Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 939

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Chapter 939

The reporters really didn't know how to process Buttface's interview material . Finally, they gave up and released the complete interview materials to the network .

All the netizens around the world were amused .

Everyone realized that Buttface was making grand gestures . He had uttered some tough words . Deep down in his heart, he was afraid of Xu Que . Actually, he was just a coward .

However, the netizens still worried about his safety when they heard that Buttface was going to fly a plane back to Huaxia .

Many administrative departments were also surprised . They had granted special approvals to Buttface and allowed him to take a plane . All airlines also issued VIP cards to Buttface .

When Xu Que heard this news in Huaxia, he smiled a bit and ignored Buttface .

Actually, he had asked Buttface to return so that he could get a list of the heritage sites in the Spell Cores of the rest of the Restrictive Spells on Earth . Then he could go sightseeing in those places of historic interest and scenic beauty, such as Mount Kunlun, to see whether he could get some windfalls . Then he would leave Earth .

After all, this world wouldn't work for him . Also the Four Great Continents were in danger . He worried that the Xuanzhen Continent would launch an attack against the Four Great Continents .

Moreover, it seemed the issues on Earth were quite complicated . Earth was a small planet anyway . He could handle all its issues within one or two days . Therefore, he had to ask Buttface to go back with him .

At this time, in the hotel, Xu Que's mobile phone started to vibrate . Buzz!!

It was a call from Xu Feifei . These days, she spent a lot of time in the research center upgrading her formula .

Xu Que had planned to provide some assistance, but she rejected it . She said she would do her best to upgrade the formula . When they were about to leave, Xu Que could upgrade the formula to benefit mankind .

Seeing her sudden call, Xu Que thought something bad had happened . He picked up the phone immediately .

"Hello, Feifei, are you okay? Nobody bullying you? Come on, tell me, let me . . . . "

Before he finished speaking, Xu Feifei's voice interrupted, "Brother, why are you so nervous? Nobody dares to bully me now . I wanted to tell you a science education program of the Capital TV Station is going to interview me . The Director asked me whether you could also be there . Your participation will spike the television ratings . In this way, all audiences could benefit from this program . "

"Is that all? No, I don't have time for that!" Xu Que refused directly . A science education program? It's none of my business!

As a distinguished cultivator, I will never help an ordinary director to boost his television ratings, for it will degrade myself!

"What? You don't have time? Brother, please say it again! I didn't catch what you said just now!" Xu Feifei's voice came out from the phone .

Xu Que snorted immediately, "You didn't catch it? Let me say it another three times! I don't have time! I don't have time! I don't have time . . . but I will take time to participate in this program for it will benefit the audiences . How could I miss it? Hey, Feifei, when did you come back? Why didn't you tell me in advance? I could have welcomed you!"

Xu Que said with an innocent smile as he looked at Xu Feifei who was entering the room .

"Humph! You should appreciate your fast reaction! Just change your clothes, we have to go to the TV station now!" Xu Feifei snorted and stepped in with her head high like a little kitty who had just won a fight .

Xu Que twitched his lips embarrassedly .

Sitting beside him, Jiang Hongyan kept smiling .

"Sister Hongyan, could you also change your clothes and go with us?" Xu Feifei ran up to Jiang Hongyan and said as she held Jiang Hongyan's arm like a spoiled child .

"OK!" Jiang Hongyan nodded her head with a smile .

She was not interested in the interview . She liked Xu Feifei a lot . So she agreed without hesitation .

"Wah! Sister Hongyan, you are so nice! My bad brother is just too lazy! Let's go, sister Hongyan, I will dress you up and let everyone in this world know my sister-in-law is the most beautiful woman!" Xu Feifei shouted in surprise . Then, she dashed toward her room, dragging Jiang Hongyan .

"Change clothes? I also want to do that!" Xu Que lit up his eyes and started to follow them excitedly .

"Stay away! Do it in your own room! Sister Hongyan is mine! Stop your daydreaming!" Xu Feifei said with a pouty mouth as she pushed Xu Que away . Then she closed the door of her room .

Xu Que was stunned on the spot .

What do you mean?

What is the meaning of Sister Hongyan is yours?

She is my woman!

And you asked me to stop my daydreaming!

What? Feifei, what is wrong with you?

We've been separated for six years . Where did you get these sick thoughts?

What is the meaning of "stop my daydreaming"? What kind of person do you think your elder brother is? This is totally outrageous!

Xu Que was so angry that he even wanted to open the door and teach Xu Feifei a lesson!

However, he knew Xu Feifei was good at acting like a spoiled child . He stopped and walked toward his room as he shook his head helplessly .

. . .

At 8 o'clock in the evening, the science education program of the Capital TV station started on time .

The news that Xu Que, Jiang Hongyan, and Xu Feifei would be interviewed had been spread over the Internet for several hours . At this moment, countless people were sitting in front of their TVs expectantly . After all, this was a live broadcast . The program team also implied in their promotion that they would ask Xu Que several questions, which aroused people's curiosity .

