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Twin Sword - Chapter 4

Published at 23rd of August 2016 04:47:46 PM

Chapter 4

 Chapter 4: Battle : Human vs Chicken

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Newbie village have more than 100 families, who should be looked for receiving quest? This is the answer: first is the blacksmith, next is the village chief . Of course, if you find a doctor and ask for weapons, he may have chopper, the key issue is chopper maybe unable to fly . Even if it can fly, no one can bear that kind of style . Just think about it, someone step on the chopper, fly freely in the sky, but not careful in one moment, crack, lost the big toe . Flying a round, look back only no longer have toe, and it just say about fatty ones .

“No . ” Village chief have very cool, very cruel way to answer some players are full of twinkle in the eyes .

And the blacksmith, he does not have quest, but he sell sword… although only peach wood sword (1) . Not only the name sounds very cool, but the price is also affordable: one gold coin .

When all people retreat, a dude grits his teeth, stomps his feet and filing a gold coin on the table . In extreme admired eyes of everyone, he draw the peach wood sword and … cry . He sorrowfully ask the blacksmith: “Can I return it?”

“No returning for already sold weapon, but… “Blacksmith uncle say in a very soft tone:” I also have bussiness of purchasing discarded weapons . ”

“This sword …”

“One silver coin . ”

After hearing that the dude’s face have no amount of blood, hold wooden sword Daoism and unsteady walk to the door . But everyone have no sympathy for this misery boy, grab his arm and ask: “How is the situation?”

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This dude is a honest, he answers in tears: “This is a normal weapon, not a flying sword . ”

“But we do not have a space to equip normal weapon?” None pass over this problem .

He shakes his head, reply: “That’s why it can only be wielded by hand, the game system prompt that because there is no spiritual power, it can not be equipped . ”

“Well …” All people understand, the equipment space can only be used to equip things with spiritual power . Everyone left, leave that dude alone lament in the wind: one hundred thousand federal money for such trash item .

From this point we can see how this game be . More than three hundred villager, but don’t give any quest . Along Tang Hua’s road, a whole region groan .

A player is stick fast to a private school teacher’s leg, beg in despair: “Sensei, do you have… . ?”

The teacher look far away, say in deeply voice: “I really not have . ”

A familiar scene . Tang Hua shake his head, go to the second way to obtain flying sword .

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* * * * * *

Exculde quest, where can you find equipment? Of course from monsters . BOSS is out of consideration, but kill a chicken or a pig is possible, right? If lucky, maybe it will drop a divine weapon?

“Kiai!” Tang Hua bravely break into the swarm of chickens, but very quickly he shouted “OMG!” and run for his life .

The reason is they are not common chicken, but fighting chickens . Yes, there is the most powerful fighting chickens in Heze City, Shandong Province, China . Rooster of this species have thriving chest muscle, long neck long legs, high tail feathers, is famous for be good fighters, not humiliation rather die .

But even fighting chicken is chicken too, how can it fight human?

The key point is they play chicken-wave tactic . Not a chicken vs a gamer, but a flock of chicken vs a gamer . When Tang Hua arrived in front of the chickens, more than ten chickens immediately come from all directions, moreover a second onslaught was prepared . If Tang Hua not have sharp eyes, quick reaction and healthy body, turned and ran for their lives at the right time, he would become a corpse inside swarm of chickens .

Inside the safe zone a scared boy pat the Tang Hua’s shoulder and give a thumbs up: “Impressive, among fifty players break in, only you return . ”

Tang Hua have few deep breaths, seemed not fully calm down .

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“Watch me . ” A guy come out of the safe zone, a fighting chicken scowl at him any fly to attack . He shout: “Monster, receive my spell… Sorry, must be Monster, receive my shovel . ” In his hands is a long wooden shovel , he swing with “Swept Thousand Soliders” pose . Other players can only see the chicken fly away, let out a scream, fall into middle of the swarm of chicken, obviously badly injured .

But their action is faster, thirty rage chickens surround that guy as fast as lightning . A flash of white light, chickens scatter, only a wood shovel left in the ground as a proof: This field is place of one of the most epic battles between human and chicken in history .

Everybody in the safety zone mourn for this silent hero .

“All brothers, all sisters… examinate all houses . ” A macho man stand on a big rock and cheer… Sorry, mistake again, a shabby uncle cheer at people .

In an instant all people awaken, goes into the village to rob arm . Tang Hua saw tragedy nor disadvantaged cam goes to a local, shout at a female NPC: “Where is the pot lid?”

“Be robbed . ” The woman terrifily respond .

“Where is the rolling pin?” Tang Hua flip find no results, forced to ask again .

“Be robbed too . ”

“F*ck, these guys really have quick hand” . Tang Hua reluctantly comes out of people’s houses .

Suddenly near Tang Hua blow a cool wind, a sister run into the house: “Where is the pot lid?”

“…” Tang Hua’s heart balance a lot more . There is someone slower than him, although she was a girl . Tang Hua stand on the hill, watch the tragedy in the village . Thousands of players go in and out houses, like hard-working ants looking for food .

“WTF, where has not been robbed?” Tang Hua look horizontally after vertically, his eyes suddenly light up, at the central of village has a large cottage where no one come in or come out . Whoa! There are possibilities it still have hatchet . Thinking of this, Tang Hua quickly storm down the hill, gallop to the cottage .

Tang Hua rush recklessly, clash people if meet people, clash dog if meet dog, directly storm in to the cottage, shout loudly: “Pot lid, rolling pin, put give me two for each kind… ”

Time stand still . Thirty innocant gaze falls on Tang Hua, a cold sweat from his forehead running down . This is not a normal house, this is a school .

The teacher has a mustache, look at Tang Hua one and order: “Sit down . ”

“Yes . ” Tang Hua obediently go to the empty corner and sit . Who is the one Tang Hua fear the most? Absolutely not his mother, but his teacher . In the era when teachers see students as gangster, while students see teachers as mafia, why Tang Hua so afraid of the teacher? This is because when Tang Hua enter elementary school, there was a genuine teacher . A teacher already passed away … And since several generations ago his family have tradition of respect teacher , so Tang Hua is a little different than other people, he respect teachers include lumpen teacher . Perhaps because Tang Hua confirmed that the teacher tired to dead because of his students…