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Twin Sword - Chapter 15

Published at 17th of December 2016 04:37:50 AM

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Graduation

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Young Master took out the artifact after the next day when the Tang Hua level 14 . Someone finally came up the mountain . Uhm… …The person was a skinny girl who looks very pretty .

Young Master started to shake the heaven fan while the other hand touched the chin, looking at the new classmate . His activity made the little girl feel some fear and kept her head down .

Tang Hua pushed One Smile: “Hero saves the beauty, this is a good opportunity!”

Unexpectedly, both One Smile and Young Master walked around and looked at the little girl . Angel was a woman but she was also curious to stare at her .

Even though they don’t have malice with the girl, they all thought the same question: “How did she pass?”

Young Master asked: “Name?”

“Sticky Rice . ” The answer was so weak .

“How did you pass here?”

“I walked . ”

“Walk through the… Hey, Eggplant, what is that… Pass?”

“Crescent Moon Pass!”

“Yes, how could you walk across the…” Young Master did not remember .

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The little girl raised her head, “Going through the Crescent Moon Pass, you will see a transfer process near the root of the mountain . Did you go there from another way?”

“Ah ha ha!” Young Master retracted the fan and then opened it, “How could we? We want to check you . ”

“You climbed up the ivy to get here, didn’t you?”

“Of course we did,” Four people answered at the same time, while they silently cursed: Oh sh*t, the road’s on the top .

“How did you get the ivy?” Tang Hua asked again .

“I piled up the stones so I could touch it . ” Sticky Rice was suspicious and asked: “Didn’t you go there by this way?”

“Yes… of course we did . ”
“This girl is not an ordinary intelligent person,” One Smile said to Tang Hua .
“Where do you see that?”

“So if she is not intelligent then were we too stupid?”

“Yes, she is quite intelligent . ” Tang Hua then nodded firmly

Thus, Shu Mountain has one more member . Maybe he accused himself and felt guilty or liked Sticky Rice but One Smile was kind to Sticky Rice . He not only told her to do some chores that will get a good task, but also often forgot his tasks in order to help her boil the water, and sweep the floors .

“That is love!” Young Master said some shocking words that had gone with the wind .

But Sticky Rice didn’t like One Smile as she often left him alone, then helped three people to do the chores . The final result was that One Smile was alone to help Sticky Rice do the tasks and was angry with Tang Hua and his friends .

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One Smile and Tang Hua’s levels would usually be the same . But when One Smile fell in love, Tang Hua reached level 15 before him .
If level 10 is the beginning of the journey, then level 15 is the beginning of the game!

Self-forged Flying Swords (exclusive quest):

Hardening Sword of Great Mystery: 72 flying swords combination . Requires the 72 Hardening Swords rough draft The number of materials includes… . , etc . Some of them were dropped from BOSS .

Sword of Chaotic Killing Immortal: 49 flying swords combination . Requires the 49 Chaotic Swords rough draft . The number of materials includes… . , etc .

Sword of Chasing Heavenly Sun: 18 flying swords combination . Requires the 9 Chasing Heaven Sword and 9 Heavenly Sun Sword rough drafts . The number of materials includes… . , etc .

Sword of Pure Yang Star: 18 flying swords combination . Requires the 36 Pure Yang Swords rough draft . The number of materials includes… . , etc .

Although there were many others on the large row of the list, Tang Hua did not look down . His eyes have been locked in the four Flying swords on the top . He also doesn’t need to look down as he knew that while the Flying sword quests in the lower were easier to collect, its power was low too .
Sword Formations, only when he was by himself would Tang Hua drool about it: throwing his hand, Flying sword flies into the sky, then 72 Flying swords appeared and covered the sky, killing the enemies in the wars, swords crossed, blood flow thousands of miles .

Taking a look at the list of clearly written documents, Tang Hua wanted to kill himself . Sword Formation might not be made for him .

Look at the other two Flying sword combinations, the materials and swords needed are less, but only in comparison . Which one to choose? He was so confused…

Tang Hua has never been a person who did not make decisions, only when he did not know what to decide, he would come up with a stupid idea to choose .

The list of materials for The Sword of Chasing Heavenly Sun had a total of 2798 words .

