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Twin Sword - Chapter 12

Published at 20th of October 2016 06:26:21 AM

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Road to Shu Mountain

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“You … …” Black Crystal pointed at Tang Hua .
Tang Hua modestly said . “Just comprehending what we were told by that blind man . ”

“You actually bribed NPCs … It’s bribery, you know?”

Tang Hua thought for a moment . ”But this trick really works . ”

“Well, I don’t care anymore, I’m gone . ” Black Crystal walked into the Teleport Magic Circle while feeling a little displeased, but suddenly ran out asking . “Do you want the flying sword?”

“No, when you go to the hidden sect you will be going alone, maybe even being the only disciple . I am going to a big Sect, what Sect does not have a bunch of players?” Tang Hua waved . “Do not buy things unless necessary . ”

“I know . ” Black Crystal suddenly felt a little sad, because in Twin Sword it was hard to contact other players . One SMS costs 1 silver coin . As for using things like the friend chat or guild chat…someone had to spend money to open the chat room . Otherwise, you could only wait until after you had learned Advanced Sword Arts to use the Flying Sword Messenger .

“Let’s go . ”

“Then if you have time, you must come to Xianyang to find me . ”

“I know already, go!”

“Well…” Finally, Black Crystal wiped away her tears, then disappeared into the Teleport Magic Circle .

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Shu Mountain! The only choice, after all this was an information exchanged by 100,000 federal currency . Tang Hua chose Shu Mountain, a burst of light flashed, and finally bid farewell to Newbie Village .

“Twin Sword commando team, have four members already, waiting for one . ”

“Single Sword strike team, have three, waiting for two, southeast position . ”

“Single, have flying sword, seeking party to go to Shu Mountain . ”

“The infantry needs your help! We pay 50 silver coins . . ”
“Demanding a bomber aircraft, have four, waiting for one . ”

“Anyone who knows healing and buffing skills? Huge amounts of salary, you will receive money before work . ”

“An infantry, have defense artifact, seeking party . ”
“A bomber aircraft, single, seeking party . ”
“Mountain Shu’s map for flying sword, Mountain Shu’s map for infantry, only 1 gold coin, has the distribution and locations of monsters, also shows various kinds of traps in this area . My friends and I died 5 times per person in exchange for this important information, it’s absolutely true . ”

At Mountain Shu’s foot there was a lively scene . Tang Hua had just stepped out of Magic Circle, and already, he found himself looking at a mountain full of people, it was very lively . 30 meters high in the air, there were dozens of players shouting “needing party” or “needing people” everywhere . It seemed the number of flying swords were really small . Rank 1 Flying Swords could only fly a total of 30 meters above the ground, so going to Shu Mountain by flight alone was basically impossible .

Traveling Shu’s road was as difficult as going on the road to the blue sky

“Shu Mountain infantry suicide squad recruiting, if you’re afraid of death, come here!” A loud voice sounded in Tang Hua’s ear . Tang Hua looked back; the voice had come from a fierce man .

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“Me!” Tang Hua raised his hand . Tang Hua considered his own situation; he didn’t have a flying sword, didn’t know healing skills, and he didn’t have defense artifacts too . So the only option left was joining the infantry suicide squad .

Joining the party, Tang Hua saw the captain was the fierce man, who indeed had a quite suitable name for his posture: Tiger King . There was also a woman named Tiger Girl, it could be assumed that they were brother and sister .

“Calling me Tiger is fine . This is my sister, you can call her Girly Girl . ” Tiger King said in the team channel . As long as the party was within a certain area, the channel was free to use . But if you wandered too far away from the team, you would be expelled from the party .

“Hello . ” Tiger Girl talked first .

“Hello, you can call me Eggplant . ”

“Eggplant, you rest first, I will look for others . ”

After a few minutes, there was a woman who joined the party . She had a fine-sounding name: Glass Heart .

Finally, after 10 minutes, a male player joined the party, his nickname: Soul of Wind .

“My sister and I have died twice, this f*cking Mountain Shu was too hard to breakthrough . ” Tiger King said as he walked . “This place has a ban, anyone who successfully enters Mountain Shu cannot re-enter, so you have to be mentally prepared to die . ”

“No problem . Other than my life, I have no worth . ” Tang Hua readily answered .

“GO!” Tiger shouted an English word, . He was also the first one to step onto Mountain Shu’s road, which was carved full of Taoist incantations .

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From what Tang Hua could sense, the four-metre wide road he was travelling upon spiralled up and away to the right, while to the left was a deep abyss which he could not see the depths of .

“Stop!” Only a few meters away, Tiger King showed a hand sign to stop everyone, then said in the team channel: “There are 110 . (EN: No idea what this means . ) . ”


“The patrol . ”

Tang Hua asked, “Why do I not see anything?”

“When you see him, he will see you too . ”

Just as Tang Hua was about to ask more questions, there was another team who stepped onto Mountain Shu’s road . They ignored Tang Hua’s team and went directly forward . Immediately after they turned the corner, Tang Hua heard the sound of metal colliding .

Tiger King waved and led the four individuals forward . As they walked around the corner, Tang Hua saw ten 50-cm-high Yaksha walking in the mountains, and leading the way in front of them was a Yaksha named: Yaksha Patrol Captain . The previous team had certainly went to Hell .

“Why didn’t we work with them to breakthrough the patrol?” Glass Heart asked; her question also happened to be Tang Hua’s question .

“On Mountain Shu’s road we cannot speak, because the sound will awaken the sleeping boss . If a group of people push through at the same time, how do we coordinate? Besides, among so many people, who wants to go in front?” Tiger Girl answered .

“Stop!” Tiger King explained: “There are three moths in front of us, we must wait!”

“What are we waiting for?”

“Commando team . ”

As he just finished the sentence, Twin Sword’s commando team flew over their heads . Tang Hua stretched his head out to look as the commando team crashed with the moths in mid-air . The one ahead was bitten by a moth; his HP dropped by a half, and was also afflicted with the slow effect .

Behind him, his four teammates saw this and hurriedly resorted to using the flying sword, blocking the second attack for the captain . Then, it became a 5 vs 3 battle . This team was an expert team; no one was panicked . They made full use of their flying sword’s flexibility, and using hit-and-run tactics, three members managed to attract two moths .

Soon, the first moth was killed by two main attackers, while the other two moths, because of Aggro, blindly chased the other two players . This was a common problem of monsters . So three other attackers joined forces and killed another moth . Then it became easy … …

“Expert!” Tang Hua looked at the team far away, and praised .

“Expert my ass, just punchbag . ” Beside him, Tiger King said . “Further down the road, there are monsters who have higher IQ . They will choose the strongest player to attack and just ignore the attacks of weaker small fry . These prideful people think that having two flying swords is a very great achievement . ”

Girly Girl said with a smile: “Do not mind him, my brother is jealous . ”

“Who is jealous? I just have a little bit of envy . ” Tiger King waved . “The crisis is lifted, all brothers, GO!”
TL note:
1 . Some of slang used in this novel:
– Strike aircraft/fighter aircraft: A player has flying sword, so he uses the flying sword to attack .
– Bomber aircraft: A player flies above with a flying sword while raining down spells .
– Infantry: A player who doesn’t own a flying sword
2 . A famous poem line of Li Bai .