Ultimate Assassin System - Volume 1 - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – I want to be an Assassin

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TL: Vitus


Tang En put away the axe with an expressionless face as he watched the shattered fragments of the stone monument .
It was the axe given to him by the old farmer, which was now the only thing that remained of the Little Stone Village .
Tang En swore that when he meets Sethman, he will use that very ax to crush his bones to pieces and then hack him to death .
Tang En entered the assassin system and coldly said: “I want to become an assassin . ”
But Tang En wasn’t a fool . Earlier, he was blinded by rage and was desperate to find the whereabouts of Sethman . But now, after smashing the stone monument, he finally regained reasoning . He knew his strength better than anyone else and also understood that to avenge the little rock village was merely wishful thinking . He didn’t say anything else, as he came closer to the scorched earth, he realized that the scope of the explosion was greater than what could be caused by artillery shells .
To promote his strength, he could only rely on the assassin system . As for those? He would kill them all… .
The housekeeper was pleased and said: “That’s better . ”
“I want the most rigorous training schedule you can give . ”
“As you wish!”

“Ding, Vengeance Mission Unlocked .
Objective: Kill Sethman .
Time Limit: None . ”

At the suggestion of old housekeeper, Tang En packed his things and left the hut, following the road towards the east .

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After all, no one knows when Sethman’s group might return to inspect the arena once again . Even though Tang En was foolish, he realized that when they find out that the monument had been destroyed, it would change things .
For the next few days, except for eating and sleeping, Tang En put all his efforts into assassin system space .
He voraciously soaked up all kinds of knowledge, the camouflage and murder skills which he had determined not to learn before were all learned anyways . And because of his words, the most rigorous training in the assassin system space was now being done by torture .
While dressed in a white lab coat, the old housekeeper took a scalpel in his hand: “As a killer, you must be well aware of all parts of the body inside and out . Although we have no knowledge of this world, but according to my observations in these few days, the human body is the same . Next, I will show you the dissection of a variety of bodies so as to study about body anatomy”
Tang En: “……”
“Human body has a number of fatal spots in the upper body, temple, glabella, pharynx and larynx, heart, etc . are most important, however, those are also the parts defended most closely . For starters, those parts don’t work well, rather the aorta is a better choice . Come, hold the thighs . ”
(TL: Temple indicates the side of the head behind the eyes . The glabella, in humans, is the skin between the eyebrows and above the nose . The pharynx is the part of the throat that is behind the mouth and nasal cavity and above the esophagus and the trachea . The larynx is the hollow muscular organ forming an air passage to the lungs and holding the vocal cords in humans and other mammals; the voice box . The aorta is the main artery of the body, which supplies oxygenated blood to the circulatory system . Enjoy :P)
Tang En slightly shivered as he took the dismembered thigh . Deep inside he constantly reminded himself, “fake, and fake! Everything I see is an illusion virtualized by the old housekeeper, hang in there, you have to become the king of assassins . ” But, fuck don’t be so realistic, the stench of blood cataplasm sticks out .
“Look, this is the artery”
All illusions… . .
“You need to gently draw the knife, well, a fountain sprayed out .
It is the only magic… . Puff! Tang En’s whole body was drenched in the “fountain . ”
“Here in the cold war era, melee weapons are essential . A dagger is an assassin’s best friend, I will teach you how to hold a dagger . ” Old housekeeper demonstrated a forehand and backhand dagger in slow motion . ” Do not think otherwise, the correct dagger holding posture can assure that the hits you deliver are clever and full of power . ”
Isn’t this simple? I only have to follow the movements? Tang En studies the hand of the old housekeeper with which he held the dagger .
Old housekeeper: “Are you determined to hold?”
Tang En nods .
As the old housekeeper reaches out his hand and strikes, Tang En’s dagger brushes past the housekeeper’s dagger . Taking advantage of the opportunity brought about by transverse cutting, the housekeeper’s dagger slid across Tang En’s throats .
“You Died . ”
Tang En holds his throat out of fear and roars: “What are you doing?”
Old housekeeper lightly replied: “In the assassin system space, you are truly immortal . So as to leave a deeper impression, this is a friendly reminder . Whenever you die, I will have you feel one to nine levels of pain in accordance with the situation . Trust me, it feels fantastic…… ”

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The old Butler has rarely smiled when it comes to the assassin system space . But of course, in Tang En’s heart…… Good abnormal smile!
“Okay, one more time . Determined to hold? ”
“Uh, I … ah!”
Tang En whines, and once again collapses to the ground .
But this time, a feeling of pain came through the bottom of his bone marrow . Tang En’s stature was broken again, he curled up together and held back the tears in his eyes .
“Low . . ly…you… sneak… attacked……” the fierce pain caused Tang En to nitpick on words to
Old Butler: “congratulations, you have learned the initial mystery of an assassin . ”
“What a joke, how did any of this have any deeper meaning?”
“Dirty and sneak attack!” Old Butler quietly said, then colludes:” Well done, you stood up like a man, but that was the first level of pain . ”
Tang En’s body shivers, this is the first level of pain?
“Determined to hold up?”