When the program began, Xu Que, who was wearing a suit, appeared on camera . He looked quite cool and handsome!Beside him, there was the graceful and elegant Jiang Hongyan in a red ceremonial dress and the cute and lovely Xu Feifei in a white lab coat . People could see that Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan were a pair of lovebirds .

Xu Feifei looked like an authoritative scientist, which suited the theme of this program quite well . The three of them sat on a sofa smiling . The presenter was making his opening remarks, sitting on a separate chair . After that, the presenter started to interview Xu Feifei and publicize science knowledge to the audience and introduced the subject of the life-elongating medicine, which would be launched first in Huaxia .

After more than ten minutes' conversation, the presenter took out a tablet computer and said, looking at Xu Que with a smile, "Mr . Xu, a lot of enthusiastic audiences raised questions about you, Miss Jiang, and Dr . Xu . Could you answer several of these questions, please?"

"No!" Xu Que shook his head without hesitation and said mysteriously, "As the old saying goes, the mysteries of the Heavens must not be revealed . I . . . Ouch! Feifei, why did you pinch me? This is a live broadcast! A girl should always be demure . . . Crap! Presenter, what are your questions, please?"

Puff! Seeing that, the presenter couldn't help but snigger, no matter how experienced she was . Luckily, she managed to suppress her smile immediately . But the audiences at the interview site and before their TVs had already burst into laughter .

At this moment, they felt Xu Que was so close to them suddenly . They didn't expect this invincible Celestial could be subdued by his younger sister . This funny contrast gave the audiences a feeling that he was down-to-earth! They knew Xu Que still had worldly desires no matter how powerful he was . Also, he loved his younger sister dearly like other ordinary people!

Otherwise, nobody would dare to pinch him in front of all audiences of Huaxia .

More important, Xu Feifei's hands were so small . How could she hurt a Celestial by just pinching him?

People with discerning eyes could figure out Xu Que did that deliberately for he loved his younger sister dearly!

"Ahem, OK, Mr . Xu, here is the first question!"

The presenter, who had also calmed down, asked calmly, "A member of the audience whose name is Lu Benwei asked, have you been to the World of Cultivators? What is the life like in that world? Is it full of danger and killing like the descriptions in those novels?"

"No!" Xu Que shook his head seriously . "Life in the World of Cultivators . . . alas, I really don't want to mention it for it is too boring! I smoke and drink wine every day . But I can't perm my hair! It is really quite boring!"


The presenter was shocked a bit . She twitched her lips .

The audiences in the interview site and before their TVs also burst into laughter .

Smoke, drink wine, and perm hair?

Damn! Do you think you are Mr . Yu Qian?

"Ahem, OK, here is the second question!"

The presenter asked again, "What is your first well-known unique skill, please?"

Xu Que said without even lifting his eyelids, "I . . . . "


Before he had finished his sentence, a big bang rang out behind them suddenly . Then the rear wall of the interview booth collapsed . A giant plane's nose rammed into the booth .

Xu Que stood up and clenched his fists immediately . Then the plane stopped .  

All audiences, the presenter, and Xu Feifei were shocked by this scene and didn't know what had happened .

How could a plane crash into the site of a live interview?

What's going on?

Click-click-click . . . Bang!

The door of the plane's cockpit was kicked out suddenly .

Then, in front of countless audiences, Buttface stepped out disdainfully as he complained, "What a shabby plane! I've just driven it for a short while . I didn't expect it could crash in such a short time! What a rubbishy machine!"

Then he found he was being stared at by the audiences and Xu Que who was smiling at him coldly . He was dumbfounded .

"Eh, Brother Que? What brings you here, brother Que? Ah-hah-hah, what a . . . coincidence!" Buttface said with a guilty smile .

"Right, what a coincidence, Buttface!" Xu Que said with a smile, "Presenter, your question is what is my first well-known unique skill, right? Let me just show you here!"

After saying that, Xu Que walked toward Buttface .

Howl! "What are you going to do? Stay away! Holy crap! Wait a moment, give me three seconds to find a direction!" Buttface changed his expression and started to escape immediately .


Xu Que jumped up into the air stepping on lightning . Then, he waved his hand . A big black rod appeared in his hands . The next moment, he smashed it toward Buttface .


Buttface, who had just run out a few steps, was knocked unconscious on the spot .

"How dare you scare my younger sister? Buttface, I guess you've lost your mind! I throw lightning at my enemies in the sky . I knock my enemies with the black rod on the ground! My enemies will always be knocked down no matter if they are Celestials or divine dogs!" Xu Que put away the black rod casually . Then, he walked back dragging Buttface's tail .

All of a sudden, the entire area fell into a dead silence .

Audiences in front of TVs were also dumbfounded .

Then, an uproar appeared on the Internet .

"Damn! My brother-in-law is really good at protecting his younger sister!"

"This is so horrible! I was totally impressed by his graceful attack with the black rod just now!"

"He is awesome!"

"No wonder brother Que is so successful . His success should be attributed to this unique skill!"

"Cool! Throw lightnings in the sky, knock with black rod on the ground!"

"Hah-hah, awesome!"

. . .