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Twin Sword - Chapter 7

Published at 23rd of September 2016 01:23:48 PM

Chapter 7

Twin Sword – Chapter 7: Black Crystal

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“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” The girl, realizing that she was in the wrong, quickly stood up and apologized to Tang Hua.

“It doesn’t matter.” Tang Hua wasn’t that uncompromising. After all, being pressed by a girl was still better than being pressed by a guy.

After some consideration, the girl said, “Can I take you to go level, so you don’t have to sit by yourself besides a small stream?” Anyway, she was still feeling a little worried, even though she knew this was just a game. But what if Tang Hua became depressed because of this game?

This girl seemed a little naive, but she really had an exceptionally good heart. Tang Hua was thinking “quick”, but the red dot, not surprising, stopped far from the red line by a galaxy’s distance. “You want to party with me?”


After joining the party, Tang Hua saw the girl’s name: Black Crystal 1. Whoa! Level 3, how can she train to such a high level?

“You didn’t use your real name, right?”

“Of course not.” Black Crystal smiled, looked around and said, “We are going to kill the monkeys.”

“Kill the monkeys?” Tang Hua pointed to himself and Black Crystal, asked, “With only the two of us?”

“I’ll be the one killing them, all you need to do is watch.” Black Crystal’s words inadvertently made Tang Hua feel shame.


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After passing the stream, Tang Hua knew what shame really was. After Black Crystal told him to stay in a safe place to rest, she went toward the monkeys.

Four monkeys jumped from the tree to attack Black Crystal. But she calmly extended a hand, caught a monkey’s leg, then swung it in a circle like a nun-chuck, knocking the other three monkeys out of the game. Using the momentum, Black Crystal slammed the monkey she had in her hand over her knee, and a white light appeared.

“This… can be considered as an AoE attack.” Tang Hua’s mouth fell open when saw this astonishing sight. He used to practice Tai Chi, so he immediately knew that those were close-combat moves.

Black Crystal smiled in answer. While Black Crystal killed the monkeys, Tang Hua trained with the ruler. The two chatted, understanding each other better, while doing their work. Black Crystal’s background was very simple: she was a student at the University of Police. From childhood, she lived with her father at Interstellar Infantry Barracks of the Federal Army, but she was not willing to join the military, resulting in her going to the police’s university.

From start, Black Crystal was not satisfied with this game; she liked to play Western fantasy games. In those games, she was always alone against a group of people. In this game… she knew she had no advantage, although she still could help people like Tang Hua.

“Nice, when we arrive on Planet M, you can directly become a police officer.” Tang Hua’s ruler was still on cooldown, so he took the monkey Black Crystal threw at him, trampled it underfoot, then took the bench from his bag to continuously hit the monkey’s skull. He wanted to transform his jealousy of Black Crystal into strength.

“Wow… What is that?” Black Crystal was about to answer Tang Hua, when she was suddenly shocked by a flying object, then excitedly pointed towards it.

Tang Hua turned back, only to see a player stepping on a wooden sword twenty meters above the ground, flying towards this place. Along the way, all the players stopped their works, watching with envy. Of course, this did not stop them from having evil thoughts: Ah, what a lucky brat.

“Help me… I can’t stop.” Out of everyone’s expectation, that enviable boy was crying for help with a bleak voice.

Tang Hua and Black Crystal looked at each other confusedly, then looked ahead saying, “OMG! Ahead of him there is a thirty-meter-high giant tree.”

People on the ground gave many ideas to the unfortunate boy, “Turn, stop the skill…”

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“I don’t know how to turn, let alone how to stop the skill. How can I stop now?” The boy was distraught, but also kept shouting, “Turn, Turn…”

Just when a most tragic accident was about to happen, Black Crystal suddenly had an idea. She faced towards the sky and shouted, “Unequip the flying sword!” Then turning back to see a stunned Tang Hua, she said, “This boy doesn’t know how to play the game.”

Tang Hua was still stunned looking at the sky…

That player apparently heard the words of Black Crystal; the flying sword under his foot was already gone. He shouted, “Thank y…” But he could finish the sentence, his and Tang Hua’s forehead emitted a drop of sweat at the same time.

“Ah…” Obviously, that guy fell down like a rock from twenty meters high. From this example, it can be seen that a plane crash is more tragic than a plane impact, because the impact was shouting: “ah” while the crash was shouting “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…”


“He’s dead?” Black Crystal pointed to a nearby white light.

“Looks like it.” Tang Hua pulled his sleeve to cover his face; he did not want to let other players know this girl was in a party with him.

“Why did he die?”

Tang Hua bowed to the idiot, “Falling.”

“Oh!” Black Crystal understood: Falling can cause death. “Let’s go!” Black Crystal caught Tang Hua’s hand and took him away.

“Where?” Tang Hua pulled his hand back, because he knew at this moment, the system scanned the emotions of both of them to see whether or not to take further action.

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“Let’s look for a flying sword!” Black Crystal said, “The village already had a flying sword, so it must have at least another flying sword. This is the basics of all RPG games.”


“Don’t worry, I will give the first flying sword to you.”

“…” What can he say? A generous woman like that is rarer than endangered animals.


“Uncle, do you have a flying sword?” Compared to other players’ way, Black Crystal took the most direct way to ask for a quest.

“Ah!” While the NPC didn’t say anything, Tang Hua suddenly let out a scared cry, shocking Black Crystal. Black Crystal looked back at Tang Hua and was shocked again, he was shrouded in a red light.

“What happened?” Black Crystal asked.

“Nothing, nothing…”, said Tang Hua. In fact it’s really nothing, except Tang Hua got “win 5 millions lottery” lucky again; he accidentally stopped the red dot on the red line. The result was, in addition to his mana being completely emptied, Tang Hua felt a little heartbreak, because he realized that he didn’t gain any spell.

“Reluctant to say even such a small thing.” Black Crystal may have an innocent mind, but it is not that she hadn’t seen anything of this cruel life, she determined that the guy in front of her obviously is a very selfish person.

“No, don’t misunderstand.” Tang Hua hurriedly showed the Measuring Sky Ruler to Black Crystal, then in bitter tears, he told her the story about how he get this useless ruler.

“Let’s go!” Black Crystal pulled Tang Hua while saying, “We’re going to the school.”


“I’ll wait for you outside.” Tang Hua’s face darkened; he didn’t want to see that teacher again.

“Good!” Black Crystal rushed into the school like a gust of wind, then soon after Tang Hua heard Black Crystal’s voice, “People at birth…”


Half an hour later, Black Crystal excitedly ran out and handed over a ruler and said, “Do you see this?”

“Oh?” Tang Hua took the ruler and looked: Ruler! A simple word. Tang Hua gave the ruler back to Black Crystal and said, “This is not an artifact.”

“Not an artifact? Then what is this?”

“Ruler!” Tang Hua helplessly gave her a very simple answer.

“Oh…” Black Crystal now unhappy, waved her hand and said, “Let’s go level.”

Also known as smoky quartz.