you used, formed a tiger phantom image from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi behind you, did you notice that?”

A tiger phantom image formed from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi?

Yi Yun shook his head . When he used ‘Tiger Claws Smite Rocks’, he only had one thought, and that was to not lose totally, and as for the strike having an impressive aura, he was not aware of it .

Yi Yun remembered that in the wuxia dramas he had seen, when skills such as the ‘Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms’ were used, there would be a golden dragon flying in the sky . The phantom image formed from the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi he punched out was probably similar to that .

Lin Xintong said, “A warrior’s every move and gesture can affect the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi . At a certain level, when a warrior attacks, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi will automatically form a phantom image . This is usually an ability people have only after reaching the Purple Blood realm . But you are just in the Qi Gatherer realm . Logically speaking, you should not have such an ability . ”

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“But, since you have ‘Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse’, your meridian channels are wider than an ordinary warrior’s . It might be wider that those of a warrior at the middle stages of the Purple Blood realm, so that’s why you can punch out a phantom image formed from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi!”

“By infusing Heaven Earth Yuan Qi into your moves, it can strengthen and increase the speed of your moves! Besides that, the movement you used to avoid my palm strike, that is the introductory stage to a movement technique known as ‘Minute Subtlety’ . By using the smallest actions to avoid an enemy’s attack, this is known as ‘Minute Subtlety’! This ‘Minute Subtlety’ technique, after the introductory stage is known as the small success stage, which can borrow the opponent’s ‘force’ to aid in avoiding . Even if I said more, it will be hard for you to comprehend . Everything will depend on your own enlightenment . ”

“By being able to do those two things in the Qi Gatherer realm is quite impressive . You need to slowly chip away at it to understand its wonder . ” Hearing Lin Xintong’s compliment, Yi Yun scratched his head . Heaven Earth Yuan Qi phantom image, Minute Subtlety movement…

Yi Yun did not know anything about this, but after being reviewed by Lin Xintong, he had learned a lot from her . At least in the short run, he had a goal which was to ponder over the two techniques .

As for the Minute Subtlety’s small success stage, by using the “force” to avoid . These things that sounded too mysterious to him were ignored .

“Yi Yun,” Lin Xintong opened her mouth again .

“Yes Sister Goddess, what’s the matter?” Yi Yun had noticed that Lin Xintong had something on her mind but was hesitant on saying it .

“Hmm…” Lin Xintong bit her lips as she looked at Yi Yun’s palm .

The both times she had felt that strange phenomenon was when she touched Yi Yun’s body .

The contact with Yi Yun’s body during their battle had been fleeting, but, what if they remained in contact for a longer period of time? Would something special happen?

Aware of this possibility, Lin Xintong could not help thinking of verifying it .

But, to proactively touch someone’s body of the opposite sex was awkward . Also if she made the request, people might find it strange .

“He’s just a child, it should be okay…” Lin Xintong said to herself as she beckoned Yi Yun over .

Unsure of the reason, Yi Yun obediently went before Lin Xintong .

She did not know what Lin Xintong wanted, but the next words of Lin Xintong left him dumbfounded .

“Can I touch your hand?”

Lin Xintong could not think of any euphemistic expression and decided to just be direct .


Yi Yun did not have time to react because her request was extremely strange .

“What do you want to do to me?”

With those words, Lin Xintong choked .


A twelve-year-old child is usually muddle headed . When an elder sister says those words, a child would just stretch his hand out without knowing what is it about?

But Yi Yun’s rebuttal had rooted Lin Xintong to the ground .

“I… just want to verify something…”

Lin Xintong had trouble saying those words because it was embarrassing .

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