Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 1223

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Chapter 1223

Although the Earth Continent was divided into six Celestial Realms, all these Celestial Realms, which were composed of debris knocked down from the Heaven Continent, were on the same level .

Only cultivators at the Earth Celestial Stage or higher could travel among these Celestial Realms safely . Other cultivators who dared to do that would be crushed by the strength of the Rules of Heaven and Earth! Although Xu Que was quite confident about his physique, he didn't want to take risks casually . He also didn't want to challenge himself by risking his life because it was totally unnecessary . Xu Que had many ways to become stronger . So, he would never take unnecessary risks!

Of course, if the entire Zhenyuan Celestial Realm was looking at him, he would travel among the Celestial Realms, ignoring all warnings and persuasions! Because he could earn Acting Tough Points through it! When nobody was looking at him, he just didn't want to act tough!

They spent several days going to the Xuanyi Celestial Realm from the Zhenyuan Celestial Realm . Qin Sanli had been to the Xuanyi Celestial Realm before . When Xu Que set up the Void Interface Spell, Qin Sanli was asked to activate it, so that he could lead the rest of them to the Xuanyi Celestial Realm .

When Buttface and Duan Jiude were in the Xuanhuang Continent, they were told that that Mystery Land Trial was performed at the western part of the Xuanyi Celestial Realm, which was between the Xuanyi Celestial Realm and the Lin Nation of the Xuanhuang Continent .

Qin Sanli also knew that Mystery Land . So he led Xu Que, Buttface, and Duan Jiude to the entrance of the Mystery Land in the Xuanyi Celestial Realm . The Mystery Land Trial was about to end . Many people were leaving . When Xu Que and his teammates arrived, nobody noticed them . So they just waited outside the entrance .

"Little brat, we will just wait here and not enter, right? I've heard this Mystical Land has some good stuff in it!" Standing beside Xu Que, Buttface saw a lot of cultivators had left the Mystery Land . So he asked enviably .

"Nonsense! This Mystery Land is so large! What if we can't find her in it?" Xu Que said . He didn't want to enter the Mystery Land . As he said, if all of them went into this place when the woman who knew him came out, it would be more difficult for him to find her in the future . So, it was more feasible to wait at the entrance of the Mystery Land . After all, the Mystery Land only had one entrance, and it was here where he could definitely find that woman .

"Anyway, according to hearsay, there is really a divine item in this Mystery Land . However, nobody has seen it personally!" Qin Sanli also said casually .

Xu Que raised his eyebrows but said nothing with a smile .

If I ask you what that divine item is, I guess we will go into the Mystical Land and find it, right? That's why I keep silent!

"Eh . . . " Qin Sanli was quite embarrassed for he noticed Xu Que and Buttface didn't want to talk about this topic . But he felt it was quite boring for them to just stand here, so he was about to say something more about this topic .

"This divine item . . . "

"Shut up!" Xu Que shouted . "Don't mention that divine item or opportunity in front of me! Today, I just want to wait here and go nowhere else!"

"OK . . . OK!" Qin Sanli, who was stunned by Xu Que's reaction, said with a wry smile . He was confused for he didn't know how he had offended Xu Que .

At this time, Buttface stood up and said vigilantly, "Little brat, I felt something!"

"What?" Xu Que turned to Buttface .

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Buttface sniffed as he said seriously, "I sensed an aura which is quite like yours!"

"Similar to my aura? What do you mean?" Xu Que was surprised . He didn't sense that aura at all . But it seemed Buttface was not kidding, and his nose was more sensitive than his indeed!

"I can't describe it! The aura is quite weak, and it seems it comes from this direction!" Buttface shook his head with puzzlement . Then he reached out his paw and pointed at the entrance of the Mystery Land .

"Are you trying to lure me into the Mystical Land?" Xu Que said with embarrassment . However, when he looked at the entrance, he was surprised by what he saw . A strand of familiar aura was approaching .

"Holy sh*t! I didn't expect I would meet an acquaintance here!" Xu Que didn't know what to say .

Then, a beautiful woman in a purple robe walked out from the entrance slowly . It was Lan Xinyue .

