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Twin Sword - Chapter 20

Published at 16th of September 2019 08:29:48 AM

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The Palace of Hell’s King

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“Hello, I am Raging Storm of Emei . ” A man dressed in elegant clothes flew out of the eyebrows and asked: “I don’t know how my sisters have offended you . If they are really wrong, I will apologize to them, if not, I also hope that a few can come up with a charter . ”

Pretender! This was the conclusion that the four people . If Tang Hua or One Smile was in the case of more people bullying less people, directly attcking would be their choice . Even Young Master would only say a bit when he is in a good mood . Unlike this guy, tried to show his benevolence, placing himself in the position of justice before killing .

“The famous Raging Storm…” Young Master learned to say a fan: “We’re sorry… all blame us for a moment of fascination, the result… we were killed by the Boss too . We are going to go to Emei to apologize, I did not expect everyone is coming down . Do whatever you want, this is the atonement for our sins . ”

“This…” Young Master said in a sincere tone, that made Raging Storm confused . The so-called “not slapping the smiling face”, he did not expect Young Master to pull such a trick, thus he really didn’t know what to do now .

“When you kill us, you say that ‘we are Kunlun’ . Now where is your arrogance?” A woman angrily said: “Pretending to be pitiful… see my sword . ”

“Come on! We will not fight back…” Young Master looked up and closed his eyes: fighting back is useless, there are too many of them . Not mention that I have a broken sword with a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, so even escaping is impossible .

“I am really embarrassed to everyone . ” Raging Storm said: “‘An eye for an eye’, but I also hope you not to blame anyone . After this, if you have time, you can come to Emei, I ‘ll traet you for a to drink . ”

“Thank you for being a hero…”

One Smile angrily chatted in the team channel: “Why are you so low, you’re making all of us lose face . ”

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“Stupid, I am lying to him . Anyway, we want to be killed, dead by monster or dead by player is no difference . It is better to let him think that he is awesome . Then he won’t trouble us anymore . ”

Tang Hua said: “You are really insidious . ”

Angel asked: “Young Master, what do you do in real life?”

“The Municipal Demolition Office . ”

“No wonder . ”


This was the first time Tang Hua came to the Palace of Hell’s King, all his skills turned gray, meant it’s in an unusable state . The ones who were facing him was a judge and two little devils . In his view, they were not terrible . On the contrary, they were a little bit fat and cute .

The judge routinely turned over and said: “Eastern Eggplant, died by malicious PK . Judgement: be imprisoned into the second layer of Hell, and was held for one hour . Immediately executed, not released on bail, and no appeal was allowed . ”


The second floor was quite lively, but because cells were personal rooms, players could only shout to communicate . This was to avoid the situation where two enemies were locked together . The skills could not be used, using the fists was too weak, it would be arkward .

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Tang Hua shouted a few words on all sides, and the chaotic players unanimously stated that they were all killed by malicious PK . It seemed that it has not reached level 20, yet PK has become very common .

“Hey, which Sect are you from? Why do you die?”

“Qingcheng, was killed by One Sword Desires Defeat that bastard . ”

“Haha, don’t pity him, he was killed because keeping gaze at the girlfriends of others . If someone is pitiful, that should be me . I was killed because having a friend keeping gaze at the girlfriends of others . Buddy, which Sect are you from? Why do you die?”

“Shu Mountain, was killed by Raging Storm . ”

“Raging Storm? I knew him, he called himself one of the three experts of Twin Swords, it seemed that he is really a trash person . Do you know The Resplendence of Kunlun?”

A buddy next to Tang Hua shouted: “Also a trash, I was killed by him . Shu Mountain brothers, how many people are in your Sect?”

“Five, what about Kunlun?”

“Twenty mouths . ”

“Haha, our Qingcheng has twenty thousand . ”

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“Wow, how can such many people fit in a place?”

“The system can expand the space . Like our Penglai, nowadays even a hall is bigger than the original island . the system explained that this is Space-Time magic . ” A girl next to Tang Hua said .

Normally there was very few female players in online games, but in this semi-mandatory game, there are still more female players, maintaining a ratio of 10:8 for men and women on Earth . So everyone is not surprised or stunned . They are all interested in chatting . Having a same fate, they feel that they can always be less separated .

“Everyone, I will take a step first . I’m Juniper of Qingcheng, I can’t add friends here, if you have time, go to Qingcheng to find me to play . ”

“Sure, goodbye . ”


When the time came, the system prompted Tang Hua: choose to resurrect at the most recent resurrection point or the resurrection point of Shu Mountain . Of course he chose the latter . This could also be counted as a minor loophole, but it’s only effective in the early stage . In later stages, the improvement of the flying sword grade and the 5% EXP penalty would render it useless .

The four people almost came out from the resurrection point at the same time, and looked at each other . Apart from One Smile who was a bit angry, the others felt no hatred . This was a game, you couldn’t just kill others but not let others kill you . As for One Smile, his anger wasn’t long, because when he saw Sticky Rice, he immediately brushed out a humble, sloppy smile .

Because they are teamed up, everyone got 8,000 points each . The first layer of Sword Skillfulness needed 2000 Sect Contribution points, the second layer needed 4000, the third needed 8000 and so on .

The choice has come again . Sword Skillfulness had five types: Power, Speed, Agility, Bullseye, Intelligence .

Power increased attack damage . Speed increased attack speed . Agility increased the flying speed of the flying sword . Bullseye increased the chance and the multiple of critical hit . Intelligence reduced the requirements of equipping flying swords .

It’s so hard to choose… Since Tang Hua has firmly adhered to the direction of using spells, Power, Speed, and Bullseye had nothing to do with him . He thought about only choosing Agility, but currently in his bag there was a flying sword, which he couldn’t equip because the level wasn’t enough…

After thinking hard, Tang Hua took the most incompetent approach – choose it all .

Sword Skillfulness – Agility (Level 1): Increase the speed of flying swords by 20% .

Sword Skillfulness – Intelligence (Level 1): Reduce the required level of equipping flying swords by 2 .

A few days ago, he has reached level 18 . So now it’s enough to equip a level 20 flying sword .

“Wow, haha…” Tang Hua flew circles around Shu Mountain . The group below bit their teeth . What was the speed 120kmph? Even on most highways in China, it’s called overspeeding . Young Master knew that now Tang Hua was three times faster than himself .

Having Sword Nascent Soul, One Smile and Angel naturally chose among Power, Speed, Bullseye, and Intelligence . The choice of the two was also very different . One Smile focused on Bullseye, Angel focused on Speed . Neither of them would be willing to waste such a precious sword on Intelligence . They’re aware that although earning Sect Contribution points wasn’t hard, the required amount of each layer was calculated by multiplication .

The most confused of the four was Young Master . This guy almost madly pulled his heart and soul out . Everyone else had a clear goal, but he was a jack-of-all-trades . It’s like an old saying “you can’t have fish and bear’s paw at the same time” . In the end he made the most painful and modest choice: Power and Speed . And even this choice was still the result of a lottery from the other three .

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