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Twin Sword - Chapter 10

Published at 18th of October 2016 01:35:41 AM

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Pray to Heaven and Earth

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Many people speculated that this sister was a billionairess in real life, because she had a flying sword which had the same style and properties as the flying sword the blacksmith sold every day . That flying sword’s attribute was not good, but its price was 20 gold, equivalent to 20 million federal currency .

   Tang Hua was not sure whether this sister was a rich woman or not, but he knew a few things . First, this sister was quite rich, as he and the Black Crystal had sold three equipments to her and for 2 gold coins . Second, this sister’s name was not Sister, her in-game name was Princess .

   As previously said, the method Princess used to operate the flying sword was quite good . Like how most online games could set shortcut keys, Princess had somehow managed to create almost 20 different movesets from just the normal sword movements . Her left hand was so flexible, all the action was controlled entirely by her left hand .

  Afterwards, Black Crystal reluctantly learnt an additional 10 movesets from Princess excluding the system moves . Why was Black Crystal allowed to learn the moves? Of course, not because of Tang Hua’s handsomeness, nor because of Black Crystal’s attractiveness, but because the two exchanged a Blue dress item with her .

   Black Crystal didn’t want to exchange clothes with others, but Tang Hua ignored her and directly contacted Princess . Princess knew that clothes were the most difficult to get out of all equipments, so she wanted to purchase it at a high price, but Tang Hua refused . Tang Hua offered her a price: We want operating techniques for the sword .

   Princess had pondered upon this matter for a long time . Among all the equipments, the clothes had the highest stats, and also the most eye-catching . Finally, so that she was able to behead the Rooster Boss, she grinded her teeth to exchange for the clothes, because of a specific stat: Resistance against Water attack spells .

   Although the performance of the main actor -Black Crystal – was not very good, the supporting actor – Tang Hua – not only learnt techniques quickly, but could also give additional support to Black Crystal .

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   Tang Hua explained to Black Crystal in a simple manner: “My house has done embroidery works for a few years . Originally, my name was Tang Mian Hua,  however, because of the homophonics, it changed to Tang Hua . Every day, you use the fist; if your finger joints are not flexible, that is normal . ” From Tang Hua’s point of view, a strong ability in controlling the sword was just a slight advantage over your opponent . After all, the Sword Controller system was the most practical and most simple; personal inventions could only be regarded as a small wit .

        Tang Hua hadn’t yet obtained a flying sword, but he already knew enough about it .


   Princess was the first person to leave Newbie Village; all the players gathered to say farewell to her . Although no one knew how these feelings came to be, but even then, they still gathered to send off the Princess . Princess was also not cold; she waved and said that she would create a Guild as soon as possible, and welcomed everyone to join .

   After Princess left, other players left Newbie Village one after another .  Black Crystal had reached level 10, but in order to pass time while waiting for Tang Hua who was still sloshing around level 9, she continued to fight the level 10 monster: Demon Tree .


   “Measuring Sky Ruler!” Tang Hua shouted even though it wasn’t necessary . He liked the momentum; after all, such a cool name shouldn’t be wasted .

   “Ah! It’s activated again . ” Black Crystal cheered, this was the third time Tang Hua had successfully activated the Measuring Sky Ruler, although he threw it one time per 10 minutes, 24 hours a day .

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  “Boom!” Fire Spell instantly killed a level 10 monster with full HP . Although Tang Hua had secretly stamped for 10 seconds . Tang Hua checked and found that the power of Fire Spell  had increased by 50%, but the MP cost was also 50% more . But he still enjoyed the feeling … …


   “My Fire Spell was upgraded . ” Tang Hua said surprisedly; he did not expect that the spell could be upgraded .

   “Really?” Black Crystal happily asked .

   “Well, see for yourself . ” Tang Hua made a hand seal, and 7 seconds later a pillar of fire rose from under the last Demon Tree’s feet . Although it wasn’t an instant kill, but the power of Fire Spell clearly had been increased . Now the Fire Spell had 7 seconds  of activation time, but the power was still slightly incomparable to the flying sword .

   Tang Hua understood a little why Newbie Village was so complicated and difficult . It’s purpose was for people to explore and enjoy the game . It was different from other games, where before the game had been released, there were already guides for newbies and walkthroughs and tutorials……

   What fun was there in playing a game without exploring?

   One thing he didn’t know, was that the game was intentionally created to be complex, so that the AIs of the game could record all the actions of a character and process their character .

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   Level 10! Finally, he had reached level 10! The fifth day after he had started the game, Tang Hua reached level 10 . For him, this was like a Guinness record, because he had never stayed more than 5 hours in the Newbie Village of any other game . But in Twin Sword, he was online 24 hours a day, and still had to spend five days to reach level 10 .

   “Do you use a Transformation Potion?” Tang Hua asked .

   “This is the equivalent of cosmetic surgery, only those who love vanity, or had self-doubt would use it . I would rather like to see my own face when I look in a mirror . ”

   “Yeah, you are right!” Tang Hua felt a little uneasy; he originally wanted to use a Transformation Potion . Although he wasn’t ugly, he wasn’t handsome . The day he had left, his mother told him to find a daughter-in-law for her in the game … … If you said Black Crystal, Tang Hua would tell you that they are buddies . When men and women touch sparks may appear, but Tang Hua and Black Crystal simply could not produce any sparks .

   “Here is the incense stick . ”

   Tang Hua look around and said: “I need to find somewhere to borrow a flame……”

   “No need to do that, I have fire!” Black Crystal took out a lighter .

   “You are a prodigal daughter!” Tang Hua saw lighters in a grocery store, and each one cost two silver coins . In the past few days, deducting the 2 gold coins used to buy 10 packs of Yangchun noodles, they were a little bit wealthy . When this girl had money, her shopaholic nature could not rest; Tang Hua had to stop her from buying useless ornaments for the Nth times .

   “Well, I’ll light it for you!”


   The mandatory form of Praying to Heaven and Earth was: go to the highest place in the village, kneel and read a constant prayer . Of course, you could do as you like, but the Village Chief said very clearly only doing according to that form, could you get the benefits . Furthermore, kneeling before heaven, before earth, before parents wasn’t a shameful thing for a man .

   “Disciple Black Crystal…”

   “Hey! Don’t you feel awkward reading it?” Tang Hua said .

   “Then you go first . ” Black Crystal felt a bit wrong too .

   “Disciple Eastern Eggplant … …” Tang Hua did not have the humility of a prayer, he quickly finished . After finishing, an interface appeared in front of him, showing: “Heaven was your father, Earth was your mother …”,  a bunch of nonsense . Finally, the system prompted: “Please select your reward to increase one of following hidden attributes: Lucky, Blessing, Rootbone, Perception . ”