When he had left that abandoned place taking Lan Xinyue, Lan Hetu, and several apprentices of the Lihuo Academy, their Void Tunnel was ruined by a dead man's head . All of them fell out of the Void Tunnel . Xu Que found that Lan Xinyue and Lan Hetu were thrown out together with him . But they were far away from each other . When he woke up, he found he was in the Zhenyuan Celestial Realm . After that, he tried to find Lan Xinyue and Lan Hetu, but his efforts were in vain . Now, Lan Xinyue appeared in this Mystery Land, which meant she landed in the Xuanyi Celestial Realm of the Earth Continent .

"My fellow cultivator!" When Lan Xinyue walked out of the entrance, she also saw Xu Que . She walked up rapidly in surprise .

"Ms . Lan! What a coincidence! I didn't expect I would . . . " Xu Que greeted her with a smile .

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Before finishing his words, he felt something was wrong . Duan Jiude and Buttface had told him someone met a woman from the Earth Continent who said she knew him in the Mystery Land . Xu Que hadn't been to other Celestial Realms before . So he thought the woman could be Su Yunlan or his other female companions subconsciously . Now, he was dumbfounded by the appearance of Lan Xinyue . Could it be that the woman mentioned by Buttface was Lan Xinyue?

"My fellow cultivator, I remembered you were in the Zhenyuan Celestial Realm! I have been healing my wounds through secluded cultivation . When this Mystery Land was opened, I also came here . I've heard a lot about you in it . I didn't expect you would also come to the Xuanyi Celestial Realm!" It seemed Lan Xinyue was quite happy to see Xu Que .

After losing touch with Lan Hetu, she had been wandering in this strange and dangerous place . So she was happy to meet Xu Que, who could be considered as an acquaintance, in this place .

But Xu Que was not really happy . So he said with a wry smile, "Ms . Lan, I am searching for some other people here actually . Someone told me a woman in the Mystery Land said she knows me . Was that you?"

"Ah?" Lan Xinyue was stunned a bit . Then, she explained with a red face, "My fellow cultivator, please don't misunderstand me! I heard some people were talking about you . So, I asked them about you out of curiosity and told them I am your friend! I hope you don't mind what I said!"

" . . . . . " Hearing that, Xu Que smiled with embarrassment again .

So it means we made this trip in vain!

Although he was glad to meet Lan Xinyue, he was a little bit frustrated for he wouldn't meet Zixia Fairy, Su Yunlan, and his other female companions here .

"My fellow cultivator, I am really sorry for my abruptness! Please allow me to explain!" Lan Xinyue said in a hurry for she thought Xu Que was not happy because she said she was his friend when she saw Xu Que's reaction .

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Xu Que came to himself . Then he waved his hand and said with a smile, "No, no, Ms . Lan, you misunderstood me . This is a long story . Anyway, I am quite happy to know you are safe now!"

Qin Sanli and Duan Jiude smiled after making eye contact . They realized they had been misled by that clue .

Buttface was still staring at the entrance of the Mystery Land . After pondering for a while, he turned to Xu Que and said, "Little brat, stop immersing yourself in love! I really sense an aura that is quite similar to yours!"

"Ah?" Xu Que was stunned again . He thought what Buttface had mentioned just now was Lan Xinyue . After all, Lan Xinyue stayed with him for some time . It was normal for her to have some aura which was similar to that of Xu Que . Now, Lan Xinyue had left the Mystery Land . Buttface still said something in the Mystery Land had a similar aura, which provoked Xu Que's curiosity .

"What the h*ll are you talking about?" Xu Que asked again .

"I don't know . Anyway, it is just like the aura of a divine item!" Buttface said, shaking his head .


Hearing that, Xu Que was quite unhappy .

At this time, Qin Sanli couldn't help but say, "Deputy Faction Leader, you can't use the term Divine Item casually . The name of this place is the Realm of the God of Hell . It is said this was the former residence of the God of Hell in ancient times . His inheritance was also hidden in this place . However, nobody ever found anything related to the God of Hell in this place . So, people only say a divine item might be hidden in this place!"

. . . . .