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Twin Sword - Chapter 18

Published at 28th of December 2016 01:56:38 PM

Chapter 18


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Chapter 18: The Breaker


“Although our morals are much higher compared to the enemy, we lack morals when compared to gentlemen . However…” Young Master glanced at Tang Hua and asked, “Do you believe gentlemen exist in this world?” He knew that Tang Hua hadn’t been satisfied with their previous actions of killing players and stealing bosses .

Tang Hua was unable to think of an answer after a moment of pondering . He then swung his arms, “Be quick!”

“All right!” One Smile dived into the sea and immediately cast the AOE attack spell: ‘Sweeping Wind . ’ Although the spell was extremely powerful, River King was directly pulled from the water by about ten meters . Suddenly pulled from the sea, River King naturally could not restore his blood and his attack and defense were also weaker . Young Master and Angel saw it was a good opportunity and used all of their spells in one move . Two Flying swords flew at the same time, cutting its body, and finally River King was defeated .

“Wow… third grade Flying Chasing Sword: five attributes +5, speed 100, attack 120 to 180, and 2% chance to cause the target blindness for 5 seconds . ” One Smile took the sword and appraised it .

“Two materials: Pseudo Dragon tendon and two Gem Fragments,” Angel reported her gains .

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Young Master said: “An artifact, ‘Waterproof Gem,’ free movement in the water, however, speed decreased by 50% . ”

Tang Hua: “‘Pseudo Dragon Armor’: Defense 50, five attributes +10, dodge is increased by 1% . ”

Angel’s tears rolled down her face: “What did I do to meet such unfortunate situations . ”

The Young Master smiled and said: “Why don’t we divide up rewards? It’s quite normal . One Smile, give your sword to Eggplant so we can avoid him staying out the next time . Eggplant, give the clothes to Angel, her defense is high . We’ll go find Evil Sword Immortal . Angel, give me the document, ‘Sword Formation of Chaotic Killing Immortal’ and the material is mine . One Smile the gems go to you and go see sirens if you have time . ”

“Good!” The four people exchanged their rewards . However, everyone knew that Tang Hua gained the biggest benefit and Young Master suffered a loss . The pearl right now doesn’t have any value, but the value of it will increase afterwards . Also, when the other players are at level 15 and in order to raise their levels, they have to go to deep forests or to go down in the water .

But four people did not grimace and all understood that the Young Master’s division was fair . However, Tang Hua did not let them be dissatisfied, especially when Tang Hua took the sword and groaned: “It needs you to be at level 20 to be equipped, OMG… It’ll make me sad enough for me to die . ”

Angel then angrily showed her clothes: “This require you to be at level 27 to be equipped . Who should I cry with?”

Young Master ground his teeth: “I don’t want to say anything, except for Sword crafts, I have to collect one per thousand to complete it . ”

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One Smile waved his hands: “Let’s go diving!”

Leveled up!

Not only did Tang Hua level up, but his True Samadhi Flame also rose to level 2 . Not only did the power has been improved, but the effect of Immortal Nascent Soul also improved . Now he only needed four seconds to use the True Samadhi Flame once . But Tang Hua also knew that leveling up his Fire Spell from level 1 to level 2 is very fast, 2 to 3 is very very slow, and finally, it needs a quest award to enhance a level . The True Samadhi Flame also upgraded much slower than Fire Spell .

There was also an important fact . Although the Fire Spell was at a lower level than the True Samadhi Flame, but its attack power for a single target was better, moreover it didn’t have a cooldown time . After he got the Immortal Nascent Soul, magic cooldown time has decreased from 5 seconds to 4 seconds . That meant that every four seconds, Tang Hua could use one Fire Spell . The True Samadhi Flame also upgraded and needs eight seconds to use it once .

After thinking clearly about that point, Tang Hua believed that it was more effective to fight against mini monsters . He also knew when to use Samadhi, when to use the Fire Spell, or when to mix them…

When the four people forgot about the situation and were completely concentrated on killing monsters to earn points, Penglai Yujentang is in a dilemma . One person was controlling blue lightning swords to kill monsters and that lighting sword is very sharp . Although that kiem Tran was set by the Evil Sword Immortal, but it still could block The Breaker who had the lightning swords .

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“The Breaker from Penglai, where are you from seniors…” The man took back his lightning sword and stood in front of four Shu Mountain disciples .

Facing that ceremonious greeting, the four people from Shu Mountain looked at each other and asked the same question: “NPC?”

“Player . ” The Breaker smiled with embarrassment and said: “Recently, I have met too many NPCs and almost forgot what to say . ”

One Smile’s face filled with concern and asked: “Was Penglai okay?”

The Breaker smiled: “It’s still the same, however, now the players at level 10 are gone so they’re all at level 15 . Whatever, they weren’t all killed . ”

Young Master nodded sympathetically: “It will be better… How long will this quest last?”

“There are three days left, then the Evil Sword Immortal will retreat . ” The Breaker waved his hand and a red light shot away . One sword moved and killed 3 mobs then came back to him .

“Wow, what is this sword?” The four people were surprised and asked .

“Sword combination!” After The Breaker joined the party, he showed his sword’s properties . The red sword was called Yenchun, the blue one was called Lutiu and were based on immortal second rank third grade names . The Breaker left Newbie village to go to Great Snow Mountain to see the Mysterious man and he picked them randomly . Although the grade was not high, but one only needs to look at it shine to know that it had infinity power . The most important about immortal swords was it will automatically protect its owner and when you used Flying swords, they would fly around you . When you have been attacked, Flying sword will resist, of course, if it was destroyed then, like an artifact, it would need a half hour to reuse . The Breaker relied on these swords and endangered them to break the magic formation .

Flying swords have grades, known as the immortal sword, no attack, no speed, and only had the original description of the sword .

How much attack and how much speed depends on your cultivation and your sword skill . Unfortunately, these two swords did not belong to Penglai and Penglai sword skills have no benefits on them . However, with their immortal sword names, it still made people admire it .

“I asked that Mysterious man about this and he said that the immortal grade swords could be dropped when killing a BOSS, but the probability is very low and is mostly depended on blessing, or it could be received from a quest . Unfortunately, ah… Penglai sword skills have no effect on it . ”

The four people asked if Penglai also have activities for earning points . The Breaker, with his swords, gained two thousand points, then exchanged them for sword skill of his Sects . When choosing his skills, he took ‘Supremacy Sword Skill’ and with that, the general attack power enhanced by a lot . However, you could not practice the sword skills and it can only be received by the specific quest of Sects . Such as this time where Penglai is being attacked .

The Breaker knew that from the Mysterious man, the Great Snow Mountains, Southern Xinjiang, the East China Sea and Hundreds of Thousands of Great Mountains were not only mysterious areas but also the most dangerous areas in the game . Even the attack and defense of the outer creeps are more than three times the attack and defense of the wild general creeps on the same level . The monsters in the depths also had many different ways of attacking and are very hard to detect . Even the physical attacks and magic are invulnerable . It could be imagined that the four locals BOSS there would be much more difficult to deal than the Evil Sword Immortal .

With The Breaker joining the team, they began to try to fight the champion . The beginning was not easy and they didn’t meet monsters that were easy to beat like the 20 level River King BOSS . Only when they could work fluently with each other, they could beat a level 25 magic BOSS ‘Three Tails Fox . ’