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Twin Sword - Chapter 2

Published at 19th of August 2016 07:00:38 AM

Chapter 2

“Speak quickly, called what?” Beauty banged on the table, screaming .

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Tang Hua after a lot of thinking had sighed, “Eastern Eggplant . ” Well, this name is his nickname in the earliest game .

“Eastern Eggplant Register successful! How much money you want to exchange? ”

“?” Tang Hua do not understand .

“We can change your federal money to money in game . When the game ended, we help you convert the money into planet M currency . ” When comes to money, Beauty seem to have extraordinary patience, but watch the posture the thing she want most right now is clean every single coin from Tang Hua’s pocket .

“Well, fifty thousand . ” This is the reserve currency of the Tang Hua , including early retirement salary plus bonus for early retirement of his mother, of course, is also added to this month Tang Hua ‘s salary .

“Five silver coins, are you exchange or not?”

“Five of silver? How big? “Tang Hua can not guess much about the value of money in the game . Watch on TV history show, in ancient times a year salary of a district chief 1 . 2 coin, 5 coin equal the amount of his salary in four years . But a few other programs on TV, a person if did not have a few million, he will have a difficult to talk about rich .

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“One gold coin equals 100 silver coins, one silver coin equal 100 copper coins . ”

“I want to know the value of 5 silver coins . ”

Beauty thought for a moment and then said: “Five silver coins… To compare, in a budget hotel is 1 silver one night, eating a bowl of noodles for two pieces of vegetables, no meat is also 1 silver … ”

“Her sister!” Tang Hua immediately without waiting deprecated said: “Can I not change it?”

“Please . ” The tears in Beauty’s eyes drop: “Recently my business is in very poor condition, the boss B . O . L . T tell me if there is no prosperity, he will use me to make fried squid . ”

“… At least you still have squid to eat, I have to eat air to live . ” Tang Hua are very tenacious .

Beauty see that can not be soft with this poor, instantly lifted eyelashes: “Brat, I will calculate for you . If you do not exchange into cash in game, there is not any money traders on the planet M who you can exchange with . If you want to send fifty thousand from Earth to planet M, the procedures fee is forty-nine thousand, also still have to exchange, in that time I will not service you . To say more clearly – brat, fifty thousand on the planet mi M is only worth as toilet papers . ”

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Tang Hua full of tears: “But after give to you, it worth even less than toilet papers . ”

Beauty changes beahavior, began to seduce: “I say this only for you, at least on the starting line of life, you has held five silver coins in hand . Maybe you only needs 5 more coin to buy a rare skill book? Maybe you only needs 5 more coin to get a girl? ”


“So indeed can not let fifty thousand value beacome equal to a pile of toilet paper . I will give you an additional instant noodle bowl . You see … “Beauty finished seduce voice, innstably change to a cold whisper:” You must know your position, don’t dare to test me . ”

“…” Tang Hua is a man will strong will, is a mature, have little desire, he would rather let his mother get a thousand deposits than get wasted forty nine thousand to buy a bowl of instant noodles … In another side, when he is in university he was eating instant noodles in a few years, now saw it would make him vomiting . If it change to pasta or Duong Xuan noodle he will reconsider .

“So Duong Xuan noodles” Beauty bring out a package of Duong Xuan noodles .

“…” Tang Hua look beautiful people panically, how could she know what am I thinking?

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“In the game, NPC skills is not just for show, the more gap in spiritual forces, the easier to read thought . ”

“Spiritual forces?” What type of game is this?

“OK . . . I have to reveal a secret, so quickly exchange money . ”


“Two bags of Duong Xuan noodle . ” Beauty is indignant bring bread to the table Duong Xuan Dam shouted: “I make you deposit fifty thousand only to be rewarded with three packs of noodles Duong Xuan, you …”

“Ok ok, here is my money . . . “Tang Hua carefully handed his creadit card .

Beauties very pleased nodded arbitrary tag reception asked: “Your family have saving account, right?”
“There is one, but …” Tang Hua suddenly awakening, shouting: “Return my money …”

“The game started . ” Beauty pointed to him, a large hole appeared just below Tang Hua , then only a bitterly cry left . Beauty wipes sweat: “This customer … make me nearly die by tired . ”

* * * * * *

“Return my money to me . ” Tang Hua scream, but how echo sounds louder than himself? Looking around , well, not his imagination! Thousands of people who together turn face upward to the sky and scream: “Return my money to me . ” Tang Hua heard that, exclamative : this is prestige of thousands of people shouting, how massive, how drama, how sad, … really too tragic .

Newbie village, where is the start of every game, where you become familiar with the operation of the game, where you could find the secrets of the game: where you can get divine weapon, get forbidden skill: get a wife, get a second wife, then get a wife more …

Tang Hua do not enjoy landscape, simulating lanscape in this era of nothing worth admiration . He called the system information panel and began research . Equipments panel have space for two swords and four artifacts . The equipment spaces also include clothes, shoes, belts, gauntlet, knee armor, in addition with two ring with a necklace .

Newbie equipments is very poor, not only lack of weapon, but also don’t have long clothes .

Now all of them know, Twin Sword is not dual wielding swords, it is a xianxia game .