Ultimate Intelligence - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The Geek Alliance

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Du Cheng was originally late, and when he went to the classroom, it was almost no difference if he was late or not .

It was a linear algebra class . The lecturer was an old professor in his 60s, his name was Tian Zhonghe . This person was very serious . The class style was very old . There was very little interaction with the students . Plus the linear algebra was a very expensive class, one of the harder courses, so the students of the entire computer department weren’t very enthusiastic about this subject .

As long as it was his class, at least more than half of the 200 students in the entire classroom doze off . Only the sound of Tian Zhonghe echoed on the stage, which formed a sharp contrast .

Walking into the classroom, Du Cheng went directly into the back row of the classroom . Through the corner of his eyes, he saw Gu Sixin was sitting in the front row talking to a female classmate . Her face was very casual, and her smile was very sweet and pure .

Although this subject is boring, Du Cheng did not let go of any learning opportunity, so he usually sat in the first few rows, but today was the exception, because he had more important things to do .

After releasing Xiner’s standby mode, Du Cheng saw Xiner’s pouting mouth appearing on the virtual screen .

But when he saw the clothes that Xiner was wearing, he almost fell on the spot .

Because the clothes worn by Xiner were the same as those worn by Gu Sixin, even the hairstyle was exactly the same .

Even so, Du Cheng couldn’t really associate Xiner with Gu Sixin, because the relationship between the two was completely opposite, one was sweet and gentle, and the other was a bewitching witch .

“My dear Du Cheng, what about the accident, how can I look good in this dress?” Seeing Du Cheng’s look, Xiner, who had a small mouth, said very proudly .

Du Cheng was speechless and stayed silence .

Xiner saw Du Cheng wasn’t talking, obviously did care and said: “Who is she, Du Cheng, your heartbeat is more than two hundred miles, do you like her?”

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“Two hundred miles, when did my heart beat as fast as a car!” Du Cheng sweated, refuted in his heart .

“My dear Du Cheng, is it better for me to show you what she is wearing inside?” Xiner’s mischief was not over, and her hand gently reached for button on the shirt and gently lifted her skirt on the lower body .

While talking, Xiner’s short skirt had been lifted up to her thigh, revealing the lace of her red underwear, along with the slender and beautiful legs, it was full of temptation .

On the upper body, the button on the collar of the shirt had been gently untied by Xiner, revealing the round white tenderness…

“Enough . ” Du Cheng found that his heartbeat raised again, and the inside of the nose felt a little hot so he could not help but shouted .

Although he didn’t know if what Xiner showed him was the same as Gu Sixin, but Xiner’s almost perfect body, coupled with the YY awareness, was enough to make Du Cheng boil . (TL: what the hell is YY lol…)


Du Cheng actually shouted this time, he wasn’t shouting in his heart, but actually shouted out loud, which seemed to be a bit harsh in the quiet classroom .

At a glance, more than 200 pair of eyes in the entire classroom focused on Du Cheng, including an incredible Gu Sixin, Du Yunlong who came even later than Du Cheng, and Tian Zhonghe, who was completely petrified .

What made Du Cheng depressed was that some of these gazes were filled with worships .

Tian Zhonghe was a very stubborn old professor . Even if he knew that his teaching policy was wrong, he still insisted, because he couldn’t bring himself to admit that his teaching policy was wrong, and he couldn’t interact with the students .

It could be said that Tian Zhonghe was stubborn but loved . Almost everyone in Futian College knew his character .

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Du Cheng naturally knew Tian Zhonghe’s character, but Du Cheng also knew that he wasn’t going to end well .

During the lecture, he shouted “enough”, although it was not intentional, but for Tian Zhonghe, this was undoubtedly challenging his teacher authority .

“Du Cheng, what did you just say, say it again…”

Tian Zhonghe’s face turned white . This was the first time he had been called out by a student for decades, and he was his most valued student . It was undoubtedly like a slap in his face, made him feel embarrassed .

“S…sorry, teacher, I didn’t mean it…” Du Cheng cried in his heart, and this accident might not be too light, and in the virtual screen, Xiner was covering her mouth and laughing .

Du Cheng’s apology, for Tian Zhonghe, who was stubborn and valued his face, obviously meant nothing . He directly pointed at the door and shouted: “You, get out, if you don’t want to listen to my lecture, you can leave . ”

Tian Zhonghe said on the spur of the moment, Du Cheng certainly dared not say anything more, got up and lowered his head and moved toward the door .

