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Published at 5th of August 2019 09:20:11 AM

Chapter 235

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"How dare you bring another woman before my presence! Die!!" the Queen of the Parasitic Killerworms got jealous and immediately let out a furious bellow along with a murderous aura!

Pshuu! Pshuu!!

Hundreds, if not thousands of the Queen's sharp scales were shot towards Di Rou . Her intentions was clear . .

Kill that woman whom stood before her 'husband'!

"Hmph!" Di Rou snorted, and two short black daggers appeared on her left and right hand simultaneously . This pair of black daggers radiated out an extremely sharp presence, such that a mere simple swing from them had pierced the air and left it to tremble open!


With a series of graceful acrobatic movements, Di Rou swiftly dodged and deflected the incoming attack with her daggers!

Duan Li was quite dazed with the way she moved, it was lithe and precise, definitely the movements of a trained assassin!

However . .

"Watch out!" Duan Li stepped out from his stupor and waved his left hand . The pyramid shields in the surroundings then merged together in a single instant before appearing behind Di Rou!


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It was fortunate that Duan Li's instinct was already heightened to an extreme degree and could detect hidden dangers to make that split second reaction . Otherwise, Di Rou would have been pierced by that thick and long spike that came from underground unsuspectingly!

If she was hit, then her injuries would be severe, and even losing her life was not out of the question either!

"The black spike! That's the most venomous part of the Queen's body that is located at the ends of her tail! She really meant to kill her!" the Little sword said as a trace of anger burned within him .

This was especially the case with Duan Li . Earlier, his flustered state affected his reaction time and his seriousness in dealing with the situation, but the thought of nearly losing Di Rou just now due to his carelessness had snapped him out of it .

"IMPUDENT!" Duan Li's face darkened as his killing instinct seeped out from his pores!


In response to his agitated state, both the Golden and Crimson mysterious pearls that were hidden deep inside his body started to rotate furiously, and they let out Gold and Crimson spiritual Qi that interweaved with each other, before emerging inside Duan Li's three dantians and cycled throughout his body .


As if the Crafted Space was on the verge of collapsing, numerous cracks started to appear one after another around Duan Li spreading outwards, and it appeared that his anger was something that even space could not contain!

"Hiieee!! The young master is really mad this time!" Little sword almost bent itself as cold shivers ran throughout his body!

"T-This . . !!" the Queen was also thoroughly rattled by this sudden change in atmosphere . The human male whom she selfishly claimed to be her husband was originally someone that was incomparably weak when compared to her .

But now, that very same human male was radiating out extremely dangerous presence that seemed to be able to annihilate all that is living with a single thought!

Her instinct told her, that if she did not try to rectify this situation immediately, she would be mercilessly killed by the latter!

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Suddenly, she seemed to remember something as she gasped and her body trembled .

"This presence . . it is similar to him . . but this aura . . its more . . " before she could even finish this line of thought, Duan Li had already made his move!


With a quick slanted swipe of his sword, Duan Li's slash tored through the air and bent the very fabric of space itself!



"Ahhh!!" the Queen screamed out in pain as a long sword cut appeared on her body that was about one meter deep!

It hurts!!

Since she has the same unique ability as the other Parasitic Killerworms which could suck in the spiritual Qi of a skill attack, Duan Li just went with a simple slash of his sword .

However, due to his currently angered state, that simple slash from him was enough to even hurt someone of her level!
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To give an estimate of her powers, back then, she was already strong enough to be able to go head to head with dozens of Nascent Soul realm cultivators at the same time . But now, she had already grown beyond her previous peak state, such that even immortals at the pinnacle of the Escaping mortality realm would have trouble in dealing with her!

And at this moment, someone incomparably weaker than her had managed to injure her body?

Just how terrifying was that?!

"Your insolence in both attitude and action towards me, especially to my subordinate just now, even if the Heavens itself were to shield you, you will still die today!!" Duan Li bellowed out .

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Previously, Duan Li was only focused in trying to clear the trial and saved up as much as spiritual Qi as he can . But now, he no longer cared .

'All my powers . . RELEASE!!'


The ground beneath him began to crack open, and the surrounding Parasitic Killerworms roared agonizingly in frenzy before their body simultaneously exploded under the insurmounting pressure of Duan Li's sudden spike in power level!

It was as if mountains were being dropped off from the sky!

"Ahhh!!" even the Queen was no exception . Blood flowed out from her scales as her blood capillaries underneath ruptured, and her entire body was pressed against the ground!


Duan Li Super mode 1 . .

Duan Li Super mode 2 . . !!


He then raised his left hand towards the sky, and the clouds swiftly darkened, casting shadows on his face, leaving only a pair of murderous eyes to be seen!

"Heed my call . . Eternal Great Axe!!"


Blue lightning from all eight of the cardinal directions were summoned as they clashed at a midpoint in the sky creating a deafening booms right above Duan Li, before descending into his left hand, coagulating and forming into massive Great Axe!!

Eternal weapon, All-Slaying Eternal Great Axe!!

Seeing this complete transformation of Duan Li and that the latter's powers has gone completely off the charts, the Queen knew for sure that her fate was now decided!

"W-Wait!! Forgive me!! I was just lonely for a very long time that my mental state . . " before she could even finish, Duan Li had already cleaved downwards with the Great Axe!



. . .

Watching from the projection stone on his hand, Dugu Liubai stumbled and fell to the ground as both of his knees capped together . His entire body was full of cold sweat and a trace of dread appeared in his eyes!

"I-Impossible . . !! To boost his powers forcefully to such a degree, even surpassing my own . . this kind of power should not exist!" he said in utter disbelief and astonishment .

Duan Li was only at the pinnacle stage of the Core formation realm, a level of power that was not even worth a mention . But now . .

He had heard of many techniques and secret skills to boost a cultivator's overall prowess, but he had never heard that any of those could boost one's power to such an extreme state!

In fact, it should be downright impossible! Nature's law and its dictations binds even the true immortals themselves like him, and not even Celestial beings was excluded . This was why they wanted to release all the Nine shackles of mortality and ascend to godhood!

But the fact that Duan Li's powers skyrocketed through the roof surpassing immortals on his realm that has undergone heavenly tribulations, even if he was a fool, he would still realized what this meant!

Duan Li's existence was an anomaly!

"And this presence . . it cannot be . . !"

. . .

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