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Chapter 383
"Don't joke around! How can a single individual like you possess the power to destroy a dynasty?" Princess Meixiu waved her hand angrily in displeasure .

She was a bit shaken hearing the declaration from the Elder Lich initially, but after thinking about it a moment later, she was confident that the other party was telling them lies!

From her perspective, no matter how powerful the other party was, it was simply impossible for one to destroy an entire dynasty!

This was because a dynasty was vastly different when compared to the system of individual empires that they have right now .

After all, a dynasty would meant that the majority of the superpowers in the Tian continent had pledged their obedience under the rule of one family!

For all big powers to bow before the might of a single family, shows that they were individuals with extreme capabilities!

Not to mention that all these family members feared the one who ruled them all, the One Emperor!

Which historical texts does not talk lengths about the power of the One Emperor?

He, whose words dictated the prosperity or the desolation of a land?

He, whose hands could flip an entire mountain upside down?

He, whose name would cause millions of enemies to retreat in helplessness?

There was always one recurring phrase by the end of every texts that mentioned the One Emperor;

Sovereign above all that even the Heavens would not cross him!

"With the One Emperor around, how could you destroy his Empyrean Dynasty? Their destruction was only due to an unprecedented natural disaster!" Princess Meixiu continued .

Hearing this, the rest slowly agreed to what she said when they thought about it!

"Hahahahaha!" the Elder Lich laughed out loud when he saw that the young woman whom he referred to as a 'child' was still unconvinced .

"Perhaps you misunderstood . I only said that I was the one who destroyed the Empyrean Dynasty, but I never defeated the One Emperor to do so!" he replied as he shook his head .

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"The One Emperor was an immortal above the Heavens in disguise, playing god with cultivation realm far beyond what you younglings could imagine!" he started to explain as his skeletal expression gradually turned solemn, recalling the past era that was now long gone .

"What do you mean?" the rest of them asked, their curiosity on the mysterious nature of the disappearance of the Empyrean Dynasty piqued their interest .

The Elder Lich was silent for a moment before giving out a long helpless sigh .

"I met him once and challenged him . It was not even a fight as I was suppressed by just a single word of his!"


"The One Emperor was that strong?" everyone began to gather with him as the center . They sat quietly around him as they swallowed their saliva once in a while from the suspense .

"Just what cultivation realm are immortals at?" Elder Cheng Chao suddenly asked .

As a veteran expert of the Nascent Soul realm level, she could not imagine just how powerful immortals from the legends were!

Are their strengths far above us?

"I'm not entirely sure, but I did asked him if he was an immortal when he defeated me in such a humiliating manner . . and he shook his head!"

Confused with this, everyone looked at each other while frowning, "So the One Emperor is not an immortal?"

"Definitely not! He scoffed in disdain when I called him an immortal as if that title was something that was beneath him!"

The Elder Lich paused for a moment as he cupped his chin to recall a certain word .

"If I'm not mistaken . . he calls himself . . a Celestial!"

. . .

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"Forgive us dear powerful, most benevolent and handsome immortal!" the experts of the Xian and Yuan Empire were sweating like crazy as they were forced to kneel on the ground!

After all, people of their level had seen quite everything there was to see in the Tian continent!

But Duan Li's suppressive power over them? They who were already at the peak of power in the Tian continent?

This was a first!

They did not know whether the other party was truly an immortal or not, but who cares?

As long as they could live through the day, what does it matter if they call a powerful person as an immortal? Nada!

In fact, it would do them well if the other party felt good about it and let them go!

For them who had accrued years of experience, influence, wealth and power, it would be a waste if they were to die simply because of their pride!

It was of second importance when compared to their survival!

As the old saying went; "The more powerful a person were, the more afraid they become when faced with death!"

Meanwhile, Duan Li was a bit taken aback when they called him an immortal .

Did they mistook my spatial skill arts as aura suppression?

But thinking that it would be a hassle to deny it, he only nodded .

"It's good that you guys understood . " Duan Li said before continuing, "But what is this unfair sight that I am seeing? How could people bully those smaller in numbers? Where is your dignity as an expert?"

The numerous experts turned to look at each other in confusion and answered, "Dear immortal, we are having a war . . . "

"Silence!" Duan Li interjected them before they could finish .

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Sh*t! I must not let them answer like that! Otherwise, I won't be able to fool them!

"Fighting with numbers is what cowards and weaklings would do! But all of you here are experts of the Tian continent!!"

"So what if it is war? So what if it was the order from your superior? So what if it was the decree from your Emperor? You should slap them in the face all the same for daring to besmirch the honor of experts by issuing such a cowardly method of fighting!" Duan Li bellowed with his deep voice, sounding like the rumbling of scary thunders!


The experts spurted out blood . Just thinking the logic behind the words from the other party had caused them internal injury!

Slapping our superiors? Heck, the Emperor himself?

Are you mad?!

You actually want all of our family members to be hanged to their death isn't it?

Even newborns would be beheaded for daring to utter such nonsense! How could you say something like this?

Even though they were stifled, they still didn't dare to talk back to Duan Li!

"Y-Yes! We should slap our superiors and e-emperor!" they replied with a small and stuttering voice .

"En!" Duan Li nodded in satisfaction .

He then said, "Face towards your soldiers over there! I want you to shout at them that they are weak and cowards, and that you are nothing like them! Say that you refuse to fight in this nonsense!"

The experts then found their body to turn on their own, causing them to become more fearful of Duan Li's means!

Scared sh*tless, they subconsciously repeated Duan Li's words towards their kin; the eight hundred thousand soldiers behind them!

"You bastards! This war of yours is disgusting! Get lost!"

"All of you are cowards! How dare you all embark in this war?!"

"Screw your ancestors! Why are we forced to lead you weaklings in fighting with this nonsense thing called war?!"

One by one, the Xian and Yuan experts threw slurs and curse words one after another as if they hated wars to their very core!

On the other hand, the eight hundred thousand soldiers were dumbstruck when they suddenly got berated and told off like this!

"What's going on? Why are our commanders getting angry on us?"

"They hated wars? But I recall that several of them was the founder of the war council themselves . . "

"Their yelling are full of hatred . . just what did we do to deserve this . . "

Unable to discern what was happening, these eight hundred thousand soldiers could only kneel to beg for their forgiveness, even though they did not know the reason why .

"We have done you commanders wrong! Please forgive us lowly peasants!"

Due to their sheer numbers, their cries were loud and filled the entire sky like thunderstorms!

"Very good!" Duan Li once again nodded in approval that everyone has finally realized their wrongdoings!

"Now that you all have realized that this war is petty and insignificant, go back home and tell your superiors and emperor that you are done fighting!"

" . . . " Xian and Yuan experts .

We are so dead .

. . .