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Chapter 382
"A Battle Spirit!" Fei Longwei and Wei Shang widened their eyes in shock .

This was something that they did not expect to see!

A Battle Spirit was the culmination of one's spiritual Qi from countless years of cultivation . Furthermore, the form it will take will largely depend on how one led their life thus far . Therefore, the fact that Wang Feng's Battle Spirit was in the form of a wild bear would mean that he was an aggressive person!

Additionally, this was a sign that one had already reached the very apex of cultivation in the Tian continent! Such that it was on the level of Patriarchs of the Great Clans!

Only few would be able to rival him!

"This is bad . . " thought both Fei Longwei and Wei Shang worriedly .

However, contrary to everyone's expectation, Cucko did not even seem to be scared or concerned . In fact, it took a step forward with a menacing pose and spread both of its wings apart furiously!



As if a stable lake that suddenly produced a tsunami out of nowhere, Cucko's cultivation realm began to soar dramatically!

Pinnacle stage Core Formation realm!


Pinnacle stage Golden Core realm!


Pinnacle stage Nascent Soul realm!

" . . . " Wang Feng .

These phenomena had left him utterly speechless . After all, even if the Heavens were to start pouring out gold as rainfall, he reckoned that the chicken will still never be able to raise its cultivation level like this!

Just what the heck is going on with this chicken?!

However, Wang Feng was only dazed temporarily . As a veteran with years of wisdom behind him, he swiftly deduced that the only possible way for one's cultivation realm to soar crazily as such was through integrating one's spiritual Qi with a weapon of the highest grade!

Thus, his eyes squinted and scanned the chicken in front of him thoroughly .

"T-That is . . . I-Impossible!" something that he had feared in his conjecture before became a reality!

Through the result from his soul sense, he detected that the talons of the chicken were actually . .

Ultimate Graded weapon!

"How could this be?" he stared at the eight claws that were reminiscent like the talons of an eagle with his mouth agape .

No wonder that it was able to scratch my powerful physical body!

To think that a day would come where I will discover an Ultimate Graded weapon on a chicken's feet . . .

I had trodden through countless lands and dangerous ruins in search of them, and there were plenty of times when I almost lost my life as the result . . .

Yet, all those difficulties that I faced turns out to be in vain today . . .

This world is truly unfair!

Just how in the world did you manage to turn your claws into Ultimate Graded weapon?

This doesn't make any sense!

With both his indignant and frustration mixed in together, Wang Feng began to laugh out loud in a high pitch before looking at Cucko like a deranged old pervert!

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"Hahahahaha! I will take your legs!" he flipped his palm and tried to suppress Cucko with a skill art!


Cucko found his body to be wrapped up in a green barrier, gradually tightening to halt his movements!

However, Cucko only had to shake his butt a little and the green barrier around his body shattered into tiny pieces before disappearing like smokes!

This was such an overbearing move that would be able to leave experts slapping their own face to check whether they were dreaming or not!


"You're mine!", Wang Feng suddenly appeared on his back and was about to grab him by his long neck!

"Cuck!" Cucko harrumphed .

As if already predicting that such a situation would occur, instead of dodging or making any excessive move, like a true enlightened expert, Cucko only made a casual retreat by a single step to the back, missing Wang Feng's hand that was trying to grab him by a feather . Following this, Cucko then swiped his mighty talons diagonally, causing another gaping and bleeding claw marks on the latter's forearm!

"Damn you!" Wang Feng cursed and followed through with his next move .

. . .

"Hey, we need to help him out!" Wei Shang waved his hand and was about to summon his own Ultimate graded weapon before Fei Longwei stopped him .

"Don't be a fool! We need to eliminate the bandit cavalries first! Otherwise, we will be surrounded!" Fei Longwei said with a serious tone .

"But . . "

Wei Shang clenched his fists tight with a helpless expression . He knew that Fei Longwei was right . After all, they were now heavily outnumbered and if they were to draw out their Ultimate Graded weapons now, they might be able to wipe out the bandit cavalries, but they would have no spiritual Qi left to fight against Wang Feng!

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In such scenario, not only would they be utterly defeated, their weapons might even be taken away by the other party!

If that were to happen, how would they answer to Duan Li their Lord?

Furthermore, they needed to ensure that everyone will be dead once they took their Ultimate Graded weapon out, but in this current situation, they could not guarantee that!


"Eh?" a loud sound of a bugle horn suddenly echoed in the area which attracted everyone's attention!

Accompanying this loud horn were the arrival of cavalry soldiers that wore blue armors and positioned themselves atop of a long stretch of slope by the distance!

"More bandit cavalries?!" Wei Shang gasped in panic!

"No! These forces . . they are foreign! Look at their banners . . bandits never wear any banners!" Fei Longwei shook his head before he saw two familiar figures at the very forefront of the new forces .

"Zhang Liao and Lu Bu!"

. . .

"Hey Lich, what sorts of an undead are you? How are you able to maintain your intellect like this?" Wang Dong that had recovered his injuries and spiritual Qi asked with a curious expression .

"Me? Isn't it obvious? I'm an Elder Lich!" answered the undead proudly that had just suddenly become their comrade after being taught a harsh lesson by Utmost Being .

"But maybe you are not really familiar with my kind . . " He said while stroking his bony chin before continuing;

"Lichs like me are sentient undead . All other undead are born from our summons and while they can remain active without being controlled, they become mindless creatures that acted on their five senses like a living being from pure instinct, albeit significantly dulled!"

He then explained that there were all sorts of Lichs like Lich Mage, Lich Knight, Lich Warrior and more, but generally Lichs were ranked by their age!

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A newborn Lich would be simply called as a Lich and if they managed to survive for more than a decade, they become Lich King . It's easy to identify a Lich King from their jutting small horn on their forehead, and these horns will keep on increasing every decade in a circular pattern on top of their head!

If they passed a century, they then become Lich Emperor and their ten horns would raise upwards slightly every century!

Finally, if they reached more than a millennium years old, they were called as an Elder Lich and by this point, their horns were already raised to become a crown similar to what human kings and emperors would wear!

"I see! That's interesting!" Wang Dong nodded in astonishment . He could not imagine just how long the Lich beside him had endured to survive!

"How strong are you actually?" Shen Murong suddenly asked with a frown . He was still not feeling friendly with their new buddy .

Hearing this, the Elder Lich chuckled .

"That Skull Centipede Emperor you guys are having difficulty fighting with? I can summon a hundred of them at once with ease!"


This answer sent shivers down the spine of everyone that heard it and cold sweat drenched their back!

Even Elder Cheng Chao was not an exception! She shuddered at the mere thought of having to fight a hundred of the Skull Centipede Emperor whose resilience would make any Nascent Soul realm to escape rather than be tangled with!

"If you are that strong . . then why did you not try to resist the Imperial Overseer just now?" Princess Meixiu that just got back to her feet snorted, feeling unconvinced by the other party .

The Lich then turned towards her and went silent for awhile, causing everyone to put up their guard with extreme wary!

"Child, in the millenniums that I have lived, I was able to stomp the Empyrean Dynasty beneath my feet and turned them into nothing more but history!"

This revelation quickly shook everyone and drained their blood away!

He is the one . . that destroyed the Empyrean Dynasty?!

. . .