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Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 910

Published at 27th of June 2019 02:20:04 AM

Chapter 910: 910

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At Capital University, luxury cars were common, but sports cars were quite rare . Besides the students and teachers, those who would usually appear on the campus were mainly the successful graduates . Most of the luxury cars driven by them were elegant and graceful commercial vehicles . Only the pampered kids of the rich would drive luxury sports cars .

Today, the appearance of this luxury sports car during the university's Annual School Day drew much attention from the students right away . Then, the door of the car opened, and a man and a woman stepped out .

"Holy shit! That's an Aston Martin! Its owner must be a billionaire!" Wang Jin shouted in surprise .

"What? Wait! Isn't the girl Li Xiaoxiao from our class? I didn't expect that she would be so rich!" The girl beside Zeng Darong exclaimed .

Wang Jin said embarrassedly, "You are quite stupid! You can easily tell that this car belongs to the man beside her!"

"Look! The man looks familiar!" Zeng Darong frowned suddenly .

Su Xiaoliang's face darkened . "I know him . His name is Xia Yunhai, who is two years younger than us!"

"A member of the Xia Family?"

"Yes!" Su Xiaoliang nodded .

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The onlookers opened their eyes wide in surprise . All of them knew there was only one Xia Family in Capital City, which was also quite famous in Huaxia . The businesses of this family covered many industries, from finance, real estate, and oil refining to restaurants and hotels . It was considered a very prominent family in Huaxia!

"I didn't expect that Li Xiaoxiao would start a relationship with a member of the Xia Family . Now her future is very rosy!" A classmate said enviously .

"Wow! It seems we will have a lot of fun today!"

"Quite a long time ago, Li Xiaoxiao was in conflict with Lin Yuxi, who was the No . 1 beautiful girl of the school . Li Xiaoxiao, who was ranked as the No . 2 beautiful girl of the school, always refused to admit that!"

"Alas, I guess she will catch up with and surpass Lin Yuxi through her relationship with the Xia Family!"

"No, that's not correct . Xia Luoqing, the eldest son of the Xia Family, used to pursue Lin Yuxi . However, he was rejected by her!"

People continued to talk about this issue . Zeng Darong, Su Xiaoliang, and Wang Jin all had thunderous looks on their faces at this moment . A lot of young men from rich families used to pursue Lin Yuxi in past years . Among them, Xia Luoqing was the most extraordinary one, who could almost be considered as the No . 1 young master in Capital City .

Therefore, they always doubted that the car accident which killed Xu Que was related to Xia Luoqing . However, after the car accident, Xia Luoqing disappeared right away . The three of them had failed to find any clues linking the gigantic Xia Family .

After that, they started to focus on Xia Yunhai and tried to find some clues by investigating him . They didn't realize that they were spotted by Xia Yunhai's bodyguards when their investigation was just started . After being beaten cruelly, the three of them had to stay in the hospital for three months . They had to give up trying to find out what happened to Xu Que after realizing the gap in power between them and the Xia Family .

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Today, Su Xiaoliang recognized Xia Yunhai immediately, which made him quite angry . Angry as Zeng Darong and Wang Jin were, they didn't dare to provoke Xia Yunhai again . After their graduation, they started to have a better understanding of the cruelty of this society, as well as the gap between them and the kids of those rich families . If they rushed up to provoke Xia Yunhai, they might be beaten up again and end up back in the hospital before even getting close to him .

"Hi, my old classmates, how are you?"

At this time, the well-dressed Li Xiaoxiao, who was holding Xia Yunhai's arm, walked into the crowd of people . Li Xiaoxiao was quite proud and happy to see the dumbfounded expressions of her old classmates, as if all of these had been expected by her . At this moment, the onlookers also came to themselves . A girl shouted immediately, "Wow, Xiaoxiao, long time, no see! You are even more attractive these days!"

"You are so beautiful! I hardly recognized you!"

"Is this your boyfriend? He is so handsome!"

"You are really a perfect match!"

Many onlookers started to greet them . The background of Xia Yunhai was attractive enough for them to try and please Li Xiaoxiao by putting down their dignity . Li Xiaoxiao was quite happy to see that, for it was the only reason she had attended the school day activity .

Xia Yunhai was still fiddling with his phone and ignored the onlookers completely . For him, these people were even less interesting than his phone! If Li Xiaoxiao hadn't insisted on coming here, he wouldn't have even bothered to come to the university .

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"Eh, I've heard Yuxi will also be here, where is she? It's been a long time! I really miss her!" Li Xiaoxiao started to look around and asked with a faint smile . Today, she also planned to embarrass her old foe . Hearing that, the onlookers smiled secretly to themselves as they had figured out her purpose .

Tack! Tack! Tack!

At this time, when the onlookers were about to tell Li Xiaoxiao that Lin Yuxi was upstairs, footsteps could be heard from the stairs . A figure in a neat business suit stepped out – it was Lin Yuxi .

The onlookers fixed their eyes on her as they stopped their gossiping . It was just like when you were gossiping about someone and this person showed up suddenly . It made you feel guilty immediately .

Li Xiaoxiao looked at Lin Yuxi in surprise . Her heart was filled with the flame of jealousy . Several years had passed; she didn't expect that Lin Yuxi would still be so charming . After her graduation, Lin Yuxi was no longer an innocent girl, but a charming and mature lady .

Xia Yunhai was still fiddling with his phone . When he sensed the onlookers around them becoming silent, he looked up in surprise . Then, he too was stunned by Lin Yuxi's beauty . When he was still a college boy, he was attracted by Lin Yuxi . However, he knew Xia Luoqing, his cousin, was also pursuing Lin Yuxi, so he had to give up his idea . He didn't expect he would still be attracted by her when he saw her again in this place .

"Wow, Ms . Lin, long time, no see!" Li Xiaoxiao greeted Lin Yuxi .

Meanwhile, she pressed Xia Yunhai's arm on her bosom tightly as if she was announcing Xia Yunhai was her man, which was also to embarrass Lin Yuxi .

"Hi, Xiaoxiao, long time, no see!" Lin Yuxi replied with a faint smile, after being surprised a bit . Then, she walked out from the stairs .

She had figured out Li Xiaoxiao's plan . However, she was not in the mood to play this childish game with Li Xiaoxiao . She was about to search for Xu FeiFei in the main hall .

Li Xiaoxiao didn't want to let Lin Yuxi go so easily . She said immediately, "Wait! Ms . Lin, after so many years, why do you still remain single? Don't tell me you still have no boyfriend!"

After saying that, Li Xiaoxiao covered her mouth suddenly and pretended she was sorry, "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot your boyfriend died several years ago! I've heard he killed himself in a car accident after you broke up with him! It was really a pity! How could you like such a cowardly man? Wait, what was his name again? Xu Que?"

Her mean words embarrassed everyone in the area .

Lin Yuxi started to look really angry .

Su Xiaoliang and Wang Jin clenched their fists from anger .

Zeng Darong was so angry that he was even about to scold Li Xiaoxiao .

However, a sneer could be heard from outside the building's gate at this time .

"Heh-heh, did I get out on the wrong side of bed today? Why did I hear a dumbass say I was dead just now?"