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Twin Sword - Chapter Prologue

Published at 11th of July 2016 10:49:30 PM

Chapter Prologue

Twin Sword – Prologue

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In AD XXXX, stories that Earth after years of abuse by humans had become a crapsack, so the Federal Government of the Earth immediately start looking for new planets to continue trample .  Years later planet M was found, Government sent out many mega-sized robot to build infrastructure .

Infrastructure contruction is very fast thanks to technology .  As experts estimate, planet M can withstand torment from mankind to two hundred and fifty years .  Federal Government was quite satisfied to this conclusion, of course, to get large-scale migration .

But immigrants come with some very important issues .  People have many property, but after go to planet M how it must be treated? Millions of federal money maybe isn’t enough to find a job .  On the other hand how the former financial staff is handled?Planet M needs current workers like the architecture, the farmers, the geological experts, etc …, not financial staff .  And civil servants … It is clear that civil servants must be reduced .

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Finally, after the Federal Government spent many round of discussions, has publicly a plan to make most people satisfied .

First: The first migrants priority for labours, children and elderly people temporarily staying Earth .  Anyway robots can’t completely replace human’s works, so building a conoly need men working over the next decade .  Ten years later, the elderly on Earth because of dead and suicide are basically no more, the children grow up are able to become new labours .  Then the descendants of the first migrants twenty years later could be new labours .  So after total of thirty years with the aid of robots, basically will develop equal to Earth Civilization now .  According to this point of view, the Federal Government has eyesight far and wide .

Second: To avoid boring people on the road, open a game to entertain people .  People can exchange federal money to money in the game .  After arrive to planet M can exchange into local currency .  Of course, the exchange rate on the last starship tell you, one hundred million can be exchanged for a dollar is still seen as the respondents .

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This game is controlled by a computer that has AI .  This computer will bring all the data of each person’s psychological during playing games, then it will be distributed to each person the most suitable position on planet M . It is top-secret, is listed as a security segment in “Mobility Plan”, in addition to the Federal Government and main computers with the intellect, no other person knows .  


* * * * * * 

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So men and women age fifteen to thirty-five were ordered say goodbye to old and child in the house … What? Forty-five years olds? It is, because population expand, so thirty-five years old are retired age, giving the working positions for younger people .  Because air pollution, ultraviolet radiation from the sun …  live to forty-five years of this era are considered long life .  If you not die before forty-five years old, work was not available, also constinue consume food is a shame .  So although they may live to fifty-five years olds, older people also choose suicide .  Suicide is often thrown into the sea to feed the fish, because the burned bodies will cause more air pollution .  

Almost all citizens agreed with the Federal Ordinance .  Mainly because the Earth become like this because their ancestor’s fault . “Pay father’s debt is son’s responsibility” is a moral too understandable .  

Two days before the moves, name of games is published, game content is from the leaders of each of citizens chosen for their area .  

European and American area vote: Magic and Sword .  

Asian area vote: Sword and Magic .  

China because of the biggest population, it alone count as the Chinese area .

Final decision of the government: Twin Sword!

Africa ? Well, after continuously drought in a hundred years, the lowest air temperature is forty-five degrees, no one live in Africa anymore .