Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 1224

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Chapter 1224: 1224

The God of Hell's Realm?

Hearing that, Xu Que remembered a term immediately—God of Hell's Compulsion!

Could it be that this Mystery Land is related to the God of Hell's Compulsion?

At this time, it seemed as if Buttface had remembered something suddenly . He jumped up and shouted excitedly, "Right! I've figured it out! Little brat, the aura in the Mystery Land is quite similar to your physique strengthening art! But it is much more powerful than yours!"

Hearing that, Xu Que reviewed the words of Qin Sanli . Then he became serious .

The God of Hell was a deity in ancient times! Does it mean there are really deities in this world? Since the God of Hell used to exist in this world, the so-called Fire God mentioned by people in the Fire Nation is also not hearsay! Xu Que was surprised by this idea .

At this time, Qin Sanli said as he looked at Buttface in surprise, "You mean the Faction Leader's physique strengthening art is related to the God of Hell? As far as I know, there is a lot of hearsay about this Mystery Land . One of them is about the inheritance of the physique strengthening art of the God of Hell, which could be used to realize the Mighty Body of Hades!"

"The Mighty Body of Hades? Hah, hah, this guy hasn't finished the cultivation of his God of Hell's Compulsion yet!" Buttface laughed .

Qin Sanli was surprised . Then he turned to Xu Que in surprise, "I didn't expect you could get the God of Hell's Compulsion!"

"Do you know this physique strengthening art?" Xu Que asked curiously .

"Of course! Compared with the Mighty Body of Hades, the God of Hell's Compulsion is much weaker! According to the records in the ancient books, the God of Hell realized his Overlord Physique before becoming a deity with the God of Hell's Holy Physique . His physique was extremely tough . A Buddhist disciple comprehended a physique strengthening art after watching the portrait of the God of Hell carefully . And the name of this art is the God of Hell's Compulsion!" Qin Sanli said, nodding his head .

Xu Que was surprised . It turned out that his God of Hell's Compulsion was just a replica, which was taken from the portrait of the God of Hell! In this way, the Mighty Body of Hades should be the most powerful physique strengthening art!

Xu Que glanced at the entrance of the Mystery Land . He still didn't want to go into that place . He knew the woman in the Mystery Land was Lan Xinyue, which meant they had been misled by that clue . But now he knew an inheritance which could be related to him was in this place . So he had to treat this Mystery Land seriously .

"Little brat, we should go into this place and have a look while it is not closed . I can vaguely sense the direction of that aura . Maybe you can really find an inheritance in it . Believe me, you will need it, or you will be beaten up by people in the Heaven Continent!" Buttface urged eagerly . Apparently, he was quite interested in the things in the Mystery Land!

"Damn! What do you mean? Do you mean I am afraid of the people in the Heaven Continent?" Xu Que asked .

Buttface sneered and was about to say something .


A big bang crashed from behind them at this time . The Void was distorted . Several figures dashed toward them in the sky with magnificent kill intent .

"Oh, no!" Qin Sanli's expression changed abruptly as he shouted, "They are people of the Equipment Refining Sect!"

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"The Equipment Refining Sect! They are right on time!" Xu Que said with a faint smile .

Before he turned around, Qin Sanli added, "All the three King Refiners of the Xuanyi Celestial Realm are here! It seems they are going to kill all of us!"

King Refiners!

The smile was frozen on Xu Que's face .


Buttface escaped immediately . Duan Jiude also said, touching his beard, "I have decided to go into the Mystery Land . I won't hamper your fight!" After saying that, he turned around and escaped by rushing into the Mystery Land following Buttface .

Xu Que's lips twitched . Then he said as he looked at Qin Sanli with a smile, "Mr . Qin, do you want to know the meaning of life? Do you want to realize the true essence of life? Just fight!"

Then Xu Que also dashed toward the entrance of the Mystery Land, dragging Lan Xinyue with him . He was not a coward . He really had no chance of winning this fight! In front of him, there were three King Refiners at the Golden Celestial Stage! How could he win this fight? King Refiner Liu almost killed Xu Que with one move . When Xu Que escaped by using the Celestial Grade Divine Escape Spell, he was almost caught by King Refiner Liu! Now, he could do nothing but escape in front of three King Refiners!

"You . . . " Qin Sanli was totally shocked by their reaction . Although he was quite embarrassed and angry, he had to run into the Mystical Land following them .


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Instantly, all of them went into the entrance of the Mystery Land and disappeared . Many cultivators who had just come out of the Mystery Land watched this scene in surprise . Then they were totally shocked by the figures in the sky .

"My God! Three King Refiners of the Equipment Refining Sect are here!"

"What did they do? I didn't expect that three King Refiners would come here together!"

"Could it be that those people are from the Exploding Heavens Faction?"

Many people were talking about this issue in surprise . After all, the Exploding Heavens Faction was quite famous in the six Celestial Realms . Everyone knew about the blood feud between the Exploding Heavens Faction and the Equipment Refining Sect .

At this time, the figures in the sky stopped abruptly . The three King Refiners stared at the entrance of the Mystery Land coldly . Although they were quite powerful, only cultivators whose cultivation stages were lower than the Heaven Celestial Stage could enter the Mystery Land . Cultivators at any higher stage would be crushed to ashes by the Mystery Land if they dared to enter it forcibly .

"My lords, they have entered the Mystery Land . Should we send some people to hunt them down in the Mystery Land?" A deacon looked at the King Refiners and asked reverently .

A King Refiner shook his head and said coldly, "The Mystery Land will be closed soon . And it won't be opened again for 100 years . They will come out and meet their deaths here, or they will wait in the Mystery Land for 100 years, where they will be killed by the wind blades in the Void!"

"Exactly! We will just wait here till the closing of the Mystery Land!" Another King Refiner nodded his head . Then he snorted with cold killing intent in his face, "We planned to kill them in the Zhenyuan Celestial Realm . I didn't expect they could come here! What a good opportunity to kill them all!"

"King Refiner Liu . . . "

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"It's OK! Just ask him to continue his rehabilitation . We will definitely avenge him! Even if Xu Que and his men stay in the Mystery Land for 100 years, we will bring Xu Que's body back to King Refiner Liu to clear his name!"

"As you wish!"

. . . . .

At the same time, in the Mystery Land, Xu Que and his teammates had landed on the ground . A lot of cultivators were walking toward the entrance . The Mystery Land was about to close . The cultivators were surprised when they saw some people had chosen to enter the Mystery Land at this time . But they didn't waste their time in asking . They just walked by blankly and left through the entrance .

Qin Sanli said as he looked at Xu Que bitterly, "Now, we are in a nice hobble! The Mystery Land will be closed in several days and not re-opened for 100 years . And it will be covered by the wind blades in the Void, which will definitely kill all of us!"

"It doesn't matter! We can go back to the Zhenyuan Celestial Realm with a Space-Breaking Spell before the closing of the Mystery Land!" Xu Que said with a faint smile .

Qin Sanli was speechless, for he had forgotten this method again . After all, nobody could use the Space-Breaking Spell and the Void Interface Spell easily . When they tried to go to the Heaven Continent from the Earth Continent, they managed to obtain the two spells by scraping together the resources from several big sects .

When he heard Xu Que's words, he let out a sigh of relief . At least they could survive this time!

Howl! "Little brat, I sensed that aura again! It is in this direction!" Buttface sniffed and shouted as he pointed at the east side of the Mystery Land .

Hearing that, Xu Que looked in that direction and found an endless plain which was covered by clouds and mists . He didn't see any mountains on it .

Lan Xinyue changed her expression and said in surprise, "No, we can't go there!"

. . . . .