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Published at 30th of December 2019 12:02:01 PM

Chapter 62

While everyone felt very cautious once they reached the merfolk island, Amia was nowhere to be found . There was a different, beautiful merman who was younger than Amia and about the same age as Edwy .

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“Amia can’t come because he is busy . He was very disappointed . ”


They were told . Then Chiharu said,


“I see . He helped us at the mirror lake . And so I wanted to say thank you . ”


And then,


“In that case, tell those people over there . They passed through the water road and went to the mirror lake . ”


He pointed to a group of beautiful merfolk of various colors that were staring at them . Maki and Chiharu were filled with gratitude when they thought about how these people had hit the gazers with their tails . Of course, there were other merfolk gathering around as well .


“Oh, this is something . ”

“Surprising, isn’t it? If you only knew how we felt . Besides, they even tried to take them into the sea . ”


Edwy and Kaider were talking .


“Um, thank you for saving us at the mirror lake . ”

“Thank you so much . ”


Chiharu and Maki said after approaching the merfolk . Then they bowed their heads .

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“Please raise your heads, beloved children . ”


And so they raised their heads . Before they knew it, the merfolk were right in front of them . One of the merfolk then raised his hands to Maki’s cheeks and then brushed the hair out of her face .


“Oh . ”

“The mark of God’s love . ”


The merfolk murmured . Maki’s eyes were wide as she stood frozen .


“Human skin is so warm . ”


He said . His skin was cold and smooth .


Yes, it would be rather shocking . They were so close, and their hair moved . Chiharu was glad that she was just a spectator this time . She stood next to Maki and nodded .




However, there were two Saintesses . Before she knew it, other merfolk were touching her cheeks and brushing her hair . Eventually, hands held her shoulders as she was led towards the others by the waves . Ultimately, her past experience did not prove to be very useful here .


“I sense the presence of the chief . So you are wearing the scales . ”


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One of them whispered .


“I use it as a good luck charm ever since I was saved . ”


Chiharu answered, and the merfolk smiled happily . Next to her, Maki was still frozen as she was carried away . It always seemed like one of them was calm while the other was panicking . Chiharu thought .


Behind her, the others were consoling the elf, who seemed quite angry .


“The merfolk know that the train will depart in an hour, so they won’t push it . More importantly, why don’t we buy some of that? They’ll be very happy, won’t they?”


Nyran suggested .


“You know, the hamanasu wine!”

“Of course! Standing here and watching the merfolk will only make you angry . We might as well go and buy some wine . ”

“I’ll go with you . ”


And so the two elderly ones left for the store .


“Phew . In a way, he’s the hardest one to handle . ”


Kaider said .


“No, if anything, I think he is the easiest . ”

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Nyran answered .


“Aeris just likes the Saintesses . ”


Edwy said . Then Kaider and Nyran looked at him apologetically .



“Well, maybe you shouldn’t just look at him as if he were an old man . ”

“Old men can be difficult . ”

“So which is it? Is he an old man or not?”


That wasn’t the problem . But, well, it was perhaps good that he experiences this at his young age . Kaider and Nyran thought .


Maki and Chiharu finished their meeting with the merfolk without any trouble, and they waved their hands at them before returning to the train .


Still, Maki looked like her soul had left her body, and so Chiharu said to her with an air of self-importance .


“Maki-chan, you’re a Saintess too you know? So you shouldn’t assume that you’re the only one that won’t get abducted . ”

“You’re one to talk . ”


It was Nyran who said this . Besides, they had both been taken away . Maki looked tired as she said,


“I get it, Chiharu . Still, these merfolk sure are beautiful…”

“Yes, I was too shocked to notice it much the last time, but I don’t think I’ve seen such beautiful people!”


Chiharu said with some excitement . Maki muttered on .


“And it was these beautiful people who touched my cheeks or held my shoulders as I was marched off . You’d think it would be very romantic . ”

“Maki-chan, it lost all sense of romance the moment you chose the words ‘marched off . ’”


Chiharu joked . Maki continued .


“I wonder why it doesn’t feel romantic . ”


Why indeed . Chiharu thought about it . Oh, it must be that .


“It’s because of their hair . ”

“I don’t think it’s that . ”


Nyran butted in again . Ignoring Aeris, Edwy would have a difficult time . Nyran thought . These girls were clearly not the romantic types, and would they ever be?


“Oh, maybe it’s the scales!”


Said the dwarf, who didn’t understand romance either .

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