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The list of materials for Sword of Pure Yang Star had a total of 3121 words .

Of course, the best choice is The Sword of Chasing Heavenly Sun!

After the Flying sword task was chosen, they had to choose the Nascent Soul!

Training the Nascent Soul started the division of occupations .

First: Sword Nascent Soul: In addition to the role of controlling mana to restore life, it can also increase the flexibility and power of Flying sword . Finally, it can be attached the souls to the sword, and take the enemies’ head from thousands of miles away .

Second: Immortal Nascent Soul: It has the role of recharging mana to restore life . It can also increase the magic power and reduce spell cooldown speed .

Third: Origin Nascent Soul: This is the medium, suitable for people who wants to train both the sword and spells . It can help increase flexibility and the power of a sword, and increase magic power and reduce the cooldown speed . But everyone knew that the rate of increase is not much as pure cultivation . Because of this, the Origin Nascent Soul had another effect: increasing the five element attributes .

Origin Nascent Soul cultivation, except the special opportunity, from level 20, they had an opportunity of closed-door practice every 10 levels . It means they had a chance to stay alone in a vacant room all day .

Tang Hua was also confused about choosing the Nascent Soul . He liked powerful magic but also wanted to fly on a sword . He also did not want to choose the third .

At this time the system has sent a notice: Measuring Sky Ruler skill is well-trained and can be upgraded . Tang Hua knew that after level 15, he can only save 80 . 000 spiritual powers; it’s too far from the 100 million points . This was the will of Heaven . After all, when Tang Hua drew his hand, his body shone, and Immortal Nascent Soul has been chosen .

Players at level 10 can learn a Shu Mountain introductory skill, and after achieving level 20, you must return to Shu Mountain in order to take skill quests at Zhong Hang, or magic or sword skills . The difficulty on the types of skills or how many quests will depend on the character . The Village Chief said that Shu Mountain has its honor .

Until level 20 roles appeared, there are support, carry, tank, etc .

After that is the Forbidden Skill quests . Except the quest for killing Evil Sword Immortal once, the quests had a long list of documents .

It’s easy to choose, each element had one Forbidden Skill . Of course, he chose the fire: The Hell Lotus .

Finally he went to the hall to pick the lottery, it was a chance to change the 16 slots package to a Dimensional Pocket . The smallest Pocket had 49 spaces and the largest had 81 .

Without confusion, Tang Hua was very satisfied with this point, pressed the slot machine, the bag was gone, replaced for the 64 slots Dimensional Pocket . Although it was not the best, but it was also pretty good .

After playing slot machine, Tang Hua easily picked four magic, but they were all rubbish magic . They could not be practised and only used to restore MP and HP . Its name was also terribly simple: Warm Jade .  1

Young Master, One Smile, and Angel looked at Tang Hua who was flying in the sky out of the mountain and their hearts ached . Especially One Smile, he should have been the first to graduate but because Cupid angel shot his ass, Tang Hua came first .

Everyone saw Tang Hua threw his hands . Eight seconds later, True Samadhi Flame appeared . There were more than a dozen fire pillars, each was one meter thick and three meters tall coming from the ground . Although the skill did not produce sound, its effect was great . And these people were all green with envy as they said, “He dared to attack open space . ”

Indeed, after hearing what they said, Tang Hua felt hurt again . Although the Flying sword could fly over 50 meters, he found that except for the monsters on the 9th floor of Monster-Locking Tower, wild monsters with levels higher than 15 will have ranged attacks . For example, Mountain apes could throw stones, Spiders could spray venom, and Humanoid monsters could shoot arrows . After killing a monster, he has to rest to restore his HP . Using the Fire Spell was the best choice . One vs one was too easy, it only needed 3 seconds to kill a monster, and it’s an instant kill . But if you are willing to give up a more AOE powerful skill, which had a better potential?

The answer is clearly not defined, so Tang Hua could only throw a spell and then sit down quickly on the Flying sword . However, with the Immortal Nascent Soul, he found that not only his HP and MP limits increased by several times but also the speed of recovery was faster . Of course, it would be better if he has Angel’s defensive artifact .


This is Warm jade’ photo .