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Twin Sword - Chapter 14

Published at 16th of December 2016 12:35:38 PM

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Four Heroes of Shu Mountain

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The four people shook hands with each other . Because of the old man’s “stupid” sentences, the four individuals, although they didn’t know each other, but had a common hatred, the relationship between each other became a step closer .
The four people talked and found that they had several things in common . First, they had all chosen Rootbone . Second, became the ladder for other party members and lastly, died .

They went into the hall, met a middle-aged NPC point to determine, and the four successfully joined the Sect .

Then a halo shown, yellow clothes appeared on all four of them . Each one received a Rank 2 flying sword . After all, they were disciples of an Immortal Sect . Letting them walk by feet would make the Sect lose face . They also must be a bit more generous with the first disciples the Sect . However, because of the Ban Domain, the players were unable to use the flying sword to fly within the Sect .

Shu Mountain’s exclusive flying sword (not attackable) has Speed 40, no property .

The four went to receive Sect Quests, because only after level 15 could they leave the Sect and in the mountains, they could not contact with the outside world, so then they could only do Sect Quests to level up . Every knew that the main purpose for this was that the Sect feared that the four would reveal a shortcut to join the Sect .

The Quest Giver old man called Zhong Hang, no longer said nonsensical things and gave each of them a quest .

“I have to mop the floor . ” Angel bit her lips: “At home, I never needed to touch a broom . ”

One Smile sadly smiled: “I have to do the laundry . Don’t even know how to do this if there is no washing machine . ”

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“Damn! I have to carry water,” Tang Hua lamented .

“I doubt that he saved us for our purposes, but because Shu Mountain had no servants . ”

“Young Master, what is your quest?” The three people asked in unison .

“I…” Young Master covered half of his face with the fan: “pouring . ”

“Pouring what?” The three puzzledly asked .

“Not water, but pouring fertilizer1 . ” Young Master answered painfully, why do you people have to ask so detailedly .

“Ohhhhhhh…” The three stretched the word, then bursted into laughter .

“Eggplant, quickly complete your quest and help me to do my quest . Gather at the hall . ” One Smile went to the kitchen and shouted at Tang Hua who was washing the vegetables . The Sect Quests were given by drawing lots, you could fail but could not give up .

“Immediately!” Tang Hua looked at the bunch of vegetables that needed to be washed . After thinking for a while, he grabbed a bucket of water and poured the water onto the vegetable pile . Looking at the quest list: completion progress 80% . Hmph! Tang Hua kicked the heap with his feet and then poured a bucket of water to ensure that any dry vegetables were stained with water . He looked back at the quest list, it said: the quest is completed .

So the quest could be done in that way .

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“The quest to kill 20 Wood Spirits on 9th floor of Monster-Locking Tower . Wood Spirit is a level 20 monster and has intelligent, so please help out . ”

“Don’t be polite . ” Young Master waved his fan, opened the party, and gave the Captain position to One Smile .
The four went to Monster-Locking Tower and after speaking with the guarding disciples, the four were teleported to the 9th floor .

“Two days have passed, how there is only the four of us?”

“There are enough people to do chores,” These were Young Master’s words . These past two days, the four people have risen to level 12, but still, have no new comrade .

Although a Wood Spirit is a level 20 monster, the problem is difficult . Tang Hua’s Fire Spell countered Wood-attribute monsters, so a spell could take away 1/3 of their HP .

The quest was completed quickly, but the quest itself has never been important as the important thing was the reward . Because it was the first time they kill monsters after coming to Shu Mountain, they were very curious .

“A flying sword with properties, this is a flying sword with properties . ” One Smile was excited and the other three’s eyes twinkled . The attribute was useless, but the attack damage was quite high with a 5% chance to start the AoE spell: Sweeping Wind . This point has let the sword worth a hundred times more .

“Ah! I also received a killing monsters quest: 20 Thunder Spirits . ” Tang Hua’s next quest was no longer washing vegetables or farming .

“No!” Angel and Young Master shouted with the same voice of resentment .

One Smile took the sword back and sighed: “The truth will always be cruel, buddy, enter the tower . ”

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Young Master faced towards the sky: “We do not want to go, why would we go?”

“Right, do not go, do not go . ” Although they held a lot of resentment, they finally went to the 9th floor of Monster-Locking Tower .

“If it is a flying sword with properties, then I will cut him into pieces . ” Angel looked at Tang Hua, who was receiving the reward .

“If it is a flying sword with properties, then I will cut myself into pieces . ” Young Master corrected .

Seeing Tang Hua holding a sword and then roared: “… Took the wrong thing!”

“… …” Angel and Young Master coughed blood and immediately had the urge of real-life PK . But looking at Tang Hua digging his bag, they immediately felt extremely nervous . If Tang Hua also received flying sword with properties, then they were bound to receive flying sword with properties .
“Not a flying sword!” Tang Hua bowed his head, his face becoming gray .

“You swear?” Young Master calmly asked .

“I swear,” Tang Hua continued to bow his head lower .

Young Master patted Tang Hua’s shoulder: “It does not matter, not everyone have luck . ”

“Well!” Tang Hua said: “Only comprehending an AoE offense spell . ”

“& Amp; $ # $ … …” Young Master and Angel used their violent foul mouth at the same time and even used their middle finger with the thumb .

“Yeah!” Tang Hua smiled and clapped hands with One Smile .

Tang Hua’s quest reward: primary-level spell upgraded, Fire Spell’s level raised from 2 to 3, comprehending a new fire spell: True Samadhi Flame 2, AoE offense spells . Although he still needed to stamp for 10 seconds, this was after all his first AoE offense spell .

“Grandpa Zhong Hang , quests, quests!” Young Master grudgingly glared at Tang Hua who was still celebrating and laughing and rushed to the front of Zhong Hang: “OMG, why is it still to pour fertilizer?!”

“I have to wipe the table…” Angel ran away with tears .

The next day, Angel received a killing monsters quest and acquired a defense artifact: Red Armillary Sash . 3

After that……

Young Master became crazy, he no longer rest, no longer lazy, he desperately washed clothes, desperately carried water, desperately wiped the table, desperately poured fertilizer . With a “Not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tiring, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of stink” spirit, Young Master finally received the quest he always dreamt about .

Shaking Heaven Fan (thunder-attribute artifact): After using, all enemy with levels not higher than the user by at least 5 levels will be stunned for 5 seconds, and cooldown is 30 minutes . It also had a single-target spell: Fallen Lightning Strike .

After everyone analyzed: Young Master’s artifact and One Smile’s flying sword’s skill could be launched instantly, but could not be upgraded as its power was fixed . Tang Hua’s spell can be upgraded and when a spell is upgraded to a certain level, it could be comprehended into higher level spells . But it should also be subjected to character level restrictions . For example, if you comprehended a new spell in level 15, then you could not comprehend a new spell before level 20 .

This isn’t chemical fertilizer, but fertilizer made from fecal and urine .   This is a flame inextinguishable by water, used by Red Boy in Journey to the West .    An artifact belongs to Nezha .