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True Star - Chapter 92

Published at 15th of April 2016 10:16:16 PM

Chapter 92

A few customers sat in the coffee shop located on a terrace midway up the hotel with a cool afternoon breeze brushing over them . The fragrant aroma of coffee lingered in the air and a display of intricate desserts was in front of them… everything was relaxing and comfortable .

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Gino lightly swirled his coffee around, both eyes on the man looking down at the script across from him . He also looked down to read the script occasionally, but most of the time, his line of sight was on Tang Feng . There was just an oddly familiar feeling about him . Just what was it about him?

This feeling had been there since they’d first met . It was also the reason he asked Director Li Wei to give Tang Feng a chance . When one of Lu Tian Chen’s assistants called him asking him to contact Tang Feng, much to his own surprise, he agreed even though he rarely participated in variety shows .

“Even if you keep staring at me, I won’t turn into a flower . ” Turning the page, Tang Feng took a sip of his coffee without looking up . He took his coffee without sugar or milk, it was an old habit of his that never changed .

Gino rested his chin on his hand; his sunglasses covering his eyes . With a slight smile, he said, “You’re already a flower . ”

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“If I’m a flower, then what are you?” Tang Feng snickered . This was the first time someone compared him to a flower .

“Me? As for me, I’m the gardener who takes care of the flowers, but I could also be a flower thief . ” Gino laughed as he spoke . “What do you think?”

“I find you boring . What you say is silly without any significant value . If you really were a gardener, then you wouldn’t be able to grow any flowers at all . ” Raising an eyebrow, Tang Feng spoke in an uninterested, bored tone .

Gino’s eyes suddenly widened . “Tang, do you know? Ever since the first time I saw you, I’ve had a very weird feeling, like I’ve met you before . ”

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Tang Feng’s heart skipped a beat, but he continued looking down at the script . He had read up to the point where the two characters were bickering at each other . Thinking of their past and now the present, Tang Feng quietly laughed to himself . At that moment, it certainly seemed that they were “quarrelsome lovers . ”

“I know I’m your dream lover . You don’t need to repeat it,” Tang Feng joked .

“No, not that,” Gino shook his head, eyes still staring at Tang Feng, as if trying to read his thoughts . In the end, all he saw was an indifferent, composed man drinking coffee .

“Do you know Fiennes Tang?” Gino asked .

“Yes, of course, he’s famous . ” Not only that, they’re very familiar with each other as well .

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Gino continued, “Tang, you’re really similar to him . Even your names are the same . Look, you both like coffee without sugar . ”

“This is a preference that many people could have . ”

“Not just this . You probably can’t imagine it, but what you just said is exactly the same as what Fiennes told me before . He always told me that I’m a boring and silly person, and that everything I said was meaningless . ” With a hint of sadness in his eyes, Gino sighed, “Fiennes was a really good man, but… Even God was jealous of him, and took him away so early . ”

Tang Feng raised his head and put the script in his bag . They said they were going to talk about the movie, but not even one sentence of their conversation so far had anything to do with it . Since the topic was on “Fiennes Tang” now, Tang Feng’s interest piqued . He wanted to know what kind of person he was from Gino’s point of view .

After all, Gino had just said that he was a good man .

“It sounds like you were really close with him,” Tang Feng said . “What kind of person was he?”

“Fiennes?” Gino shook his head and smiled . As though reminiscing the past, he looked at the cup of black coffee in his hands . “He looked like a mature, calm, and charismatic person on the outside, but he’s actually a proud and self-assured guy . Sometimes you can’t help but tease him . For some reason, I especially liked seeing him on edge . ”

“I recall that he had heart disease . ” Treating a sick person like that, Gino, you bastard!

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