Although the door was just about 20 meters away, Du Cheng took quite a long time to walk, and Tian Zhonghe didn’t give him a glance . Otherwise, Du Cheng wouldn’t go any further .


“Are you happy now?” Standing outside the classroom, Du Cheng was very angry and moved toward Xiner .

“What’s wrong, it’s your own fault . You still blame me . I have never seen such a stingy man, hehe . ” Although Xiner said that, but she couldn’t hide the smile on her mouth . Obviously, she was feeling very proud .

After being told by Xiner, Du Cheng realized that ever since he got this smart bio computer from the future, he seemed to have lost his former calmness . Of course, all of this was caused by this weird little witch .

Who would have thought that this smart computer would automatically created such a super lifelike character, and the personality aspect was even more extreme, which was completely consistent with a real person, which made Du Chen treated Xiner like a real person .

“Okay, don’t be angry, as a Chinese man, how can you be so stingy, I’m sorry . ” Seeing the angry Du Cheng, Xiner felt that she was playing a bit too much, and comforted him in a rarely heard soft voice .

“Forget it, I am not angry . In fact, that teacher is also very open hearted . Let’s talk about something else . ” Du Cheng ignored Xiner’s comfort, in his opinion, this Xiner was definitely weird . Therefore, Du Cheng directly got to the point and said: “Xiner, switch the OS to WINDOWS, and then connect to the network . ”

“Okay, give me a second . ”

Xiner was very well-behaved, and followed by the change on the virtual screen, which had became one of the two operating system platforms that Du Cheng was familiar with, and the other one was LINUX .

It wasn’t convenient to use the virtual keyboard in the corridor, so Du Cheng directly controlled the computer with his mind . Although it was not as convenient as the virtual keyboard, it wasn’t hard to access the internet .

After entered a URL into the address bar, a password input box suddenly appeared in front of Du Cheng .

Obviously, this was a website that required a password to enter .

Du Cheng was very skilled when it came to passwords, and then a web page that was entirely composed of black and red suddenly appeared in front of Du Cheng .

— The Geek Alliance

The Geek Alliance was very famous among the geeks and the hackers . The alliance was divided into two parts: the inner forum and the outer forum . Of course, the inner forum also had regional points, and when Du Cheng entered, it was the inner forum of the China Geek Alliance .

This was a website that could only be accessed after a multi-level assessment . Du Cheng spent nearly half a year in his sophomore year to complete the Geek Alliance assessment .

After entering the inner forum, Du Cheng directly entered the low-level reward mission area, where some low-level geeks in the geek alliance could earn some pocket money, while some advanced geeks had a more advanced platform .

Although he had been in the geek alliance for more than a year, Du Cheng was still only a two-star geek, because he did not have his own personal computer, and usually only used computers at the school’s computer room, other than studying, Du Cheng had no extra time at all, but he could occasionally make some money here .

After entering the low-level reward mission area, a large scale of low-level reward missions suddenly appeared in front of Du Cheng .

There were all kinds of low-level reward missions from the outer forum . Some of them were computer viruses that needed to be cleaned . Some were infected by Trojans, while others just wanted these geeks to help them . The programs, or the hacking programs, were all in a variety of ways .

However, there was one thing in common, that was, the reward for these low-level reward missions wasn’t high, the lowest was ten yuan, the highest wouldn’t exceed three hundred yuan .

Of course, this was also the normal price for the low-level reward missions . If it was an intermediate-level, advanced, or the top-level reward missions, the rewards for those would be multiplied by terrifying numbers .

These were some small money, but for Du Cheng, it was very important, whenever he had free times, Du Cheng would pick up a low-level reward task here to earn some pocket money .

Seriously browsing through the rewards one by one, the ordinary viruses or trojans, Du Cheng completely ignored them, because not only were they troublesome, but the rewards were also low . What Du Cheng was looking for was those asked to help them crack programs .

There were still a lot of these tasks, and Du Cheng quickly found a cracking task .

This was an award-winning task issued by an anonymous auto parts company . The auto parts company wanted to crack a set of management software . The official charge for the management software was very expensive, so it was natural for them to seek help in the Geek Alliance .

The bonus of this cracking mission was only two hundred, but after completion, he’d get 20 contribution points . Compared to the reward of two hundred yuan, the 20 contribution point was also very important to Du Cheng .

The contribution point was one of the upgrade conditions in the Geek Alliance . Du Cheng’s current contribution point was 125 . Once he gained 300 points, he could apply for an upgrade exam . And if he passed it, he would become a three star geek, and he would be able to enter the intermediate reward task area, and the rewards for these tasks would be greatly improved .