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Chapter 381
Peng! Peng! Peng!

The moment this archaic voice echoed in the sky, all the assailants were pushed firmly into the ground by an invisible forces, planting their face deep into the soil!

"Who are you?!" the Xian and Yuan experts asked in surprise as they raised their head to look at the direction of the voice and saw a figure .

Duan Li floated gently in the sky with his hands clasped firmly behind his back, coupled with his black full plated armor and his hidden cultivation levels, the spectators could not help but to sense that a true expert has arrived!

"Supreme Elder! Congratulations on defeating your opponent!" Xeng Guan suddenly said, breaking the silence .

"Supreme Elder?" the Xian and Yuan experts widened their eyes at the use of this honorific title to refer the other party!

He must be a prestigious expert!

Meanwhile, Duan Li's face was confused behind his mask, "Opponent?"

Did I beat someone in my sleep? Why can't I remember fighting anyone?

"He is that guy from before!" one of the Xian experts said as he finally recognized Duan Li which further furrowed Duan Li's brows!

"Oh! Now that you said it, that's indeed him!" the rest swiftly identified Duan Li and nodded .

They know of me? That's impossible!

I am wearing an armor to hide my appearance and suppressed my cultivation levels!

Perhaps . . my fame has reached all over the world?

Has their adoration towards me surpassed the boundary of physical identification, such that they could already know that it was me from my majestic disposition?

"How dare you charged at the pack of innocent birds like a brute! Do you have no heart to cute animals?" a female Nascent Soul realm bellowed angrily when she recalled the horrifying scene .

The rest also voiced out their anger on him as others started to curse .

"Ah?" Duan Li was once again put into a dumbstruck .

What the heck are they going on about now?

"Silence!" Xeng Guan, the Captain Commander of the Extermination Knights suddenly bellowed, attracting the attention of everyone towards him again .

"How dare you lot speak that way towards the Supreme Elder! You guys must be tired of living!" he said angrily as he pointed his sword towards the experts in front of him gallantly without a hint of fear!

"Whatever backing you guys have before, the Supreme Elder has already destroyed it! From now on, the tables have turned!"

The experts of the Xian and Yuan Empire looked at each other with apparent confusion on their face . They had no idea what the other party meant .

"What backing? We are here on the Commander General's order!" they replied with a little displeased in their tone .

Their Commander General was currently fighting against the Song Empire at the main battlefield, leading millions of soldiers himself!

To claim that their backing was destroyed was akin to like saying that their Commander General has fallen!

That was an impossible situation!

After all, how could the vast distances between them could allow the other party to kill their Commander General and came back to them as if taking a short toilet break?

Do you take us for a fool?

"Hah! There is no need to play tricks anymore! That world ending explosion before is where your Commander General died!" Xeng Guan snorted and pointed towards a certain direction where clouds of black ashes were still billowing furiously to the sky!

"World ending explosion?" Duan Li looked at the location pointed by Xeng Guan's index finger .

Isn't that where I came from just now?

I was still sleeping soundly until I accidentally crashed against that volcano and subconsciously destroyed it out of pure reaction . .

"Isn't that right, Supreme Elder?" Xeng Guan said to Duan Li excitedly .

Everyone turned to look at Duan Li expectantly as if looking for an answer .

" . . . " Duan Li .

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What the heck?

I just woke up and came here to save you guys when I saw that you all are in a pinch!

When did I ever fight against someone else? Who the hell is even this Commander General guy?

Screw this! I'll just play along then!

"Hmph!" Duan Li snorted and waved his right hand .



Without exception, all the experts from the Xian and Yuan Empire were forced to kneel on the ground!


"How could this be?!"

"I-Impossible! I'm a Pinnacle stage Nascent Soul realm cultivator!"

No matter how they struggled, they weren't able to move a muscle! Such suppressive power was unlike anything they had ever experienced before!

One has to know that they were top notch experts in the world of cultivation, such that one could only try to outmatch them in terms of skill arts or martial arts, but never suppress them!

After all, the ability to suppress a cultivator by mere words alone would require the person tens, no, hundreds of times more stronger than them!

It would be understandable if they were all just a bunch of Qi Condensation realm or Foundation Establishment noobs, but they were Nascent Soul realm cultivators for f*ck sake!

How could someone be hundreds of times more stronger than them when Nascent Soul realm was already the ceiling?

It was not as if the other party is a . . .


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"C-Could it be?"

Some of them began to slowly think of something horrifying in their mind!

There is no way that someone would be this overpowered unless he is . .

An immortal!

"F-Forgive us! We are blind!" they cried out emotionally in realization .

"Ah?" Duan Li had to pause the domineering sentence that he was just about to throw out .

What is it this time?

. . .

Cucko was stomping at the ground with his twig-like feet angrily, creating a huge depression on the ground and cracking them like the post effect of an earthquake!

"M-Middle Stage Core Formation realm?! This chicken is a Middle Stage Core Formation realm monster?!" Wang Feng almost bit his tongue and die anticlimacticly when the small chicken in front of him unleashed its cultivation level!


It would be understandable if this creature is an original monster breed . . but my years of slaughtering them for snacks would never mistake their species by even a tiny bit!

This thing is just a poultry chicken!

How the hell did it possess such a formidable cultivation level?

Did it eat a miraculous worm from the ground or something?


"Fast!!" Wang Feng was immediately jolted into defensive posture and blocked at the incoming attack from Cucko!


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"Hmm?" his brows twitched in disbelief after he made a side step .

Three long claw marks were etched into his left forearm and blood were dripping out from them before his recovery ability kicked in and made them disappear at the next instant .

"Kukuku . . . HAHAHAHHAHA!" Wang Feng suddenly laughed out loud .

Never before in his wildest dream that his adamantium grade body would be scratched by a mere chicken before!

Not even a low tier rare graded weapon would be able to leave a mark on his body before!

"You chicken . . . you are an interesting opponent!" Wang Feng crossed his arms on his chest with a sneer before turning around .

"The rest of you, wipe them out!" he commanded with an overbearing tone .

"Yes Sir!!" the bandit cavalries began to dismount and brandished their weapons at the chickens around them, slowly circling them to prevent them from escaping .

Seeing this, Cucko became even angrier and glared at Wang Feng in the eyes!

"Hahahaha! I like that look in your eyes! Filled with anger! Filled with helplessness!"


His smile disappeared before the air around him suddenly dropped in temperature!

"A weakling should not be too arrogant in front of true power!"


Releasing his battle aura, his spiritual Qi soared into the sky before coalescing to form the huge phantom of a wild black bear!

A battle spirit!

. . .