Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 938

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Chapter 938

"Holy crap!"

"This is amazing!"

"I didn't expect it was a talking dog!"

"Before this, we always heard from the news that the R Nation was being tortured by ferocious dogs! I didn't expect that they were led by this dog!"

"Wait! Haven't you found this dog is quite familiar?"

"Damn! Isn't . . . it the Mighty King in the movie that came out last year?"

"Crap! That's it! In this way . . . my God, Xu Que was the producer and the director of that movie!"

"Holy crap!"

"Damn! It turns out the scenes in that movie were not special effects!"

"This guy's movie really sucked . I really wish I knew who to complain to about it . "

. . .

According to all the topics raised by Buttface, the netizens remembered the movie which was so popular in the world last year . Xu Que changed his appearance in the movie . Therefore, nobody could associate him with last year's movie . However, the appearance of Buttface aroused people's discussions and memories immediately . Then people started to associate Xu Que with the movie released last year .

Suddenly, a lot of news media hired bold interview teams offering substantial rewards and sent those teams to the R Nation to try to interview Buttface .  

At the very beginning, Buttface didn't want to respond to the interview invitations for it would be beneath his dignity . The next day, however, when he knew the interviews would be broadcast to the world, he accepted the interview invitations immediately .

That day, people all around the world gathered in front of their TVs or computers to watch the live broadcast .

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Buttface appeared on camera . Wearing a suit and a pair of wire-rimmed glasses, he was walking up the street like a human . He had even combed the hair on his forehead . Behind him, a pack of dogs were following him swaggeringly .

The entire street was almost occupied by Buttface . According to his order, all shops in this street could only make and sell Smelly Tofu for he was about to build the Smelly Tofu Street of the Exploding Heavens Faction .

Whenever he passed by a stall, he would give instructions or comment on the goods majestically like an emperor .

"Eh-eh-eh, pay attention to the oil temperature! Turn the fire down a little bit!"

"Damn! Don't you know how to cook Smelly Tofu? That tofu is broken!"

"Crap! What you did is incorrect!"

"No, no! All of you are wrong!"

"How dare you cut corners in front of me! You even don't add excrement in the pot . How could you say it is the Smelly Tofu? Someone bring me my precious golden wolf excrement!"

. . .

All the reporters and photographers beside him were dumbfounded .

Buttface asked his underling to add excrement to the pot . Then he tasted the tofu in the pot . This scene made all reporters and photographers vomit on the spot .

They had thought Buttface was kidding just now . They didn't expect he could really eat the Smelly Tofu cooked with excrement . Does this mean Buttface really believes the Smelly Tofu should be cooked with excrement?

This is totally maddening!

The netizens were also confused .

I've heard so many people say they would eat excrement during a live show . But this is the first time I have ever seen one do it with my own eyes!

At last, the reporters couldn't watch it anymore . They rushed up and started the interview immediately .

"Hello, distinguished Mighty King, do you know Xu Que? Could you comment on the fight between him and the three angels, please?"

"What? Xu Que? Don't mention this name in front of me . I will always be annoyed when I hear it!"

"Could . . . you tell us the reason, please?"

"He is too shameless! As the upright Mighty King, I disdain the company of him!"

"Oh? Could you tell us the detailed reason, please?"

"Humph! He lied to me . He said I could buy all the restaurants in a street with one Spirit Stone . But the fact is that I have occupied dozens of streets without spending even one Spirit Stone! What I hate the most in my life is deception!"

After saying that, Buttface turned to the video camera and said ferociously, "Xu Que, you are shameless! I've occupied the R Nation . Don't bother me in future, or you will be punished!"

Gasp! The reporters couldn't help but gasp .

The audiences of the live broadcast were also shocked .

This dog dared to say those words . Does this mean he is even more powerful than Xu Que?

In this way, nobody could save the R Nation!

Oh, I really miss the girls of the R Nation!

Will they continue their acting careers?

Will those unique arts be lost forever?

Netizens of Huaxia kept talking about this issue . And they were interested in Xu Que's response to Buttface's provocation .

That night, when Xu Feifei showed this video to Xu Que, Xu Que contacted the media and asked them to print his reply in the newspapers .

His response was just some simple sentences .

Buttface, are you overconfident, or am I too weak to defeat you? If you don't come back and kneel down in front of me, I will go to the R Nation and kill you!

His words were spread all over the world overnight .

Many people who were interested in this issue were amused by his response . Nobody could mess with Xu Que easily!

The next day, Buttface summoned the press and gave his reply in front of the video camera, "Xu Que, you are shameless! Why should I return to you? Don't you really know the reason?"

Xu Que replied immediately, "Reason? I have no reason but I just order you to return to me! It's up to you . If I don't see you in two days, I will start to chant!"

"Crap!" Buttface cursed in front of the video camera angrily, "I hereby swear I would rather die than return!"

"OK, we will broadcast your reply when we go back to our office!" The reporters didn't perform live broadcast at this time . In order to realize a perfect effect, they decided to record and process Buttface's reply before sending it out .  

Now, the interview was finished . They were about to leave soon to surprise the entire world again .

They had even worked out a title – A Combat Between A Man And A Dog! Who Will Be The Winner?

However, before they left the interview area, Buttface stopped them .

"Wait! Why do you want to leave? I didn't ask you to leave! Come back to me!"

Buttface said seriously, "It struck me that I have something urgent to deal with . I need to go to Huaxia . You should book a flight ticket for me immediately . I will leave tonight!"

"Ah?" The reporters were dumbfounded .

Does this mean he has been terrified by Xu Que?

"Stop wasting my time! Just book a flight ticket for me! Or I will kill you immediately!" Buttface shouted as he waved his paws .

A reporter said embarrassedly, "Distinguished Mighty King, according to the rules of the aviation departments, a dog is not allowed to board a plane!"

"Crap!" Buttface was annoyed immediately, "You are seeking death! I am a wolf, a wolf!"

"Ah? A wolf?" The reporters were dumbfounded again . At last, they said with a wry smile, "But . . . a wolf is also not allowed to board a plane!"

"I don't care! I want to go back by plane anyway! And I need to travel first class! It is OK if you refuse to fly me back! I will get a plane tonight and fly it back myself!" After saying that, Buttface turned around and left with his dog and wolf underlings, leaving his elegant figure in the camera view .

. . .