Finally, after Tang En enjoyed three first-level aches, did the housekeeper reluctantly nodded to approve of Tang En’s dagger grasping posture .
“Well, after holding a dagger, the following is used . IF a short dagger does not hit the strategic point, the power is limited . Where are the key/strategic points, I have taught you in human anatomy . The forms of knife attacks are to generally stab, shear, tease, pick and cut . Next, I will demonstrate all of them in action, your task today is to wield the dagger in an “acceptable” manner for 1000 times . ”

Tang En had a sleepless night, perhaps you might think 1000 times is nothing . But the emphasis is on the “acceptable” word . The old housekeeper’s dagger demonstration in the human anatomy has left behind certain parameter data . If his strokes don’t match this data, then it is not eligible .
The way Tang En just started wielding the dagger, is like trying one’s luck completely . As he got used to that feeling, the passing rate continually rose .
His arms started to give off the heat first, went to being sore, then arrived numbness, and finally lost consciousness completely . The brains also become ignorant, finally leaving only mechanical waving arm .
This stroke, well, light……
This stroke passed!
This stroke, uh, a little heavy……

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This stroke passed!
This stroke passed!

The distracted Tang En does not know that at this time his dagger wielding “acceptable” rate was highest .
Finally, Tang En did not notice when completed the target . He only heard the old housekeeper say, “It is now complete”, he just replied with “Oh”, directly fell to the ground, and fast fell asleep .
A few days later, Tang En in addition to learning other skills, must complete dagger wielding practice like this every day .
Finally, on the fourth day, Tang En couldn’t help this boring exercise, and proposed to learn dagger skills .
The old housekeeper looked at Tang En and said: “you are learning now . ”
Tang En was depressed and replied: “I am not referring to those, I mean, a new move (style) or something like that . ”
“Oh, really? Have you mastered the basic usage of daggers? ”
Watching the calm eyes of the old housekeeper, Tang En felt a bit guilty but replied with a nod .
“Um, then let’s use the foundation dagger law in actual combat to have a look”, the old steward flashed his hand to reveal a dagger: “You attack . ”
Tang En grips the dagger tightly, steps aside, crooks his arm and prepares to attack, suddenly halted while hesitating: “you won’t die, you are immortal, right?”
The old housekeeper cast aside his facial expression: “I do not consider it necessary to answer this question . ”
The indifferent expression revealed formidable self-confidently without a doubt .
“Uh… . . he is really a skilled master” Tang En gave unstated criticism . He crooked his arm and with straight thrust, aimed for the heart .
“Too light”, old steward parries Tang En’s straight thrust with his fingertips, “weak attack, an opening, what greets you is… . Death!!” The dagger of old steward accelerates suddenly, and in-line enters Tang En’s heart .
Was needless saying that Tang En who body was reconstructed, tasted the first-level pain once more .
“Comes again”, I have to say, when you have undergone so much pain that you soon get used to it . After Tang En wailed in pain, tread the ground, and walked again while stabbing towards the old steward’s heart .
“Heavy . ” The voice said faintly .
The old housekeeper simply stepped around the side and arrived behind Tang En: “An assassination is a form of art, after grasping good power and speed, you’ll make them enjoy the pleasant sensation of death……”
Tang En felt a chill over his neck, heard a hiss of the wind over his ear, thin blood spilled out of his throat like a falling curtain .
It really is very pleasant to hear……
“Uh oh……” As the voice of pain arrives again, he was awoken from the art chamber like state by the first-level pain .
Old housekeeper clapped, and the dagger disappeared without a trace: “continue to practice . ”

“Hang on…… Adhere to…… ”
In the assassin space, Tang En streaming with sweat carries a 50 pounds a heavy bag on his back, kicked the ground and continued to walk in the desert .
Desert? Yes, it is a scorching desert .
Tang En’s today’s goal is to reach the destination within three hours .
The old steward said that it was some country’s Special Forces method of training strength and endurance .
But…… Damn, where is this destination? Why do I feel that I am walking in circles!
In fact, Tang En’s feeling was not wrong, if seen from a bird’s eye view, Tang En walking path could draw an anomalous ellipse .
“Looks like he needs some motivation . ” Old housekeeper rubbed his chin .
Then, Tang En suddenly found that behind him was a large millstone scorpion .
He swallowed spit with difficulty, “Old steward, you will die like a dog……Ah!!!”
Old Butler while holding an umbrella under the desert sun, took a sip of iced wine: “He seems to have enough vitality, the course of this training was a bit inadequate, ah, a few more would be good . ”
The old housekeeper casually waved his fingertips, and three large Scorpions started crawling towards the distant Tang En .
“Fuck, old butler, I, I……”
“I was wrong!!”