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Twin Sword - Chapter 17

Published at 17th of December 2016 04:40:47 AM

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Kill Players Steal BOSS

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“Begin fighting! Angel, keep your Red Armillary Sash to defend against the BOSS hit behind the belt . ”
“Cooldown will be complete immediately,” Angel reported . The Defense artifact was destroyed and needed a half hour to be re-called . Of course, you can infuse magic in the artifact, but if it was broken after one attack, there wasn’t feasibility .

Young Master opened his fan and assigned, “We have to pay attention in order to protect Eggplant, let’s go”

Young Master and One Smile started using Flying sword . They controlled Flying Sword to kill everything they met . Tang Hua needed a countdown of several seconds, but his move has great power . Once he used a move, a group of level 15 monster were dead . Angel was responsible for defending flying swords attacks against Tang Hua .

Anger was the best observant, she also had the fastest reaction speed in the party . One Smile was the bravest as he doesn’t stop even if his HP wasn’t too low . Young Master had a good overall vision and could take advantage of controlling the number of monsters that were attacked by Tang Hua’s spell . Tang Hua has a great sense of battlefield, only needed to glance at the battlefield to know which position he should appear in .

“Measuring Sky Ruler!” Tang Hua launched Measuring Sky Ruler again . When he opened his hand, a one kilometer square appeared in dozens of fire pillars . The top of fire pillars was no longer upward and it instantly spread out to the directions of the final flames, blending into big fire dragon as it flew to the sky . When fire dragon disappeared, a large blank appeared in front of them .

“My heart aches!!” Tears ran down Angel’s face .

One Smiling looked at the blank and said: “I regret that I chose the Sword Nascent Soul”

Young Master said softly: “Eggplant, hurry and give a reason to comfort us!”

“Estimating that it needs ten days to use ten minutes . ”

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“The reason was accepted, a little comfort, let’s continue . ”

“Wait… listen,” Angel suddenly stopped them . Indeed there was the sound of Flying sword attack from the south of Penglai Island .

“It could be players,” One Smile said .

“Let’s join up with our friends,” Young Master closed his fan and decided .

About 100 meters from the south of Penglai, a group of women were riding Flying swords, commanding the Flying swords attack into the sea . Sometimes the sea shot water to fight back . These women had the whip hand, the five women took turns to attack the monster under the water as it roared mournfully .

The Shu Mountain disciples knew who the women team were . These five women overtook them last time . What were they doing? It was so clear: Attacking BOSS .

“Let’s gather and discuss!” Young Master ordered . The previous didn’t show up to avoid the embarrassing situation as Young Master told four people to watch behind the rocks . What an embarrassing situation; the friendly forces were surrounded and attacked by monsters, you said we should start to rush or not?

One Smile nodded his head and said: “BOSS! Do or do not?”

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Angel and Tang Hua hesitated a little and Tang Hua murmured: “Stealing monster is immoral, stealing BOSS is more immoral, and killing players to steal BOSS is too immoral . ”

Angel agreed: “I agree with Eggplant’s idea, but BOSS is unowned, I’ll agree if we steal BOSS without killing people . ”

“We can’t . Either killing people and steal BOSS or avoiding it . When we show our faces, of course, they will open PK . If something happens, there’s a hundred percent that they will leave the boss then attack us . Moreover, in our position, we can’t see the BOSS’s status, so how can we steal BOSS without killing players?” Young Master said .

One Smile stood next to him, said: “You imagine if we were attacking BOSS and at that time a group of people found this situation . Eggplant, you tell us what is the percentage that they will talk morals with us?”

“Don’t talk nonsense anymore!” Tang Hua despised them: “Okay, steal it!”


The water monster was a humanoid BOSS called River King; it was the Evil Sword Immortal’s seaway leader . These women had use most of their mana to kill River King’s entourage . Moreover, they didn’t want the Evil Sword Immortal to find them so they lured it into the sea . Everyone who saw the Evil Sword Immortal knew that even if the whole players joined together, they might be not his opponent .

Seeing that the River King in the water was bleak, those women were really delighted . At this time, an unexpected fire stream was rising from these ladies’ feet, blending into a giant fire dragon flying into the sky .

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The leader of the ladies saw that something was wrong and she hurriedly threw a scarf which turned into a rainbow which tightly covered five ladies . Unexpectedly, the effect of Tang Hua’s Measuring Sky Ruler wasn’t gone; True Samadhi Flame was really powerful . It didn’t only attack the scarf back to its Dimensional Pocket, but it also took more than half of the five people’s blood .

The five women were all wealthy and they hastily swallowed a pill, intending to spread out to see the situation . Suddenly, in the southeast corner position, a lady shouted: “Shaking Heaven Fan!” In the sky, it suddenly appeared hundreds of small thunders, although it wasn’t harmful, all five people entered in a coma .

That was Young Master’s artifact: Coma five seconds . The cool down time was 30 minutes .

For a moment, two flying swords flew from south-east and each sword took a life away . At that time, Tang Hua used Fire Spell, killing a player .

The remaining two women woke up but they were surrounded by four people . It was worse when they attempted to use flying swords to find a way out above Anger but Angel easily stopped them by using the Red Armillary Sash .

“Who are you?” The leader angrily shouted while she was dying .

“Kunlun!” Four people answered at the same time .

“Well, Emei and your Kunlun were bitter enemies . ”

Death is punitive: For those below level 10 and 15, you could not lose experience, for others dying meant losing 5% experience, and if it’s not enough, you could level down . After death, they could travel to hell and the judge will look into their reason of death and punish them for one or unknown hours .

People such as Tang Hua was an actively PK type, if he was killed, then he would have 3 hours to travel the hell . If one player was killed by PK or killed by monsters, the punishing time would be one hour .

After resurrecting there were two options: First, choose the recent resurrection point . Second: Select the set resurrection point .

“I lost three moral points!” Tang Hua looked at his status and asked: “What are moral points use for?”

“Only need to Kill BOSS, don’t talk so much nonsense,” Young Master waved the fan, a Lightning Strike appeared to attack River King in the water . Monster, Phantom, Evil Immortal, these BOSS didn’t have HP, so if you wanted to know if it was dead or not, it was necessary to observe with the naked eye . Young Master only needed a look to know . Although the River King couldn’t stand, he was not easy to kill in some seconds, and this time the most important to have were strong supports .

It couldn’t be believe that Tang Hua shrugged his shoulders: “I ‘m sorry, fire spells can not be used in water . ”

One Smile doubted him and asked: “You have True Samadhi Flame, don’t you?”

“It isn’t Preventing Water True Flame . Brothers, go for it! I need to eat some dumplings first . ” Tang Hua sat on his flying sword and took out two dumplings . He teased while he was eating: “Good move, attack to the left . There is a weak point on top of his head . Young Master, it showed his head, why don’t you shock him?”

Three people the smothered the idea of attacking Tang Hua with their flying swords . They ground their teeth and concentrated on attacking River King . No way, five beauty ladies were a bit tough to fight with him, let alone the three of them .

“Ah … Don’t have a Flying sword, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but there’s really no way to help! You said Shu Mountain recruited us because we have high moral, but I feel like our last behavior was very very bad . ”