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Twin Sword - Chapter 16

Published at 17th of December 2016 04:40:16 AM

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Rescue the Penglai

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After reaching level 15, they didn’t have to do chores task . The quests were to go down the mountain to handle the bad situations . Why didn’t Tang Hua leave the mountain? The reason was very simple: his party was green with envy . But they have promised Tang Hua that they will travel to Xianyang with him when they left the Shu Mountain .

Angel was the next person reached level 15 and, of course, the third was One Smile, this guy’s speed slowed down by a lot .

What about Young Master? He was so lazy and after he knew that there was no more Monsters-Locking Tower quests, he became low-spirited . After the three people encouraged him and with Sticky Rice’s kind help, he also reached level 15 . Of course, everybody didn’t forget to help Sticky Rice complete the Monster-Locking Tower quest . The quests were little mobs, but it needed a party to complete .

After Young Master knew Tang Hua chose the Immortal Nascent Soul, One Smile and Angel chose the Sword Nascent Soul, he picked without needing to think .

Packing the suitcases is like trying to put as much as free dumplings of Shu mountain into their Dimensional pockets . After packing, One Smile became desolated when he said farewell Sticky Rice . He showed that he was willing to stay here with her, but he thought he could be assaulted by these three people . In this bad situation, he decided to prevent a revolutionary fire .

And why call it desolate? Because Sticky Rice said goodbye him quickly . It was easy for the three people to realise this, but One Smile still thought that she has sentiment feelings towards him .

“Xianyang in Shaanxi of China . So which province is Shu Mountain in? Which direction should we go?” Angel, who was bad at geography, asked .

“Of course Shaanxi is in the west . ” Tang Hua made sure: “The direction of the sunset .

“So Hunan is in the south, and Hubei is in the north?” The Young Master despised knowledge of Tang Hua and Angel: “One Smile, which way?”

“I will ask someone for helping . ” One Smile landed and he ran headlong towards Sticky Rice .

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A half hour later, One Smile happily came back . He said: “Sticky Rice is so careful, she helped us draw a China map”

“……” Three faces became dark .

“Do we need a world map?”One Smile asked carefully, but if it was needed then, Sticky Rice was too tired to do that .

“Big Brother!” Tang Hua with his darkened face whispered to One Smile: “We know the Chinese map, we only want to know the location of Shu Mountain, thank you!”

“Honey, calm down, calm down,” Young Master said softly .

System notice: The Sect issued an emergency quest, all disciples immediately go back to the mountain . When One Smile asked about Mountain Shu’s location, the system message was sent to them .

Zhong Hang looked at the four lonely Shu Mountain’s ‘high level disciples’ and said: ‘Evil Sword Immortal lead a large number of monsters to attack Penglai, our Shu Mountain Sect have so many disciples! How can we only sit and see our ally in big trouble? Let’s go ahead to kill the demons to receive Sect Contribution points and then exchange it for a Shu Mountain sword skill . ”

“… …” Four people silently looked at the Zhong Hang .

“Now we know Shu Mountain’s position . ” Angel lamented: “But who can tell us the location of Penglai?”

This can not be blamed on anyone because no one has learned about the Penglai Sect .

“Penglai should be in Shandong Yantai of the Bohai Sea, but the myth said that the Penglai might be in the center of the Bohai Sea . Bohai Sea has “abbot ” and ” Ying Chau “Penglai” also known as the three immortal islands .

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“Sticky Rice, you are so good!” One Smile threw his hand: “Brothers, our target is Bohai, let’s go!”

“Honey, calm, calm!”

So they changed their plan fly to Bohai sea instead of Xianyang .
“Already two days and we still cannot see the sea?” Tang Hua asked a question that they have been afraid to mention .

“Our average speed is 40 km per hour and now that this is a problem, who knows how far it is from Sichuan to Bohai?”


“Keep flying! No need hurry, the one in danger isn’t Shu Mountain . ” Young Master snapped his fingers to make everybody forget this problem .

On the fourth day, they finally arrived in the Bohai . No need to ask where Penglai is, because they can see fire and the sight of monsters flying to the sky in the air .

At that time, there were five people who flew from left . The leader was so fat and he held a flag in his hand . They don’t know anything about that flag, but gusts of wind appeared from it . Cool wind blew on their bodies . Their speed was faster than four Shu Mountain disciples .
“Brothers, we are Kunlun disciples, what about you?” The fat man shouted .

“Shu Mountain Sect,” One Smile answered .

“Too bad, we’re leaving first, see you later in Penglai . Ha ha!” The Fatty waved the flag . Their speed was fast and soon disappeared into the sea .

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“What is there to be proud of?!” The four people despised the Kunlun disciples .

“Buddha Amitabha!” A player stood on a lotus flew behind them: “where are you from and where do you want to go?”

“… …” Damn it, the lotus also flew faster than them . What the f*ck Flying sword? They despised their Flying sword from Shu Mountain Sect .

“Ha ha . Four brothers see you again, Buddha Amitabha . ”

Tang Hua shed tears: “Five girls are coming from the right . ”

“Ahhhh, I wanna die, die! I don’t want to live . Everything can get past us . ” One Smile was very angry .

“Hey, what’s your Sect?” A lady came a little closer and asked four flying turtles .

“Kunlun!” Young Master said two words .

“Oh, so we’ll go first, see again in Penglai! Sisters, speed up!”

After several days past, they finally arrived in Penglai during the sunset of the second day . All of Penglai sect appeared distressing . Although Penglai had the most disciples, but in the sky and the land, there were not any player who stood straight . According to a reliable information, all players at level 15 blended in with other disciples . They were shy like tortoises, retracted their head and stayed in the Penglai Sword-Controlling Section and the Penglai Great Hall, with the sword defending their Sect . Of course, they also knew that level 10 and 15 do not lose experience when they fight with the enemy . For a while, Hell was full, and even the Nether King raised eyebrows .

“Something went wrong, brothers . ” Young Master stopped Tang Hua’s 8 seconds rapid-fire .


“Look, how many people in Penglai and reinforcements are there? Only Penglai have no less than hundreds of thousands of people . Why can we only see mobs and not players?

In the unconsciousness, a white light suddenly flew from Penglai and a blade went straight towards them .
“Red Armillary Sash,” Angel shouted . She covered the front of Young Master . With such a move, it hit Red Armillary Sash back to her Dimensional Pocket and took a more than half HP of Angel .

“Run!!!” Tang Hua shouted and the four people quickly turned and ran .

“What should we do now?” One Smile sat on the rocks and said: “I guess almost of all of the Penglai disciples were killed . ”

Young Master asked: “Why must we save Penglai?”

Tang Hua replied: “It’s quest!”

“What’s the quest?”

“Kill monsters to earn Sect Contribution points . ”

“Then why do we have to save Penglai? Ignore Penglai’s death, we had better kill monster to earn Sect Contribution points . ”

“Oh, that’s good idea!” Three people were startled . Before come here, they intended to save Penglai and help defend them but their strategy was wrong . Now their strategy became exactly like what Young Master offered: “Don’t care about our allies, they can die but we can’t . ”