Unbreakable - Chapter 85

Published at 7th of May 2019 08:43:40 PM
Chapter 85
There once was a world .

It was also a world like Earth, where intelligent beings formed a civilization and lived in peace . Blass was an inhabitant of that world, and it was not long after he became an adult that Casita invaded his world .
The hell that broke loose was a sight that Dohyuk witnessed as well . As time went on, the world became harsher . However, unlike most other people in the world, Blass survived and became stronger . Maybe he was lucky . In the ever-changing world, he became used to fighting against the new monsters and their surroundings . Fights broke out between his people, but Blass never lost . And when he was strong enough to no longer put in any effort to survive, Blass turned towards a certain goal .
-We need a leader - that's what I thought at first . If we have enough power to survive, what we now need is to calm down and recover our livelihood .
And he, himself, became a leader . He believed he could bring his world back together . He hoped that everyone would remember life before all the fighting and killings and dig up the ruins of the old civilization to start life again .
However, it didn't end as he wanted .
-I did everything I could to help those who were weaker, but they kept on fighting between themselves . To just consider it people's nature… it was too brutal .
That was when Blass realized . Everyone else except him had turned into entirely different beings . He now knew what the illumination did, that's why he turned against Casita, the one behind it all . He had never thought of revolting before as the risk was too great, but he finally decided .
To fight back against the great power that watched over everything .
-Everyone thought I was crazy .
If Blass wasn't the strongest, he would've been beaten to death .
-I led them anyway . There was opposition… and if they didn't follow, I forced them .
Whips called for violence . Blass changed his goal from rebuilding his civilization and revolted against Casita and failed . The reason was simple .

-I wasn't strong enough .
He was at the top of his people, but he didn't achieve that with his own power . There were a lot of groups in his world, including his own, and as they began to oppose Casita, a being that was beyond people's imagination, and his group began to get weaker than the other groups as time went on . The leaders of the other groups agreed to Blass' goal on the surface, but the had other plans . Eventually, even those directly under Blass began to leave .
-And… it didn't take long . Everyone except me began fighting each other and then they realized… that was the only thing they wanted . Soon, I was challenged .
Vehume .
Vehume was one whose nickname was Vampire, the one whose Nature had the power to absorb other's blood as his own energy . He kept on sucking other people's blood, while Blass 'stopped' becoming powerful as he pursued his goal . Vehume was victorious and Blass couldn't even fight against Casita .
-And I ran .

Once the strongest, nicknamed Iron Fist, he was banished in shame . He lost everything and was chased after by the world he sought to save . It was only a matter of time until his death caught up to him . There was no chance of striking back . Vehume was already too powerful for him to even have a chance . However, Blass did not wait for death to come to him . The fight was over before he could even start it, but he still had the will to continue on .
-My world specialized in metallurgy and chemical engineering . We could even put a being's spirit into metal . Most of the techniques are lost now, but…
Blass made a furnace . After digging up some of his old world's technology and infusing it with his will to fight against Casita, he made a furnace that was the embodiment of all of his knowledge and skills . And as he threw himself into it, the extreme heat melted him along with the liquid metal that was inside, creating a new form of living metal .
-I realized when I came back to my senses .
The game was over . The Illumination was done without Blass going crazy, and he lived .
-The original purpose of this structure was to completely stay out of Casita's power .
And it worked . Casita's system did not recognize Blass's presence . And it was the unfortunate part .
-Vehume became the god of my world and ruled over all those corrupt beasts .
Blass hid underground . Alone in the underground labyrinth, he became a hermit in his own castle…
"I can't even imagine how long it has been . . . since I met someone in person . "
At the center of the labyrinth, there he was .
"Welcome . "
Blass greeted his guest with his own voice .