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Published at 22nd of January 2019 08:48:49 AM

Chapter 107

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"You . . are you looking down on us?" Fei Longwei spoke out with a cold tone .

To suddenly change the settings of the final match from one versus one to ten versus the other party alone, to him, this was the other party getting over-confident!

By his side, Xu Rong nodded to Fei Longwei's statement as she also said her own piece .

"That's right . We know that you are quite formidable yourself . But requesting to fight the ten of us at the same time so suddenly, that is the same as not acknowledging our strengths at all!" she said as her brows furrowed, displeased .

For Sui Shunyuan and the others, they only look at Duan Li silently, with a trace of displeasure as well . Then the seniors stepped up .

"Lad, your fight with Shen Murong is something that I've watched personally before . That power you displayed there was enough to beat the average sophomores here with ease . But you must know your own limit, we and them are not of the same quality . " Wu Jin spoke out casually, his disposition as a senior was shown entirely right now .

Dong Jinghai analyzed Duan Li for a bit and then shook his head .

"Your aura, I could feel that you are currently at the pinnacle stage of the Foundation establishment realm . However, I have to agree with my friend Wu Jin here . Against the 10 of us, it would take a miracle for you to actually win . " he said as he cupped his chin .

Hearing these remarks one after another from them, Duan Li realized that he was indeed being a little bit overboard this time .

This was especially the case with what Xu Rong just stated that had struck at him . Looking at it from the contestant's point of view, it does seems that he had looked down upon them all .

Thus, Duan Li swiftly explained so as to not be misunderstood even further .

"This might seem as if I was looking down onto the ten of you, but in fact, I truly had no intention of doing so . Every single match that you guys did were a class of its own and I was thoroughly impressed by it!"

Hearing this, their stares eased up a little bit .

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"Then, why did you propose such a battle?" Xu Rong asked out .

She was a little bit displeased earlier on . But thinking on what Duan Li had just said, she realized that there might be a reason for this .

"As both a martial artist and cultivator, I strived to see the extent of my full capabilities . Watching you guys fight at one another had sparked up my interest regarding that . But while I indeed wanted to see just how long I would last against the 10 of you, this decision of mine is closely related to my Lord class as well . " Duan Li explained .

The contestants contemplated deeply onto Duan Li's words and found some truths in it, especially that last sentence that had them thinking .

Since the other party was a Lord class, it makes sense to show one's dominance by fighting against the odds . While it was true that a Lord does not need to be all rounded, but if the Lord does not have sufficient strength that their followers could look up to, their leadership would be just that .

After all, in the world of cultivators, power reigns over everything!

But even if this was the case, it still does not sit well with them to be challenged like this . Had this been between them only, it would've been fine, but with a public audience as such, things were more complicated .

Unless Duan Li could totally overwhelm them at their fullest might, what the public would highlight would only be their humiliating defeat against a single person!

And even if they won, the crowd would just dismiss it entirely, thinking that it was all due to them attacking in a group, not because of their personal strength .

The prime example for this was the time when Duan Li had managed to escape while giving a beating towards those that surrounded him that time . Because he managed to totally overwhelm them, only his victory was passed around, and not those who were defeated by him .

As cultivators with pride, they needed to take care of their own face and dignity as well . Otherwise, they would only become the laughing stock for people!

Looking at their still unconvinced expression, Duan Li sighed out . He had truly underestimated the complexity of this issue . But since the bets was already placed, they had to go through with it whether they like it or not .

Just that, if he does not settle this issue properly, some of these people would hold a grudge against him in the future!

Therefore, the only way out for this was to show them the full extent of his might that would overshadow them entirely .

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Only then, would they be convinced, that he truly had earned the rights to challenge the 10 of them all at the same time!

Narrowing his eyes, Duan Li's aura began to rumble .


Flashes of blue lightning started to dance around him as his aura shrouded the entire Duel hall . Closing his eyes, he focused his spiritual Qi flow to cycle through the new meridian channels that was formed from his second dantian . As a result, his aura now emanated a certain unique frequency, that causes the whole surrounding to seethe with an eery vibe to it!


The weaker ones found their hearts to beat erratically as they sweat, with the sensation that makes it difficult for them to breath in properly .

In fact, their instincts were screaming for them to run away at this moment!

This was fear!

Thankfully, the platform where Duan Li was in along with the 10 contestants, were protected by numerous layers of runic formations that formed a thick barrier to protect the audience from actual harm .

Otherwise, these people would have long fainted the moment Duan Li let out this kind of aura onto them .

After all, this aura of his was several times more stronger than the one he automatically released while sitting on the throne previously!

. . .

Within the barrier, the people standing on the platform right now had their guards put up as they felt their backs to be drenched in sweat .

To think that this aura of Duan Li was so ferocious that their natural instinct compelled them to just run away!

It was as if they were mice in front a tiger!

Wu Jin and Dong Jinghai that were so casual before, immediately tensed up as their faces turned serious .

"Guys, you had better prepare yourself . It seems that we have made a grave mistake here . It wasn't he that was underestimating us . Turns out, it was actually us underestimating him!" Wu Jin spoke out as he readied himself into a stance .

"Friend, the sensation that this lad in front of us giving out right now was just like those of a 3 Star monster . . or even higher! We can't afford to be careless now, seems like the other party is truly serious this time around . " Dong Jinghai said to Wu Jin warily, as he took his stance .

"Fei Longwei, Sui Shunyuan, Wei Shang and Wei Wang, you guys should take the vanguard position now! Xu Rong is a Spellcaster, so you support us from the back! Meanwhile, Yun Bo and Ti Bao, you guys protect her as the rear-guards! Guo He, if you have any pills that could help us right now, that would be good, and you should hide yourself behind Xu Rong, you are the weakest of us all!" told Dong Jinghai to the rest of them .

Hearing this, they swiftly nodded and took up their own positions . Although each has their own attitude and personality, against a situation as such, they would be fools to not listen to the directions of a senior student!

As a senior, both him and Wu Jin have some experience in hunting monsters with group members before, thus they were very familiar with various position settings .

"How confident are you in we being able to beat him?" he asked to Wu Jin, even though he already knew himself of the chances .

The latter was silent for a while before answering .

"20 percent . " Wu Jin replied .

. . .

At the stage in front of the platform, Shen Murong's brows creased together .

"Seems like he is even stronger now . . how did he managed to do this?" he thought .

Could it be that he has a unique cultivation method?

Or was it an inheritance?

. . .

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